Sep 05, 2010

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Thanks to the lovely Shenanigans for recommending I go with this Shrug to complete my ensemble =)  I think it compliments my Clutch quite nicely =)  I can't wait to see everything all put together!!!! ♥ LOVE my accessories =) =)

My Shrug: 

My Shrug Clutch photo 1

My Shrug Clutch photo 2

My Shrug Clutch photo 3

My Clutch:

My Shrug Clutch photo 4

My Shrug Clutch photo 5

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What better way to show a lil 40's flair, than in your hair =)  Here's my Hair Inspiration coupled with my 40's inspired Teardrop Fascinator Hat & Triangular Birdcage Veil =)

The Hairstyle!

A Lil 40 s Flair photo 1

The Hat!

A Lil 40 s Flair photo 2

A Lil 40 s Flair photo 3

The Veil!

A Lil 40 s Flair photo 4

A Lil 40 s Flair photo 5

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I'm soooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!  Thank you to the lovely Shenanigans for keeping her lil miracle toes crossed for me!!!  Aaaaaaand to the most amazing FI a girl could ask for =)  We got the most amazing deal!!!  We will be staying at the GORGEOUS Mon Hotel in the Executive Suite =)  I can't wait till September!!!!!  Check it out!!!

Mon Hotel is one of Paris's most innovative boutique hotels, and its location is just a stroll away from the infamous landmarks everyone loves, namely the Arc de Triomphe and Champs Élysées. Sleek and contemporary, Mon Hotel proves that luxury status can at times be whimsical in its approach to hospitality. Part of Preferred Boutique collection of properties, the hotel hosts just 37 comfortable chambers, concealed behind a townhouse façade. With the turn of a knob, discover a glamorous motif with striking black-and-white prints paying homage to Hollywood's Golden Era and tributes to Marilyn Monroe at every turn. En-suite baths are like petite spas, featuring luxuries such as freestanding tubs and showers that double as steam rooms. In the morning, roll out of bed and assume the role of barista with your very own in-room espresso machine.

The bistro at Mon Hotel is on the sassy side, with aubergine-colored walls, ebony tables and violet fabrics. The food is simple yet satisfying, and is sure to please gourmands. You will also find a spa and fitness center with an equally enticing color palette of purples and chocolates, as well as a legendary steam room that gives the illusion of stepping into van Gogh's Starry Night masterpiece. Best of all, the City of Lights beckons from beyond the lobby - from the iconic Eiffel Tower to the more obscure Père Lachaise Cemetery, the final resting place for such legends as Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde.

Paris Is For Lovers photo 1

Paris Is For Lovers photo 2

Paris Is For Lovers photo 3

Paris Is For Lovers photo 4

Paris Is For Lovers photo 5

Paris Is For Lovers photo 6

Paris Is For Lovers photo 7

Paris Is For Lovers photo 8

Paris Is For Lovers photo 9

Paris Is For Lovers photo 10

Check out our Room! =)

Paris Is For Lovers photo 11

Paris Is For Lovers photo 12

Paris Is For Lovers photo 13

Here's a video as well: 


Soooo what do you think!?

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The FI & I were messing around with different Table Settings & I think we may have them figured out =)  We have special chargers for the Bridal Party versus our Guests.  Check 'em out below!  There will also be a lil black ornate frame that will have each person's names at their setting to tell them where they're sitting.

Here are the Bridal Party's Place Settings:

Our Place Settings photo 1

Here are the Guests' Places Settings:

(The napkin placement was actually FI's idea) =)  He's so creative =)

Our Place Settings photo 2

Here are the Ornate Frame Placecards.  There are 3 Different shapes to indicate the Meal Choice Selection which will all be painted black like this one:

Our Place Settings photo 3

Our Place Settings photo 4

Soooo, what do you think?!

