Dec 22, 2011

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Soooo I've been posting on here for awhile knowing the proposal was coming, but not knowing when. And it happened!!!! He picked me up the morning of August 23, 2010 and blindfolded me so I wouldn't know where we were going.

 The proposal photo 1

After driving for awhile, he said I could take the blindfold off and I saw this!

The proposal photo 2

It was so fun!! We walked around and saw the princesses and minnie and mickey and got autographs. I had a great time. After lunch, we walked around some more. We stopped by this garden area in front of the castle. He got out his video camera and set it out on a wall so we could "take a video saying hi from disney world and put it on facebook" wellllll we said hi and then he turned to me and told me how he wants to spend forever with me and he's ready to take our relationship to the next level. 

The proposal photo 3

Of course I said yes!! Here's the ring! I love it! It's the perfect size- not gaudy but not tiny

The proposal photo 4

The proposal photo 5


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Winter Wonderland theme!






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So my friends and I decided to go to the beach over a long weekend. A creeper accidentally got invited (don't invite creepers!! but if he hadn't been coming, I probably wouldn't have met my amazing man so it worked out in the end). It was going to be 4 girls and the one creeper. Bad idea. So to make it less creepy, my friend invited another guy friend of hers. We immediately hit it off and talked the entire 2 hour drive there. Then we ended up out in the water alone still talking all day. We had so many things in common and I loved talking with him. The funny thing is, before we left for the beach, I had decided that I wasn't going to try to impress the guys or work at talking to them, I was going to the beach for me. Funny how that works out. We moved fast and were going out 3 days later. A couple months later, I knew he was the one for me and thankfully, he felt the same. We're waiting until our last year of college for the wedding to give us time to grow together, our families to get to know each other, and our bank accounts to grow. 

Us on the day we met us on the day we met