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Photography by Chris Loring Photography

In April, 2011 I made the difficult decision to leave my awesome position as Community Coordinator of Project Wedding to launch my photography business. 

My bride IS the Project Wedding Bride, those with a love for details and beautiful, natural, timeless, elegant photography.  I'm so proud to be able to offer my name, as 'MountainBride', 'Emby', and 'MB' here on PW to all of the new brides planning their wedding!

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I offer special rates for PW Brides - send me a message for more information on your Bridal, Beauty, Rock the Dress, Boudoir, Day After, Engagement, or Wedding photography!














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We are proud to announce the latest news in our family. . .Baby L.!  

I got a BFP on December 17th, 2010 and our expected due-date is August 30th, 2011.


Baby L photo 1

I'll be updating this with our sonogram's and photos as they happen.  At 6 weeks pregnant, there isn't much to do right now but hurry up and wait!  

Our BFP collection:

Baby L photo 2

Baby L photo 3

On January 14th, I went for my first prenatal appointment!  

They said the baby is right on track, has a strong heartbeat, and my uterus is a good size (lots of room!  I'm telling you, it's a boy. . .I know it. . .)

Of course, in the 7th week of pregnancy a sonogram shows only a blob. . .my uterus is the black void, the baby is the blob in the lower left. . .and in two of the photos you can see the yolk sack above the blob.  It's the round thing above the head of the baby.  That will go away over the next few weeks as the placenta takes over.  

On January 18th, I went for a follow up appointment.  

They did a second scan, and our baby was measuring perfect with a strong heart beat of 174 bpm!  All blood work and baby looks great :)

My first 'Bump' shot.  It's more of a bloat, but I digress.  I didn't take a 4 week 'pre' shot, so this is what I have.  First-trimester bloat is normal, if not majorly annoying!  

On February 8th, we went for our first trimester screening where we got to see Baby L. not only looking more like a baby (and less like a blob with a heartbeat!) but also found out that he/she is on the right track and healthy!  The heartbeat today was a strong 167bpm :)


The tech even gave us a video:

On February 14th, 2011 we had our first appointment with the midwives at the Mountain Midwifery Center in Englewood.  I LOVE THEM!  They had a listen to the babies heartbeat on a doppler, answered our questions, and sent us home with a bunch of information.

Because I am more interested in a natural, non-medical approach to prenatal care, labor/delivery, and child-rearing, making the switch to a midwife-run birth center was a no brainer.  I'm looking forward to hopefully experiencing a water birth, and to being able to have our baby in a cozy, home-like environment.  Not to mention, I really appreciate their more holistic, nutritional, and preventative approach to maternity care.  

Here is my 15 week 'bumpette' update.  Finally getting to the point where it's more 'bump' than 'bloat'.  I hope it pops soon!

16 week appointment

On March 14th, we had our 16 week appointment.  It's hard to believe that we'll be finding out if we're on team pink or team blue in just a few weeks!  

At our 16 week, we again got to listen to the heartbeat.  I SO wish I had asked DH to record it with my phone.  At our 12 week appointment, it was super hard to find the heartbeat with the doppler, she had to push hard down by my pubic bone and the sound was fuzzy at best.  At our 16 week on Monday, she set the doppler right there below my belly button and almost immediately we heart that wonderful, strong, beautiful sound as clear as day!  The baby has moved up I'm finally getting something to show for it :)

This baby does NOT like going to Tequila's for Mexican food.  Normally one of our favorite restaurants, the two times we've tried it since getting pregnant have caused me to leave the place having not eaten and feeling more than a little green.  Blargh!  But if we order burritos from Santiago's and eat at home, it's all good.  SO WIERD!

20 Week Gender and Anomaly Scan

We had our 20 week scan at 19+2 (because that's when they could schedule us).  I'll still have to go to a seperate 20 week appointment on Tuesday.

The Dr. took measurements of and looked at everything!  The baby is measuring within 3 days of our estimated due-date, maybe a little on the lean side but the doctor looked at my uber-skinny husband and was not surprised.  I'm thinking I should eat more, lol!

