Aug 01, 2009

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Here's how it all went down....Photos by Ivan Troy


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The reception will be held at the alumni house of a nearby college. Well, actually it's in a refinished barn attached to the alumni house. It's a great rustic space with an enormous back deck and backyard. That turned out to be REALLY inexpensive (a few hundred bucks to rent it for the entire day).

We're going for a casual/preppy/summer kind of style. As I mentioned, our colors are navy, yellow, and white, so I love these inspiration photos for some of the tables. We have large tables for the wedding party and immediate family inside, and I'll probably do an arrangement of yellow apples and Maine blueberry cuttings in a basket with a navy ribbon (this is the inspiration):

The Reception photo 1The Reception photo 2

Outside on the deck, we'll have lots of small tables set up (we're doing open seating) and we'll have some others down on the lawn below the deck. For the small cafe tables, we'll have simple votive centerpieces. I bought small square vases on eBay and will wrap them with this navy and white ribbon and tie with our monogram and they'll have votives inside. Since the space is very woody (including the interior) I'm going with all white linens to keep everything clean and simple.

Since the reception starts around 5:30-ish and goes into the evening, I'm all about creating the right lighting. To keep with the casual, backyard-barbecue feel, I'm creating lanterns to hang from the trees and to line the back walkway. I've saved lots of jars from the kitchen--salsa jars, jelly jars, Ball jars--and I'm creating labels with our monogram to put on them. They're basically just shipping labels from Staples, but they look cute once they have our monogram and a candle inside.

In addition, we'll have white paper lanterns out on the porch (under a large awning) and strung through the trees. I got them on eBay for super cheap. We'll also wrap some of the trees and beam posts inside the barn with white christmas lights (all borrowed). These are some of the inspiration photos:

The Reception photo 3The Reception photo 4

The Reception photo 5The Reception photo 6

We've created a signature cocktail for the reception (something my fiance made up one night at home) so we're going to give pint glasses with our monogram as favors, and we're going to put the drink recipe on a card tucked into each glass. This photo gave me the idea. Since we live in Boston and the wedding's in Maine, we're going to serve a selection of New England microbrews (no Bud Light, please) and maybe a Philly-area beer (to represent my roots). To be eco-friendly and save cash, our bartender is using compostable plastic cups made from corn to serve the beer. We'll also have water, blueberry lemondade, and iced tea stations out on the back deck so people can serve themselves.

The Reception photo 7The Reception photo 8

We've got a large backyard to work with, so we're going to set up tables and other outdoor seating. I loved this idea of the benches (below) except we will use bailed straw (right) for our guests to sit on, and we'll put navy/white blankets over them to make them comfortable. Eco-friendly and cheap!

The Reception photo 9The Reception photo 10The Reception photo 11The Reception photo 12

I also really love the idea of rustic directional signage, so we're going to make our own chalkboards for menus and other signage (using navy-colored chalkboard paint--they can mix it for you at the hardware store). We also have some old buoys that lend a nice Maine feel to the space, so we'll paint some directional stuff on those.

So that's the basic inspiration. I'll post actual photos of our decor soon. I'm in the process of making the centerpieces and lanterns.

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Hi all, I'm getting married in Maine this August. I've been inspired by everyone's bio pages so I thought I'd post a few things here in case my experiences and/or advice is helpful to anyone. I have to say I've never been one of those girls who dreamed about her wedding, never cared much about the traditions or the big party, even though I've been to more weddings than I can count.

Having said that, I've been learning a lot about how to put together a great wedding on a budget. I'm very lucky that my fiance and I are both completely on the same page when it comes to planning--we wanted the same casual vibe, we wanted it to represent us, we wanted to buck certain traditions, be irreverent, and make sure everyone laughs a lot and has a great time. The key word is "fun." We refuse to let this thing stress us out. So with that in mind....

We're getting married in his hometown in Maine at a public park.

Casual Maine Wedding photo 1

I got my dress from J.Crew a year ago, before we were officially engaged. We've been together forever and knew we were going to get married, so I felt like I should grab the dress when I saw it.  It fit right off the rack, but I'll probably need a few small alterations. The actual dress is sold out, but it's basically a simple ivory sheath. I'll post photos of it after the wedding (don't want to give too much away!). But the earrings and shoes are below, and I'm going to forego the veil and instead wear some fresh flowers.

Casual Maine Wedding photo 2Casual Maine Wedding photo 3

Our colors are navy, yellow, and white. My girls are going to wear knee-length navy dresses of their own choosing. The guys will wear khakis, white shirts, and these striped ties on the left below. Amazingly, I picked them up on sale at the J.Crew outlet for $15 each.

Casual Maine Wedding photo 4Casual Maine Wedding photo 5

Casual Maine Wedding photo 6