Oct 09, 2009

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Link to a sneak peak of Pro-Pics

Link to the slideshow, go to clients, password is breakdance

some non-pro pics

Wedding photos photo 1Wedding photos photo 2

Wedding photos photo 3Wedding photos photo 4

Wedding photos photo 5Wedding photos photo 6

Wedding photos photo 7Wedding photos photo 8

Wedding photos photo 9Wedding photos photo 10Wedding photos photo 11

Wedding photos photo 12Wedding photos photo 13

Wedding photos photo 14Wedding photos photo 15

Wedding photos photo 16Wedding photos photo 17

Wedding photos photo 18Wedding photos photo 19

Wedding photos photo 20Wedding photos photo 21

Wedding photos photo 22Wedding photos photo 23

Wedding photos photo 24Wedding photos photo 25

Wedding photos photo 26Wedding photos photo 27

Wedding photos photo 28

Wedding photos photo 29Wedding photos photo 30

Wedding photos photo 31Wedding photos photo 32

Wedding photos photo 33Wedding photos photo 34

Wedding photos photo 35Wedding photos photo 36

Wedding photos photo 37Wedding photos photo 38Wedding photos photo 39Wedding photos photo 40Wedding photos photo 41Wedding photos photo 42

Wedding photos photo 43Wedding photos photo 44

Wedding photos photo 45Wedding photos photo 46

Wedding photos photo 47Wedding photos photo 48

Wedding photos photo 49Wedding photos photo 50



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bm dresses are the first two, groomsmen will wear wine colored ties and vests with black tuxes, my dress is ivory and champagne and the groomsmen will wear ivory shirts. not sure where the brown fits in, we are having wine table linens right now but theyre kinda pricey, might switch to brown if its less expensive

Colors photo 1

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im in love with this bouquet

Flowers photo 1

heres a few Boutonnieres we like

Flowers photo 2Flowers photo 3

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In some ways I am pretty tradational when it comes to wedding stuff, in other ways I am not and shoes falls under the non-tradational.  I am a sneakers girl all the way and never intended on wearing heels, especially since my dress is long.  So, I found these which I love.  First I saw the gold, tan pair and thought I like those but the pink pair is also super cute and would match my BM's!  I havent decided which ones yet...

My Shoes photo 1My Shoes photo 2

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were going for a spanish/rustic/green theme so here are some inspiration photos

Reception Decoration photo 1Reception Decoration photo 2

i was inspired by the ceramic tiles in these photos to do ceramic house numbers, reclaimed to go along with the green theme but i couldnt find any of those so im making my own

Reception Decoration photo 3Reception Decoration photo 4

were gonna order papel picado to hang across the entire dance floor

Reception Decoration photo 5Reception Decoration photo 6

Reception Decoration photo 7Reception Decoration photo 8

we will have either tealights in jars to go around the room on the window sill or maybe a combination of jars and the colored glass votives im gonna order, not sure if the sill is wide enough for the jars ive collected

Reception Decoration photo 9Reception Decoration photo 10Reception Decoration photo 11

we will be doing potted centerpieces also doubling as favors. i dont know why i have this hippy photo, probably because fi calls me one sometimes, i like the hippy sign :)

Reception Decoration photo 12Reception Decoration photo 13


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so were doing a combination of these two cakes, taking the shape of the cake on the left and the decor of the cake on the right. the decor will not be black, maybe some shade of pink or brown. and i think were only having a three tier cake, not sure which tiers will have the scalloped edging.

Cake Ideas photo 1Cake Ideas photo 2