Jul 26, 2008

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Venue: Eagle Ridge Golf Course

     Grade: B-/C+

Cake: I Do Wedding Cakes

     Grade: A

Flowers:Weddings by Sweet Pea

     Grade: A++ (My favorite vendor)

Photography: Chett Bullock

     Grade: B

DJ: Jordan Rivers Entertainment

     Grade: C

Ceremony Musician: Cole Tutino (PM for the info)

     Grade: A

Mariachi Trio:

     Grade: A

DOC: Kendra Kisling (PM me for the info)

     Grade: A+

Officiant: Jeff Budd

     Grade: A+

Hotel - Bridal Suite: Hilton Garden Inn

     Grade: B-

Hotel - Guests: Pruneyard Plaza

     Grade: A

Hotel - Guests: Campbell Inn

     Grade: A

Rehearsal: Pruneyard Plaza Hotel

     Grade: B

Rehearsal Dinner: Buca di Beppo

     Grade: A



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I started out here as a PW bride.  I have planned many events throughout my career as an educator.  Once I planned my own wedding, I was hooked.  I love to help others make their day special and have an eye for how to bring ideas to life.  From that, Pink Petals Event Planning has been born.  I have had the chance to DOC several weddings, including our very own Kohler44.  In the near future, I have several other PW brides coming up (D1rtyMartini, Jess143, KK36), as well as a few not from this site.

Pink Petals Event Design is an event design firm serving the San Francisco Bay area and events throughout California. We provide full service event planning for weddings, parties, corporate, and non-profit events. Partial planning and day-of coordination is also available to help bring your ideas to reality. We believe that the role of the planner is to listen to the client and help make their unique ideas meld together and happen.

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Since so many of my guests were in from out of town, I wanted to be able to spend more time with them.  To do that, I planned to have everything done by one week before the wedding.  There were a few small things left to do after that deadline, but it was minor.  I had everything boxed up, labeled, and dropped off at the venue by the Wednesday before.  (If your venue will let you do this - DO IT!  I could add last minute projects because it was all gone!)

Wednesday night, my family all came in town.  We had a BBQ at my place and played games.

Thursday - Day - We went to the beach

                Night - My bachelorette party!  We met up at Dave and Busters for dinner, hit the karaoke bar, and then went dancing - all in a stretch limo my friends kindly got for me

Friday - Morning - Spa day with the girls!

            Afternoon - My BIL hosted a welcome cocktail party.  My great aunt played him in pool - and won!!

wedding weekend photo 1wedding weekend photo 2

wedding weekend photo 3wedding weekend photo 4

            Evening - Rehearsal:

wedding weekend photo 5wedding weekend photo 6

wedding weekend photo 7wedding weekend photo 8

                   Rehearsal Dinner at Buca di Beppo (They did a slide show of pics of us and our wedding party through the years - it was a nice twist):

wedding weekend photo 9wedding weekend photo 10

            Night - slumber party with a few close girl friends

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For the bridesmaids, I got each of them a tote bag, make up bag, robe to get ready in, and flip flops that matched their dress to dance in.  Then I got each girl something that matched their personalities:

For the traveler, I got her engraved luggage tags from

party gifts photo 1

For the outdoorsy wine drinker, I got her an insulated wine case for hiking from and then put a bottle of local wine in it.

party gifts photo 2party gifts photo 3

For the jigsaw puzzle lover who just got married, I had a custom puzzle made from her wedding photo.


For the bridesmen and groomsmen, we gave them ties for the wedding and engraved zippo lighters.  For some, my DH engraved a Hard Rock Cafe lighter from a city that had significance to them both.

party gifts photo 4party gifts photo 5

For the ringbearers, we got 3-D sidewalk chalk.

party gifts photo 6

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I knew the it was coming at some point, but I was not sure when.  Little did I know that he asked my parents for permission over three months earlier.  It was a Christmas present, but Esteban is like a little kid and can't wait.  The night before school got out, he asked if I wanted to open just one present.  When I said okay (thinking I knew what it was), he said he had to go home and get it.  I had been in my sweats and wanted to change, but it was late.  If it wasn't a ring, I didn't want to feel stupid and be dressed up for no reason.  So I stayed how I was.  When he showed up WAY later, he had taken a shower and dressed up.  It had to be it!  He walked in and said, so let's open your present first.  It was killing me!  I gave him a jersey that I had custom made with a player that died at training camp that he really liked and a fishing pole.  Not only did he open them, but he had to play with them and try on the jersey.  I was out of my mind.  Finally he walked out and said, "I love the presents; I love you."  I can't remember the rest.  I just remember yelling, "Get on your knee!" and hugging him!

The Proposal photo 1

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My parents drove out the week before the wedding, but the weekend really began on Wednesday.  My family started to arrive from Iowa so we hosted a little barbecue for everyone already there.  On Thursday, we went to Capitola to hit the beach.  That night was my bachelorette party.  Woot Woot!  Friday was a spa day with all of my girls.  Then my BIL hosted a cocktail hour.  It was so neat to see my great aunt playing pool with my BIL - and beat him!  That night we had the rehearsal in the courtyard of Pruneridge Plaza Hotel (where most of the party was staying) and the rehearsal dinner at Buca di Beppo.  My MOH has put together a slide show with pictures of us and with our bridal party for that night.  She and my DOC (also a friend) stayed the night.  I could barely sleep!

Saturday started out perfectly.  My DOC surprised us with bagels and we headed down to the ceremony.  Other than getting caught in festival traffic on the way, it went off as planned.  We had lunch at the site and then started preparing!  I thought I would be stressed, but I was just so excited and wanted to get it moving!  I was so thankful when I was able to start walking down the aisle and start my life with my DH. 

7 26 08 photo 17 26 08 photo 27 26 08 photo 37 26 08 photo 4