Mar 13, 2010

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There were a lot of dress elements that I loved that didn't make it into my gown- lace, organza/tulle, a blue sash, buttons. At first I was a bit disappointed, and then I realized that I could simply bring all of those elements into a pretty going away dress. I've decided to change right before we cut the cake, so I'll have a little bit of time to show it off before we leave.

I rescued a vintage 1956 pattern from the theater department, then zealously watched sales at JoAnn's before pouncing on 4 yards of embroidered organza. I also bought materials to make a bright blue petticoat.

Dress 2 photo 1

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MOH Kat:

The Bridal Posse photo 1
This is us at the 2008 Halloween Hoedown. I was Spidergirl and she was an otaku. Also, please note that both of these sassy ladies are much sexy-skinnier now.

I met Kat in 2005, when I was a senior and had just moved to Nashville. She brought me to her church's Halloween Hoedown that year, and introduced me to P. We bonded over our mutual love of theater, and when I introduced her to anime it was a total done deal. Later we were college roommates for a few years (when we became known as a single unit referred to as "KitKat"). We're total BFFs. For shiz.

Kat and I have stuck together for a super long time, through awesome times and rough times. In fact, we went through a phase where we were rather cool to each other. I tried to move on, but my true feelings were revealed when I blurted out to P that I didn't want a new best friend, I just wanted Kat. Thankfully, Kat and I didn't break up (for serious, that's what it felt like) and our friendship is even stronger. She's a super-supportive and helpful MOH, and I can't imagine anyone else taking her place.

She was the first person I told about my crush on P. The first words out of her mouth were "You'll have cute babies! Don't tell Rose." Why did she say that? Keep reading!

The Bridal Posse photo 2

I took Rose and her brother on a whirlwind VIP tour through Disney World this summer. Since she's a rabid Pirates of the Caribbean fan, we rode it multiple times that day (I think three, although my personal record is five). These be our pirate faces, argh.

Rose was the very first person I met when I moved to Nashville- she was in my audition group for the fall play. We would hang out every morning before school in front of the theater announcement board. We have at least half a dozen movie marathons a year; they always involve copious amounts of popcorn and Dr. Pepper. I swear that gal is 90% DP. And she has excellent taste in movies- our last marathon included Treasure Planet, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, and Iron Giant. And Twilight, but only because we felt like watching a comedy, and I hadn't seen it before. We counted how many times Bella bites/licks her lips. The answer? Thirty-three.

Rose knew P since they were little. In fact, when they were in high school, they dated. That's right. My fiance and my bestie are exes! And he broke up with her in the WORST WAY IMAGINABLE. Luckily, Kat broke the news that I was crushing on P, Rose was 100% for it, and P was relieved that the hard feelings were over. And now Rose delights in informing people that she's in her ex-boyfriend's wedding.


The Bridal Posse photo 3

This was taken last spring. Emma borrowed one of my favorite stories ("Utensile Strength" by Patricia Wrede- it's a fairy tale about the Frying Pan of Doom) and wrote it into a script. We all went to Centennial Park and acted it out. I played Princess Annalisa the scullery maid, and she was the narrator. (P was King Mendanbar).

Emma is my Voice of Reason. I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. She tells the truth, whether you like it or not. We met at the same Halloween party where I met P. She was undercover. And when I say undercover, I mean that she walked around with a blanket over her head. See why we had to be friends?

Emma has known P for longer than I have; her older brother is one of P's best friends. She's been a wonderful sounding board for wedding ideas through the past three years of planning, and she makes sure that I keep my head on straight. She's also been my accountability partner, which I really appreciate.


The Bridal Posse photo 4
This is a SUPER old picture, when I was a much heavier Caitlin and she was a much younger Rebecca. I had a Christmas party in 2006 that mostly consisted of white chicken chili, Christmas cookies, and a marathon session of Apples to Apples.

Rebecca is P's younger sister, and she started out hating me. She referred to me as "the chipmunk" and thought I was just a silly little girl. Honestly, I think it stemmed mostly from the fact that P and I were very serious, very quickly, and she and her brother have always been close. When she figured out that P and I actually love each other and that I wasn't out to steal P from his family, she was cool with me.

We're pretty awesome pals now. We listen to all sorts of cool music together and go on cool adventures. And she's pretty excited that I'm marrying her brother.


The Bridal Posse photo 5

There is no better way to sum up my relationship with my sister. This was taken in 2006, in Disney World, in the Narnia photo op. Only the Gidgett sisters would arrive in Narnia and get their tongues stuck to the lamppost.

Lindz and I squabble like all sisters do, but we're still closer than most. We can quote whole scenes of Disney movies and anime episodes together, we both sew the most kick-awesome cosplays and costumes you ever did see, and we've been in theater since we were wee tots. She's a freshman in college now- which makes me feel old- but she'll always be my hyper baby sister.

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(Why is it no one else's clothes aren't as fascinating as the bride's? Oh, well.)

I'm not picky at all about what the guys wear. In fact, I'm letting Patrick take care of that. He seems to know what he wants clothing-wise, and he knows the colors I want. Basically, he'll head up the guys' journey to find clothing, make sure I like it, and then proceed! I love a man who takes charge.

As for my ladies (I have one maid of honor and four bridesmaids), I'm not picky there, either. We went to Bridal Warehouse, where they all picked out Alfred Angelo dresses in blue jay.

