May 22, 2010

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I have two ideas I think I will blend together for the cake...

Cake photo 1

I like the "lace" elements of this cake...


Cake photo 2

...and the use of green flowers and grapes on this cake! 


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I have decided to do something really different for the guest book! We are going to have guests sign a wine bottle cork (we are getting married in 'wine country')! 

This is how I will have the table set up: I will have a large glass bowl with the "blank" corks and a sign describing what to do, also several markers lying there. After the guest signs the cork, they will place it in the tall glass cylinder marked "Guests". Then, after the wedding we can use the cylinder to display the corks as home decor, instead of having the book sit in a box in my closet!

Guest Book photo 1

Guest Book photo 2

Also, on the table, I will have these letters spelling our last name arranged in front of the guest book. I got them at Hobby Lobby, and they were solid black, so I painted the raised scrolls with my green color. 

Guest Book photo 3

You can see how the scrolls are raised in this pic: 

Guest Book photo 4

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I went back and forth trying to decide what to do for a card holder...I was going to make a frame box, but then decided it was too expensive. Then I was going to buy one...even more expensive. Then, I was going to make a stack of gifts out of card boxes...but then one day while shopping at hobby lobby, I found THIS!

On clearance, 66% off a beautiful antique looking birdcage for $10! I made a sign with our monogram crest but replaced our names with "Cards", mounted it on black cardstock, then used a little hot glue to affix ribbon (the same ribbon I am using on the centerpieces) around the cage...

and there you have it, a card holder for $10, plus items I already had lying around. Now that's a bargain! 

Card holder photo 1

Card holder photo 2

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I thought this was the cutest idea! Thanks to everyone for sharing! I did the whole thing for about $23.00. I got 20 pairs of black flip flops from Michaels ($1ea.) And "From the Mr. and Mrs." ribbon came from Michaels, too ($3.). I used an existing basket and ribbon to put it all together. For the sign, I took my monogram, replaced our names with the saying "In case your feet are tired and sore, grab a pair and dance some more". Printed it out on parchment paper, mounted on black cardstock and DONE! I think I will have my assistant put this in the ladies restroom about 1 hour after the dance starts...

Flip Flop basket photo 1

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Here is my first centerpiece mock-up. We will be using these on every other table, with a candle in the hurricane glass. The other tables will be fresh flowers with maybe limes in the vase...? The hurricanes are about 14 inches tall.


Centerpieces photo 1


Centerpieces photo 2


Centerpieces photo 3


The hurricanes are from Target, Christmas ribbon from Hobby Lobby, the front is our monogram rubber stamped in gold on black cardstock, then mounted on gold crinkled cardstock paper. 


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