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Sooooo last Saturday the FI, Kristeen & I headed out for our Tasting at the Mediterraneo Restaurant & mmm mmm mmm it was DELISH!!!  Don't mind the lighting.  The lights were off and only skylights were letting the sun shine in so it's a lil funky. =)   =PWe tried 2 salads, 3 entrees & bread with spread =)

Sourdough Bread with Olive Tapenade  Absolutely delicious!!! LOVE their Tapenade =)  A great start to an amazing meal =)

As a surprise we're also going to have Chilean Bread "Pan Amasado".  My Mom is going to trip when she sees it =)

Our Tasting photo 1

Mediterraneo Caesar Salad  Hearts of Romaine Topped with Pecorino Dressing, Crostini, and Parmagiano Shavings

This was also delicious.  They make the dressing fresh on site and it was a lil too "anchovy-ie" for my taste, but it was still good =)

Our Tasting photo 2

Panzanella  Marinated Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Olives, Red Onions, Fresh Burrata with Rustic Croutons in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Basil, and White Balsamic Vinegar

This salad was awesome and soooooo pretty!  It was like a fuschia explosion on the plate!  The pix def do not do it justice =)  I wasn't crazy about the Burrata Cheese...but then again I'm not a big cheese person.  Other than that it was AMAZING!!! =)

Our Tasting photo 3

Salmon Organico  Pan Roasted New Zealand Salmon Filet with Swiss Chard, Bacon, Israeli Couscous and Roasted Tomatoes

Kristeen & the FI thought it was delicious!!!!  I on the other hand am not a fan of fish so I wasn't feeling this dish. (hehe it rhymed) =P  But the Israeli Couscous was unbelieveably delicious! =) 

Our Tasting photo 4

Pollo Arrosto  Free Range Chicken Slow Roasted in our Wood Fire Oven with Herbs de Provence served with Sautéed Baby Spinach, Fingerling Potatoes and Natural Jus

Wow they brought us half the freakin Chicken!!!...and it was also outstanding =)  Very flavourful and juicy, just perfect =)  The Fingerling Potatoes we amazing also =)

Our Tasting photo 5

and last but certainly not absolute favorite!!! =)

Primo Steak and Frites  Grilled 10 Ounce Prime Filet of Beef served with Rosemary Garlic Fries and a Wholegrain Mustard and Roasted Garlic Aioli

OMG it was sooooooooooooooooo ridiculously good.  The filet melted in your mouth!!!  The Rosemary Garlic Fries were to die for...simply amazing!!!!!  The only changes we've asked is to have the Chef cook the filet med well.  Wasn't feeling the nice lil blood drippings all over my plate.  Afterall, this isn't a Twilight themed wedding =)  ......and we're going to have the fries flared out on the plate next to filet instead of in a glass.  It's looking a lil too casual for our taste at the moment =)  Oh and theyr'e swapping the Wholegrain Mustard & Roasted Garlic Aioli with Port Reduction Sauce...yum yum!!!!

Our Tasting photo 6

We will also have the following tray passed hors d'eouvres as well.  We didn't get to taste these on Saturday, but the FI & I have had them before & good lord everything is DELICIOUS =)

Arancini Bolognese  Crispy Arborio Rice Balls prepared with our Homemade Bolognese and Fresh Mozzarella with Arrabiata

Traditional Bruschetta  Marinated Vine Ripened Tomatoes over a Toasted Crostini

Pan Plano Mediterraneo  Our Thin Flat Bread, Baked in our Wood Burning Oven, Topped with Marinated Tomatoes, Olives, Caper Berries, Pesto, Ricotta Cheese and Arugula, Marguerita Pizzas, etc.

Crab Frittella  Lump Crab Cakes with a Warm Bean Salad and Salsa Mostaza 

I can't believe there's only 107 days left till the big day. Hope I can wait that long to try all their amazing food again =)   Or Shenanigans & I will just have to swing by to do another personal tasting =)  So ladies, what do you think!?

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Check out our Awesome Monograms - Courtesy of the Lovely & Uber Talented Kristeen  =)

I love them!!! =)

What do you think?

Our Monograms photo 1

Our Monograms photo 2

Our Monograms photo 3