Oct 11, 2008

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We had a great time at the wedding rehearsal.  Everyone met at Arroyo Trabuco to run through the only took two run-throughs seeing as almost everyone in the bridal party had been married before! :)  I wore my mom's wedding dress from 40 years ago that I had altered.  It was a hit!  Here are a few pictures from the day:

                   Rehearsal Photos photo 1 Rehearsal Photos photo 2

                   Rehearsal Photos photo 3 Rehearsal Photos photo 4

  Rehearsal Photos photo 5 Rehearsal Photos photo 6

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In addition to the boudoir photo album I gave DH as a wedding gift, I also wanted to give him something that he could use more often and actually show other people!  He loves music and plays guitar so I thought something related to that would be appropriate.  He also likes to wear I found the perfect combination of the two.  I got him these sterling silver guitar pick cufflinks to wear on the wedding day.  He absolutely LOVED them and he has worn them several times since the wedding!

                                            Gift for the Groom photo 1

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We officially got back from our honeymoon exactly two weeks after the wedding and I will say that Thailand was awesome!!  Definitely not a relaxing trip - we were on 9 airplanes in 12 days - but we saw so much!  We didn't even get to have any relaxing/lounging time until our 5th day!!  Go, go, go all the time. 
We started off in Bangkok.  There, we did a siteseeing tour (palaces, temples, etc) and then DH went to a tailor and had a bunch of dress clothes made.  Nnd they keep his measurements on file so he can email new orders whenever he wants...ha!  We were only in Bangkok for a day and a half so it was quick.  Here are a couple pics:

Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 1 Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 2                                                      Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 3
Then we flew to Koh Samui in the south, and stayed at the Anantara resort.  There, we did an "around the island" type siteseeing tour, finally got to do some relaxing, and had a few massages :)  DH suprised me with a 2.5 hour couple's treatment at the hotel spa...a one hour coconut scrub, a 30 minute outdoor hot bath soak, and an hour massage!!  Heaven!  All for $175 US for the both of us!!  And that's only because the hotels mark up huge!!!  The next day DH got an hour long Thai massage on the beach for $10 US and I got an hour long foot and shoulders massage for $10!  Crazy!  We were here for four nights.  Here are a few pics:

Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 4 Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 5                      Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 6 Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 7                    Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 8 Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 9                   Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 10 Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 11
Next we flew to Chiang Mai in the north and stayed at the Rachamankha Hotel.  There, we did more siteseeing, and rode an elephant for an hour into the hills to visit a hill tribe, followed by a raft ride down a river.  We also took a shopping tour and went to silk factory, a hand-painted umbrella factory, a silver factory, and a pottery factory.  So cool to see how much intensive labor goes into everything!  No wonder silk ain't cheap!  Also in this place we got half hour foot massages for $3!!  We were here for three nights.  Pics:

                           Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 12 Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 13                                   Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 14 Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 15                  Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 16 Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 17
Finally, we flew to Hong Kong for two nights and stayed at the Harbour Plaza in Kowloon.  There, we did another "around the city" tour and then ventured into downtown for shopping and dinner.  Hellooooo crowds!!  I've never seen so many people in my life!  And I will never again complain about So Cal traffic...sheesh!  Unfortunately we were only there for less than a day and a half so not much buying was done! :(  Here are some pics:

                                            Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 18                                                        

     Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 19 Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 20                                                Thailand Honeymoon Recap photo 21     
All the hotels were great...the food was hit or miss.  If we had eaten all our meals at the hotels, it would have been great, I'm sure, but we ventured out so you never knew what you were going to get.  But by the end of the trip though we were craving some good mexican food and a drink!  Wine was awful over there and they can't mix a cocktail to save their lives so we drank mostly Singha beer.  The people were very friendly in Thailand and the service was amazing!  

But we are glad to be back home....a trip like that wears you out, especially after a hectic wedding week! :)  Jet lag set in quickly...we couldn't sleep for a few nights and couldn't really concentrate on much at work.  All in all, it was an amazing adventure and a great way to start off a marriage!  Please excuse the lack of makeup and odd hair styles in the pics...the humidity and heat did a number on style! :)  I highly recommend Thailand for a honeymoon...if you have any questions about Thailand, feel free to PM me! :)  Thanks for letting me share!


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Wow...the day has come and gone and I can honestly say I wouldn't have changed a thing!  It really was the best day ever - surrounded by family and friends, marrying the love of my awesome!  Here are a few teaser photos from our awesome photographer, Kristi Klemens:       

Wedding Day Teaser Photos photo 1 Wedding Day Teaser Photos photo 2

Wedding Day Teaser Photos photo 3 Wedding Day Teaser Photos photo 4

                  Wedding Day Teaser Photos photo 5 Wedding Day Teaser Photos photo 6

Wedding Day Teaser Photos photo 7 Wedding Day Teaser Photos photo 8

                                 Wedding Day Teaser Photos photo 9

Wedding Day Teaser Photos photo 10 Wedding Day Teaser Photos photo 11 

                                             Wedding Day Teaser Photos photo 12

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With only a week til the wedding, I'm rethinking my low side chignon.  I'm now thinking more along the lines of a side ponytail.  I bought some clip in extensions to use since my hair is fairly fine.  Here is the look I might go for:

                                          Second Thoughts on Hair photo 1

But since I'm wearing a veil for the ceremony, I'm not sure where it could be placed if I go with this style.  So if my stylist doesn't think this look will work, I'll probably stick with something along these lines:

              Second Thoughts on Hair photo 2 Second Thoughts on Hair photo 3

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I thought that doing the seating arrangements would be a total nightmare.  But in order to keep things organized, I devised a good system.  I drew out the layout of the room on a foam board and put each guest's name on a strip of sticky note.  Then I grouped people by logical groups, like my friends, FI's friends, family, etc.  Then I put each person's name around a table.  I was able to better visualize the seating this way and it was easy to move people from one table to another.  It only took me about two hours total to do the seating!  Perfect!

                                 Seating Chart Madness photo 1