MOH Kat (Alfred Angelo 7044):

Other People s Clothes photo 1

Rose (Alfred Angelo 6308; she's getting it altered to knee-length):

Other People s Clothes photo 2

Emma (Alfred Angelo 6132):

Other People s Clothes photo 3

FSIL Rebecca (Alfred Angelo 7073):

Other People s Clothes photo 4

Sis Lindsay (Alfred Angelo 7063):

Other People s Clothes photo 5

The flower girl's attire was a complete no-brainer. My sister and I are going to team up to make a beautiful Alice in Wonderland dress for her.

Other People s Clothes photo 6

(The perfect gift? A blonde doll in a matching outfit. Perfect!)

(Well, it's what I would want if I was a five-year-old flower girl...)

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A lot of my Alice inspiration is coming to fruition through the decor. But hopefully it'll be subtle and pretty, not "Oh...I thought this was a wedding, not a six-year-old's birthday party."

Instead of pew cones or pomanders on the aisles, I want to make blue gingham and eyelet bows and pin them to the chairs, along with wide swags of eyelet (rather than tulle). And not one of the big ruffly multi-layer bows. Just an old-school big bow.

Decorating with Alice photo 1

I'd like an aisle runner, but I'm not entirely sure. If I do it, I want to make it out of muslin (cheap and pretty!) and I want to paint a quote on it. There's a studio musical called Razia's Shadow that I love, and it has a beautiful quote: "Love was everywhere. You could taste it in the air. The couple was eager to trade vows, to float away and then settle down." It's long and will require a LOT of painting...but it's so pretty!

Decorating with Alice photo 2

The front doors of the Great Hall are actually windowed garage doors. I want to put up screens so that I don't give away my entrance too soon. I also have permission to borrow a set of tall topiary trees from the theater department to flank the main doors. I'm going to add some white roses...and maybe dot them with red paint. You "painting the roses red." But that may be too much...

Decorating with Alice photo 3Decorating with Alice photo 4

I'm also totally in love with Chinese lanterns and rose balls. I want them. I want them everywhere. They'll probably be hung around the stage at the front of the church, though.

Decorating with Alice photo 5Decorating with Alice photo 6Decorating with Alice photo 7

I would really love to do a photobooth...or in our case, a fauxto booth. My sister and I have both been heavily involved in costuming for a long time (yay scholarships!) and we have a huge collection of costume pieces and accessories. I hope we can put something fun together!

Decorating with Alice photo 8

One of the super big key pieces of decorating is a vintage magazine ad from 1951 that my parents bought to decorate my room when I was only about five or six years old. It's an actual ad for...wait for it...Alice in Wonderland!

At the time I asked them why they didn't get me a Cinderella one. Now I treasure it. It's vintage and retro and Alice. Huzzah!

Our plan is to photoshop out the original text and make it into a wedding poster, using a similar font to put in new text. It might even end up on the front of our program.

Decorating with Alice photo 9

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Everyone guess where I'm going for my honeymoon!

No, really, everyone guess. Because I don't have a clue!

Early on in the wedding planning, as I perused wedding magazines while Patrick played Halo 3, I stumbled into the honeymoon section in the back and was instantly overwhelmed. I'm already planning a wedding! I have to plan a vacation too?

I turned to Patrick and said, "Hey, since I'm planning the wedding, do you want to plan the honeymoon?"


I had expected some sort of protest, but he very gamely took on planning. Even when I told him I wanted him to take care of everything, that I didn't even want to know where we were going, he was still fine with it.

(Although I have hinted I like the idea of a cruise...)

I'm pretty excited about it. It's going to be fun to transition from the hustle and bustle of the wedding I've slaved over to the relaxing trip that Patrick has put together for us. And Kat's all excited about helping me pack, without letting me know what I'm packing for. We now have jokes about "Well, maybe you should take your PARKA!!"

And on a side note, a lot of people have asked if we're going to Disney World. Patrick's answer? He wants to take me somewhere that neither of us have been to, so that whenever we think of this location, we both think of our honeymoon. Sure, I love Disney and I get great discounts and they treat their honeymooners very, very nicely, but I know that place like the back of my hand. (No, seriously. Put me anywhere on property and I can find the nearest bathroom.) But I don't think I would be able to fully enjoy it as my honeymoon. I'm so glad he thought of that.

Love that man.

How about you? Are you planning the honeymoon alongside your husband-to-be, or handing him the reins?

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A lot of weddings have a cocktail hour between the ceremony and the reception. Because we're flipping the space, we have to have one. The only trick? Ours is an alcohol-free wedding.

Because my parents are chipping in a lot of money for the wedding, I really want to respect as many of their wants as possible. They haven't made many demands of us, but I knew going into it that they wouldn't want alcohol. And we're fine with that.

So how do you have a cocktail hour without cocktails? Why, you have a tea party instead!

Our church has plenty of hot water urns, so I figure we can set up a couple of them, along with three or four flavors of tea. Then we can set out trays of cookies. At the moment, they're going to be homemade cookies (I've been baking since the tender age of nine), but if I end up buying milanos and vienna fingers at Sam's Club, that's okay too.

It's a little unorothodox, but hey! It fits the theme and the guests will have something to do. Problem solved.