Oct 11, 2008

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In addition to photos of the ceremony, our friends and family took tons of photos of the reception.  Here are just a few of the amazingly fun evening...

     Non Pro Reception Photos photo 1 Non Pro Reception Photos photo 2

 Non Pro Reception Photos photo 3 Non Pro Reception Photos photo 4 Non Pro Reception Photos photo 5

  Non Pro Reception Photos photo 6 Non Pro Reception Photos photo 7

     Non Pro Reception Photos photo 8 Non Pro Reception Photos photo 9

  Non Pro Reception Photos photo 10 Non Pro Reception Photos photo 11

                     Non Pro Reception Photos photo 12

                  Non Pro Reception Photos photo 13 Non Pro Reception Photos photo 14

  Non Pro Reception Photos photo 15Non Pro Reception Photos photo 16

                                     Non Pro Reception Photos photo 17

Non Pro Reception Photos photo 18Non Pro Reception Photos photo 19

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Four weeks after the wedding and we still only have a few teaser photos from our awesome photographer.  It takes her about two months to get all the images to her clients so in the meantime, we have to make do with non-pro photos from friends and family.  We're so grateful for these images since they allow us to keep reliving the amazing day.  Here are a few!                                        

Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 1 Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 2 Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 3       Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 4 Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 5 Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 6

     Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 7 Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 8

     Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 9 Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 10

 Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 11 Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 12      

 Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 13 Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 14

 Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 15 Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 16  

Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 17  Non Pro Ceremony Photos photo 18 


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I had five great girls that I wanted to stand up with me when I got married.  Three close friends, my cousin, and DH's sister.  In order to ask them to a bridesmaid in our wedding, I bought these cookies from  I wrote each girl a letter expressing how I felt about them and our relationship and then had them open the cookie.  Three girls didn't live locally so I had to mail the cookie and letter to them.  But I got excited phone calls from each of them after they opened them.  It was so much fun! :)

                                          Will you photo 1

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I wanted to personalize my bridesmaids' bouquets a bit and suprise them with something cute at the same time.  I found these charms on Etsy from seller Bittyblock.  They are made from actual Scrabble tiles.  I had each girl's initial put on a tile and had half of them done in pink and the other half done in orange.  My florist then attached them to the handles of the bouquets.  They loved them!

                                     Special Touch for Bouquets photo 1

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After a great rehearsal at the venue, everyone headed over to the Chart House in Dana Point for the rehearsal dinner.  We had about 35 people attend the tropical buffet-style dinner.  There were a lot of photos, laughs, fun speeches, and gifts handed out to the bridal party.  It was a nice way to spend time with people in a relaxed setting before the wedding the next day.

    Rehearsal Dinner Photos photo 1Rehearsal Dinner Photos photo 2

   Rehearsal Dinner Photos photo 3 Rehearsal Dinner Photos photo 4               Rehearsal Dinner Photos photo 5Rehearsal Dinner Photos photo 6

    Rehearsal Dinner Photos photo 7 Rehearsal Dinner Photos photo 8

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The day of the wedding had finally arrived and I couldn't have been more excited, or strangely, more relaxed! :)  My bridesmaids were coming to our hotel room at 11:00 and the hair/makeup people were coming shortly thereafter.  My awesome parents had provided tons of food to snack on along with champagne for celebrating.  We had a good time just hanging out in the room being girly, getting ready!  Then, we hopped in the limo and made the short drive to the venue so that I could get into my dress! :)

                  Getting Ready photo 1 Getting Ready photo 2

 Getting Ready photo 3 Getting Ready photo 4

  Getting Ready photo 5Getting Ready photo 6                                  Getting Ready photo 7 Getting Ready photo 8                                                  Getting Ready photo 9 Getting Ready photo 10

                                    Getting Ready photo 11