Aug 16, 2011



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This page looked a little sad and empty.

I dont really have anything exciting to write about...yet!

I am dating the greatest guy, whom i know will pop the big question when the time is perfect. Perfect is relative though to whom is asking and who is accepting. lol.

I am 28, he is 22. We knew each other for about a year and a half before we started dating. Exclusive from beginning.

He is fantastic, caring, honest, makes me laugh, knows my mood at a glance, and can see past every white lie i tell. Believe me, i only lie about gifts, and he always guesses. This year i will outwit him and have someone else buy it for him. Then i can tell the truth when asked what did i buy him. HA!

I want our wedding to be beautiful, full of family and friends and celebrating who we are. I also want it to be budget savvy (ie: cheap cheap cheap!) I figure if i start planning now, by the time comes i will have a plan and be super organized and ready for an inexpensive wedding.