Sep 05, 2010

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...It all happened on the eve of our 3 year anniversary =)  And it couldn't have been more perfect =) 

Our 3 year anniversary fell on a Saturday 11.8.08.  We had a whole weekend filled with festivities =)  We began by getting a couple's massage at an incredible spa in Pasadena.  This was the DJ's first professional massage ever =)  Afterwards we sipped tea and walked around Old Town Pasadena for a while. 

Later we headed to the Americana in Glendale & decided to do a lil "ring shopping".  We spent some time going through different stores drooling at all the goodies =P  But all the while the DJ acted all cool & smooth as if he had nothing up his sleeve =P 

We then headed to the Hyatt Valencia where we had dinner reservations at this amazing restaurant called The Vines.  We had also booked a room for the night.  We ran over to the Suite & got ready for our Dinner.  We had an amazing dinner (filet mignon, garlic potatoes...yum yum!!!)  Halfway through dinner I realized that I had forgotten my camera in the room =(  OH NO!  Sooooo the DJ said not to worry.  He would go upstairs & get it for us. 

A few moments later I get a frantic call from him saying he can't find it.  I offer to come up & help him look and he said not to worry. Finally he found it & came back downstairs. 

We finished dinner & headed up to our Suite.  As we were walking down the corridor to our room I smelled an amazingly sweet aroma.  As I opened the door to my surprise the room was filled with lit candles and rose petals galore! It was GORGEOUS!!!

Rose Petals Strewn All Over The Bed

Now mind you since this was our 3 year anniversary & the DJ has a romantic side to him, I didn't suspect he was going to propose.  I thought he was just being his romantic self =)  So we sat down on the bed & started talking. He brought up how we first met, our first date, our first kiss, etc....and me being my usual goofy self was just joking along with him & what not.  The next thing I know he says..."There's just one thing I have to ask you."  (and before I could even realize what was transpiring he was down on one knee before me with an open ring box in his right hand and holding my hands with his left.  He said "Sandra, will you marry me?"  I was in total shock!!!  My first reaction was to say "Are you serious?!"  Hehe I felt as if I was dreaming!!!  He said Yes!  His hand was shaking like a leaf (poor baby!)  I said again "Are you serious?!?"  He said "Of course I am!!!  So...Will you marry me?"  I screamed YES!!!  He then picked me up and swung me around kissing me and lord only knows where the ring box landed =) 

After tons of kissing I asked him to tell me everything!!! I wanted to know when he thought of proposing, when he got the ring, when he asked my parents...the whole 9 =)  After a few hours of getting all the dish he started looking for the ring box.  In a flurry of excitement he had tossed the box which landed amongst the pillows =)  At this point I still haven't even seen the ring =P  But that didn't matter...all that mattered is the man of my dreams had proposed & I said yes =)  AND NOW WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! =)

The Proposal photo 1My Gorgeous Ring!!!

My Gorgeous Ring!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY CUSTOM RING!!!  I couldn't decide between a Princess or a Marquis my baby designed something that's the best of both worlds!!!!!  A Princess Cut in a Marquis Fashion =)  These pix do not do it is PHENOMENAL!!!!

I could not believe that the entire weekend while we were out and about my Fiance actually had this ring in his pocket waiting for the "perfect moment" to pop the question....even while we were out ring window shopping!!!  He's never been good at keeping secrets...but he DEFINITELY had me fooled this time!!!!

We finished off our amazing Anniversary weekend with a Champagne Brunch Cruise on Sunday around Marina Del Rey.  It was fabulous!!!! 

My Fiance said he was always waiting for the perfect moment & then he realized you make your own perfect moment...and he definitely did!!!!  I can't wait to marry my best friend in 13 months!!!! =)

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~Jack & Sally~

In June of 2005 I received a random message online from a Hot Trance DJ on (believe it or not)  =P  After a few months of missing one another's im's we finally connected and chatted daily.  We became instant friends!  Once a few months had passed we decided it was time for a meet & greet.  Sooooo my best friend & I decided to meet the DJ some place public...we decided on Amoeba Music (how appropriate) =) 

Since that day we were friends attached at the hip!  He would come over almost every day after work.  At the time I was casually dating someone but that soon ended.  As a matter of fact, the night that I ended things with the other guy...the DJ kissed me!!!  I was in shock...I looked at him completely perplexed & he told me he couldn't hold back any longer...that he had liked me since the moment he saw me online and wasn't going to hide it any longer (awww!) =) 

Now mind you up until this point the DJ & I were just friends...but completely platonic.  Soooo we decided to go on our first date.  We hit up Universal City Walk, had dinner, walked around & just had a blast!  The relationship was off to a good start.  What better person to date than your best friend!!! =) 

From then on we hit lots of Trance Shows, Clubs, Movies, Disneyland!!!!  His birthday was nearing & I kept asking him what he wanted but he never on the night of his birthday (November 8th) I asked him one last time..."What do you want for your birthday?"  He said "You.  All I want is you."  So it was official...we became boyfriend & girlfriend on 11.8.05 =)  We even went on a fun site and got cyber-married =P

We Can Live Like Jack Sally photo 1