Mar 30, 2009

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Feb 20 I went to there store to try on Bridal Dresses and they can only show me a couple so I tried on 1. I like the dress and before making any decisions, I asked them how much the dress is, Natalie the saleslady said it is $1,000. So I told her that my wedding is coming up and I am leaving the country March 10th. She went outside and talked to the owner Armine and Natalie went back to tell me that they can for sure have the dress ready BEFORE I leave for they have the owner is a seamstress and they have other seamstress that works there overtime. So I told her I still have to go to other places that I made appointments with Friday & Saturday. I called them the next day and made an appointment for 3pm. I tried on the dress and then asked her what's the best price she can give me then she asked me what's the most i am willing to spend for the dress. I told her $1,500 so she said she will talk to the owner since I am paying cash. The owner came in and said, they will give me the dress for $900 + alterations & NO tax and total will be $1,500. We agreed on the price and they promised someone will call me Mon-Tue to let me know when to come in for my 1st fitting. Thursday came & NOOBDY called so i called them and they told me to come March 10th for my 1st fitting. I almost fainted! After getting so mad she said ok come tomorrow (Friday) at 2pm. I went there & NOTHING was done with the dress! And the owner said there's NOTHING they can do because I DON'T HAVE A FIGURE! If you can't alter the dress as you promised before I paid you CASH then give me the $600 back that I paid for the alterations and I will go to a professional seamstress and have my dress done beautifully as I wished!
Services used: Dress & Attire