Oct 11, 2009

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Here are some of my favorite pictures so far.  All of them are from our wonderful photographer, Brandon Kidd (www.bkiddphoto.com).  He put up a slideshow online for us just a few days after the wedding so that we would have something to look at before getting all the edited pics back.  He also played the slideshow at our reception, which our guests loved!  (Please credit Brandon Kidd if you use any of these pictures.  Thanks!)

Married photo 1Married photo 2Married photo 3Married photo 4Married photo 5Married photo 6


Married photo 7Married photo 8Married photo 9Married photo 10Married photo 11Married photo 12Married photo 13Married photo 14Married photo 15Married photo 16

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I want "Old Hollywood Glam" hair and makeup, but I'm not sure if I can pull off the red lipstick.  I might have to find something a little more subtle for the wedding day.  I'm planning on wearing my hair down with finger waves (I think that's what they're called). 

This is my inspiration...I love Scarlett's hair and makeup in these pics:

The Look photo 1  The Look photo 2


I bought a sparkly hair comb to wear on the side that looks similar to this:

The Look photo 3

But now I'm thinking of wearing a silk flower with some small feathers...if I can find one I like!


I bought these earrings from Nordstrom, but I'm not sure I'm going to use them:

The Look photo 4

PW'er Amberly1001 turned me on to these beauties from Haute Bride, and I think I'm going to share them with her:

The Look photo 5

LOVE THEM!!!  The cushion cut and halo design match my e-ring, too.

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If I ever get around to doing these, this is my inspiration...FI would love the pin up look!


Here are some of my faves from the site:

B Pics photo 1B Pics photo 2

B Pics photo 3B Pics photo 4

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These were the biggest pain to make, but they're finally done (and only a week late, LOL).  I need to take pictures of the finished product, but in the meantime, here's info on the vendors I used in case there are any DIY'ers reading this.

1. Anchor Paper Express
They have a great selection of different colors, weights, and sizes. I bought 12X12 silver Stardream paper. It was sent quickly and they even included some scrap pieces, which I'll use for labels or belly bands. I also needed some dark purple cardstock but they only sell packs of 250 online so I e-mailed Tom in their customer service department and he immediately set up a special order page for me so I could place an order for 100 sheets. Their customer service is outstanding! I always get a quick response from them and their products ship quickly. Bonus: they're based in MN, so there's no tax for us CA brides! Also, you can order samples to make sure you're ordering the right product.

2. Paper and More
I used them to buy my black, linen square pocketfolds. I found them to have the best prices. Their color selection isn't as big as Cards and Pockets, though. However, they have great customer service and cheap shipping. I ordered 2 packs of the pocketfolds and they only had one in stock so they upgraded me to overnight shipping for free and gave me 10% off the 2nd pack when it finally came in. (I only had to wait about 2 weeks for the 2nd one to arrive.)

3. Envelope Mall
Great selection of envelopes for low prices! And again, there's no tax for CA brides. =)

Hope that helps some of you DIY'ers out there. I especially love Anchor Paper because searched all over for reasonably priced 12X12 paper and they were the only ones that had it for a low price.

We had the actual invitations and inserts printed at a local print shop, but we used a Canon Pixma printer to print all the envelopes and monogram stickers.  We got the printer at Walmart for only $30 and it's awesome!

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I love the look of silver chiavari chairs with the black linens.  Let's see if we can squeeze this into our budget.  *crossing fingers*

Other Decor Ideas photo 1

FI and I both like these round menu cards:

Other Decor Ideas photo 2

I bought silver chargers from Big Lots and will be selling them after the wedding (hopefully).  I found a "circle cutter" tool at Michael's so we're going to attempt to DIY these.

If I had an unlimited budget, this would be the exact set up at the wedding:

Other Decor Ideas photo 3

Unfortunately, just about everything in this picture is WAY out of my budget.  =(

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I love flowers, and I want the flowers at the wedding to really "pop."  Most of them will be fuchsia and red in color.  We're planning on using dark linens, so the flowers will stand out against them.  I am so in love with peonies, but they're not in season on my wedding date.  I told my florist that I'm willing to pay extra to have them imported for my bouquet!  The rest of the flowers will be orchids, calla lillies, dahlias, ranunculus, and maybe some garden roses (they look similar to peonies).

I love these garden roses as substitutes for the out-of-season peonies:

Flowers photo 1

I wish I could have these centerpieces!

Flowers photo 2

This is similar to our color scheme (black tablecloths with bright pink floral centerpieces):

Flowers photo 3

Bouquets I love:

Flowers photo 4Flowers photo 5Flowers photo 6Flowers photo 7

All of the above photos are from www.theknot.com