Sep 20, 2008

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How We Met
by Jack!
It was in late 2001 when Lan and Jack first met. Lan, along with her significant other at the time, came to visit Jack's roommate. Few words were exchanged between the two that night since Jack was busy eating his lasagna and apple sauce and wondering if he should have offered Lan any of his delicious dinner combination.
On a random day, sometime in the summer of 2002... Jack noticed that Lan's away-message indicated she needed a ride to her interview for a Merrill Lynch internship. He offered to drive her and she accepted. On that fateful afternoon, the two of them shared a strawberry shortcake sundae and a plate of potatoe skins at Hard Rock Cafe in downtown La Jolla. Several dates later and after a late night showing of Minority Report, Jack and Lan decided to make their relationship "official"... maybe it was the Tom Cruise film, or maybe it was the thrill of Jack letting Lan drive his awesomely beat-up 1990 Toyota Camry station-wagon that night... but ever since then, the two of them have been inseparable

The Proposal
By Jack!
I took Lan on a picnic at a local park near my house on December 4th, 2007. It was a really nice regional park with a serene lake on a beautiful sunny day. And to top it off, it didn't even smell like the cows in the nearby dairy farms. I had prepared these deliciuos takeout foods from Applebees since I didn't have enough time to actually make the food with all the other preparations.

I was extremely nervous during the picnic... much like a bumbling Hugh Grant trying to woo his Julia Roberts (From "Notting Hills"). I took out my newly purchased, cheap little iPod carrying case with mini speakers from Walmart (which I purchased the previous night at 2AM for the occasion) and put on my "Make Lan Weak In the Knees" playlist that I've put together.

The playlist started off with Alicia Keys' "Like You'll Never See Me Again", which was a great love song to set the mood. By this time, Lan was just chilling and laying down with her magazine. I sat there, staring out to the lake and trying to prepare myself for the big moment... or actually, I was waiting for the next song to come on. Finally, the second song comes on, Alicia Keys' "Tell You Something". I thought this might be the perfect moment since I did indeed have something to tell her! (Yes... cheesy.. but so awesomely cheesy) I hand her an envelope that I've been hiding and I mutter "Umm... I got something for you.. Here you go.." Lan excitely takes the envelope and opens it. While she's doing so, I move myself into position with my self-taught ninja skills, kneeling behind her.

She opens the envelope to find a folded picture which consisted of four 2x2 pictures of me. In each picture, I'm holding up a different sign saying "Will. You. Marry. Me?" And in each picture, I'm in a different outfit to add to the originality, provide some color and to further make Lan swoon with my great taste in sexy attires.

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After seeing the pictures, Lan turns around to find me on my knees with the ring open in its box. I asked her to marry me in which she replied... "OK!"... with tears in her eyes, she then asked "... Are you sure?"... then "OK,YES!" again. With the sun positioned perfectly above and behind me, the ring sparkled and shined in the light and reflected it's brilliance everywhere. It was a real nice added effect, especially with Alicia Keys singing in the background. In fact, I was surprised that the fishermen nearby did not stop and start a slow clap for us. But it's ok... because I performed the slow clap myself.