May 30, 2010

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These pics are the result of today's PW challenge but thought they turned out kinda cute! My ring photo 1

My ring photo 2

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We'll be making our own centerpieces and found this great craft kit by Martha Stewart! We'll be having an outdoor wedding and I was planning on bringing some of the garden/spring elements inside for reception decor. The flowers are made out of tissue paper and I think they're just perfect!

Centerpieces photo 1

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Yesterday I was browsing the mall and guess what I found!! My shoes! I wasn't even looking for them and stopped by a shop that was having a shoe sale and after talking with a guy there, he said he had a pair that he thought I would love... but, he only had one pair left. Here they are:

Something blue wedding shoes photo 1


They were $99, but since it was the very last pair and they're going to be my wedding shoes, he gave them to me for only $20!!

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This past Sunday, my mom, sister and I went to the Polk County Bridal Show in Lakeland. There were soooo many people there but we had a blast! We got to try all sorts of great food and did some dancing. The great news is.... I won two prizes!! The first is a beautiful frame with matting that everyone signs instead of a guest book. Second prize: $200 photography credit with Southern Exposure photography! Hooray!!

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This past Monday my mom and I went to Hollis Gardens and booked my venues! My mom hadn't had a chance to see the hall where I want to have the reception, so we took a look at it first and she likes it too - yay!

Our ceremony is going to be at the Loggia on Mirror Lake in Lakeland, FL. The lake is beautiful! It's full of swans - black ones and white ones - with cute little lily pads scattered here and there. Here's the Loggia:Booked our venues photo 1

Here's Lake Mirror:

Booked our venues photo 2

Our reception is going to be at the Peggy Brown Building. It's this great building and there's only an upstairs (there isn't a bottom floor at all) and you take a neat golden elevator to get in. The floor is tiled with large maroon-ish colored tiles. The entire back wall is made of picture windows that open onto a covered balcony that overlooks our lake. Very pretty! Here's a photo with my building in the background, it's not a great pic but at least you can get the idea!

Booked our venues photo 3

Nestled in between the Loggia and the Peggy Brown building is Hollis Garden. This is where I really wanted to have the ceremony, but there aren't any chairs allowed inside the garden. This is where Mark proposed to me! Here's a photo from the Garden:

Booked our venues photo 4


I think everything will work out perfectly! After the ceremony, guests can also take a walk through the garden or visit it during the reception. :)

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Hi everyone!

My name is Beth and FI is Mark. We've been together for nearly 5 years and are planning a spring wedding for May 2010. My venue is Hollis Garden in Lakeland. It's a beautiful botanical garden on a lake that's full of swans! It's also where Mark proposed, so I just had to have the ceremony here. Our ceremony is going to be outside then everyone'll move inside for our reception. The building we're using for our reception is on the lake too. It's the second flooor (but the only floor) with picture windows all along the back wall that opens onto a covered balcony overlooking the lake. It's perfect!

When I'm not busy browsing for wedding inspirations (what am I going to do after the big day!?), we enjoy just about anything outdoors and soaking up the Florida sunshine. We also love go out to eat and trying new restaurants - I'm such a foodie! We live together and have two of the most spoiled dogs ever - Dixie & Dallas. We wanted to adopt a puppy from the SPCA and ended up coming home with two instead (oops!). Nearly 75 lbs later, they still seem to think that they're lap dogs.

Sooo... there's a little peek into our lives!