May 30, 2010

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We spent 8 nights at the Sandals Regency St. Lucia and Loved it! 

View from our balcony and the upper pool

Honeymoon Sandals Regency St Lucia photo 1Honeymoon Sandals Regency St Lucia photo 2

Joe Knows Tour

Honeymoon Sandals Regency St Lucia photo 3Honeymoon Sandals Regency St Lucia photo 4

Lots of great dinners

Honeymoon Sandals Regency St Lucia photo 5Honeymoon Sandals Regency St Lucia photo 6

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Our Reception was at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific.  All of our flowers were done by flower Allie and I could not be happier.  They were beautiful!!! We had a great slideshow that my mom put together. My New Husband and I learned learned the East Coast Swing and danced to Better Together by Jack Johnson.  My dad is a real country dancer, and we dnced to Out of The Clear Blue Sky by George Strait.  We also had a Bridesmaid dance which I choreographed, (I'm a dance teacher so it fit.)

I also changed from a veil to a flower and then to a headband for all the dancing, I couldn't decide. Overall all I can not put it into words what a wonderful beyond my expectations night it was.  

The Reception photo 1The Reception photo 2The Reception photo 3The Reception photo 4The Reception photo 5The Reception photo 6The Reception photo 7The Reception photo 8The Reception photo 9The Reception photo 10The Reception photo 11The Reception photo 12The Reception photo 13


We also had a cheesy photo booth and it was AWESOME!!!

The Reception photo 14The Reception photo 15

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Our Ceremony was at the Beautiful Wayfarer's Chapel in Palos verde

The Ceremony photo 1The Ceremony photo 2The Ceremony photo 3The Ceremony photo 4The Ceremony photo 5The Ceremony photo 6The Ceremony photo 7The Ceremony photo 8The Ceremony photo 9

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It was an amazing day and started beautifully in Long Beach at the Avia.  Beauty and the Beach came to do our make up and I loved it.

 Getting Ready photo 1 Getting Ready photo 2Getting Ready photo 3Getting Ready photo 4Getting Ready photo 5Getting Ready photo 6

and of course the boys room....

Getting Ready photo 7

Then it was off to the lobby for a first look. I got a little teary and am so glad that we did this.

Getting Ready photo 8Getting Ready photo 9Getting Ready photo 10Getting Ready photo 11Getting Ready photo 12Getting Ready photo 13

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I didn't think I was going to do these... but then I got really into the idea of making the water bottle labeles.  Our reception is at the Aquarium so I tred to theme them OOT guest bags will include

  • 2 water bottles
  • travel pouch with two advil
  • finding nemos fruit snacks
  • goldfish
  • 5 pieces of salt water taffy
  • 3 hershey kisses
  • pack of gum
  • crackers with peanut butter
  • wedding map, with locations and directions to ceremony
  • photo share card
  • timeline of weding events and welcome note

I got the timeline layout from http://weddings.shanbritedesigns.com/templates.htm

Waterbottle idea and format from Marchbride2010 the template is here. I made a few changes to the format and did it slightly differently than Marchbride.  I used regular printer paper, printed on the hgihest quality settings then used arrowhead water bottles which worked great because after peelng off the label they left a slightl sticky part to hold the paper while I wrapped it around.  I then put one piece of double sided tape, (the really good stuff I got to make my invitations) for one side then another small ipce on top of that and taped down the other side.  They look great.

OOT Bags and Water bottles photo 1OOT Bags and Water bottles photo 2OOT Bags and Water bottles photo 3OOT Bags and Water bottles photo 4



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We went to two places.  One, a mass producing cake place that had okay edible cake... and we met with Erica O'brien.  She uses fresher ingredients and only makes a few cakes each weeken so you are guranteed to have them fresh. We went with Erica, her samples were delicious! I love the all white cakes, but wanted our cake to be fun... so currently our cake inspiration is below with te fish, but  not crooked.  Our cake will be 3 tiers

tier 1- Almond cake with raspberry conserve

tier 2- Chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream 

tier 3- Vanilla bean cake with chocolate buttercream


Here is the inspiration with the actual cake

Cake photo 1Cake photo 2