May 15, 2010

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Peonies With Feathers

AccessoriZE ME photo 1

Bridal Clutch:

AccessoriZE ME photo 2


Pair #1

AccessoriZE ME photo 3

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We are having 7 bridesmaids and 1 groomsmaid.

The Gals s photo 1

Bridesmaid Hairpiece (found on etsy)

The Flora

Carnation Bouquets for the BM's to save some $$$. Simple can beatiful too!

The Gals s photo 2


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Scared that my hair will get "frizzy" I've decided to go with a classic side bun. That way I won't have a "mufasa" moment ;0

Don t FRIZZ OUT photo 1Don t FRIZZ OUT photo 2Don t FRIZZ OUT photo 3

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Rolling down the street in my 64 photo 1

A 64, a 44 hell even a 74! I've always dreamed of rolling in a beautiful classic car on my wedding day.. I will arrive in a classic car and the wedding party will have their own hummer limo.

Rolling down the street in my 64 photo 2


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In the beginning stages of planning I was completely convinced that we would rent trendy lounge furniture so that our guest could relax and hang out with each other. Thennnnnnnnnnnnnn.. Reality set in. Things started adding up and well the funds just arent there. Luckily, our venue has bar tables that we plan on dressing up and putting around the regular tables. That way, guests who arent seated close to each other but want to talk or mingle can meet at at "bar table" for a drink.

To Lounge or Not to Lounge photo 1

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This invite started it all. It was the inspiration to my entire wedding look. Not sure who used it but I found it on The Knott before I discovered PW. Our official invitation will not look exactly like this one but we will incorporated the feathers!

Be My Guests photo 1