Sep 05, 2010

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Check out these awesome Damask Tissues that we'll be using for our Tears of Joy Packets. 

Our DIY Damask Tears of Joy Packets photo 1

We're going to put them in these self-sealing bags for our guests =)

Our DIY Damask Tears of Joy Packets photo 2

What do ya think?!

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Check out the ring my fiance found and loves. It's so unique and handsome, just like him =) It's awesome and goes with our whole wedding scheme! Me loves! =)

I can't wait to see this ring on him =)

Aren't we two peas in a pod? =P

His Unique Ring photo 1

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Check out these awesome Damask Pillar Candles I got to match our Damask Taper Candles for our Unity Candle Ceremony. =) We're going to put 2 of these Glossy Black Pillar Candleholders on each side of the Fireplace in the Dancing Room. In the center we're going to put our Candelabra with the matching Damask Taper Candles (see my previous post) =) I LOVE THEM!!!

What do ya think?!

Damask Pillar Candles photo 1

Damask Pillar Candles photo 2

Damask Pillar Candles photo 3


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Sooooooooooo during our Ceremony we are going to do a modified Unity Candle Ceremony. However, instead of having 3 candles total, we're going to have 5!! We're using the Black Candelabra shown below.

Damask Unity Candles photo 1

Our Moms will light the candles on the ends & use their lit candles to light my Fiance & I's candles. My Fiance & I will then light the very top center candle about passing the torch, eh? =P

Sooooo in a neverending quest to find the perfect Unity Candles I found these AMAZING Flocked Damask Taper Candles. They are hand poured in beeswax and vegetable wax and then hand printed with the flocked Damask Print. They are stunning!!!!

Damask Unity Candles photo 2

Check out how they look on my candelabra!  I LOVE THEM!!!

Damask Unity Candles photo 3

Damask Unity Candles photo 4

Sooooooo, what do ya think?!

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Check out these awesome Black Metal Damask Frames we got. We're going to use these for the various signs around the Venue, (i.e., Guestbook, Signature Drink, etc...) Mind you they'll look MUCH prettier once we put something actually inside behind the glass =) (had to take the glass out b/c the flash kept reflecting when I was taking pix) =)

I just love them!!!!

What do ya think?!

Damask Metal Frames for Signs photo 1

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Here are our Damask Invitations =)  As you can see they compliment our Save the Date's nicely =)  I just LOVE them =)  Even though these are self-mailers, we're thinking about getting Black outer envelopes to finish them off =)  We may even do a liner on the envelope as well to finish off the whole look =)  We'll see if time permits =)

Our Damask Invitations photo 1

Our Damask Invitations photo 2

Our Damask Invitations photo 3

Our Damask Invitations photo 4

Our Damask Invitations photo 5

We even got the matching favor boxes that we're going to use as placecard holders....check 'em out =)

We were going to use these as placecards but we found awesome ornate frames instead.  We'll probably use these for petit four treats that people can take home =)

Our Damask Invitations photo 6

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