The baby moved around on the screen and at one point completely flipped over. . .magic!  We saw him swallow, move, wave, and also got some good views of his face, fingers, toes, and spine.

We also found out that we are for sure on TEAM BLUE!  I had a gut feeling from day one, and was not at all surprised when the tech pointed out the he-junk on the screen. . .before we got to that point I saw it flash by and immediately knew it was a boy, then he went back and sure enough, unmistakeable boy!

Baby had a 154 heartrate and looks great!  Here is the potty shot:

I'll have to post a better bump photo later, but here is my 26 week baby! ! !  I've put on about 20 pounds and it must all be in the bump. . .wowza. . .and I hear it's only going to get bigger!

Want to talk about a growth spurt?  Check this action out!  I feel like I've literally DOUBLED in size in the last 4 weeks. . .wowza.  Midwife says I'm measuring spot on, and baby is low in my pelvis (can't tell from looking at me though!)

36 weeks, 3 days. . .nearly FULL TERM!

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Our Guest Book / Unity Rocks &  DIY Wedding and Reception Signs that DH made

Pro Pics Part III photo 1Pro Pics Part III photo 2

Brides Parents Wedding Photos      Grooms Parents Photos                DIY Ceremony Pomanders

Pro Pics Part III photo 3Pro Pics Part III photo 4Pro Pics Part III photo 5


Pro Pics Part III photo 6Pro Pics Part III photo 7

Pro Pics Part III photo 8Pro Pics Part III photo 9Pro Pics Part III photo 10

Pro Pics Part III photo 11Pro Pics Part III photo 12Pro Pics Part III photo 13


   Pro Pics Part III photo 14Pro Pics Part III photo 15


Pro Pics Part III photo 16Pro Pics Part III photo 17

Just about to toss my break-away-bouquet. . . . . . .Flowers EVERYWHERE!  

Pro Pics Part III photo 18Pro Pics Part III photo 19

Pro Pics Part III photo 20Pro Pics Part III photo 21

Stealing a smooch. . . .and watching our slideshow

Pro Pics Part III photo 22Pro Pics Part III photo 23

Pro Pics Part III photo 24Pro Pics Part III photo 25Pro Pics Part III photo 26

Our youngest guest, pooped out on the floor !

Pro Pics Part III photo 27Pro Pics Part III photo 28




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Bridal Party

Pro Pics Part II photo 1Pro Pics Part II photo 2

Pro Pics Part II photo 3Pro Pics Part II photo 4

Our little attendants caught a butterfly!  

Pro Pics Part II photo 5Pro Pics Part II photo 6Pro Pics Part II photo 7

BP and me in our Chacos!

Pro Pics Part II photo 8Pro Pics Part II photo 9Pro Pics Part II photo 10


Pro Pics Part II photo 11

Pro Pics Part II photo 12

Pro Pics Part II photo 13


Pro Pics Part II photo 14

Pro Pics Part II photo 15


Pro Pics Part II photo 16

Pro Pics Part II photo 17

Pro Pics Part II photo 18

Pro Pics Part II photo 19

Pro Pics Part II photo 20Pro Pics Part II photo 21

Pro Pics Part II photo 22Pro Pics Part II photo 23

Pro Pics Part II photo 24

Pro Pics Part II photo 25

Pro Pics Part II photo 26


And our all-time favorite shot. . .this gorgeous artistic photo.  It captures our love, and the weather on the big day!

Pro Pics Part II photo 27


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Yay ladies!  My pro pics are here!  

If you copy any of these, PLEASE credit our amazing photographers, Chris and Julie Sharber of Chris Sharber Photography,

THE VENUE and our cloudy, rainy weather

Pro Pics Part I photo 1Pro Pics Part I photo 2Pro Pics Part I photo 3

GETTING READY and FIRST LOOK.  I wore blue Chacos instead of heels, not only because it was 'us' but because it was SO easy to get around the rocky terrain at our venue!

Pro Pics Part I photo 4Pro Pics Part I photo 5

Pro Pics Part I photo 6Pro Pics Part I photo 7Pro Pics Part I photo 8

We had to DIY all of our hair because of a snafu with the stylist two days before the wedding.  A good friend of ours did all of the makeup.

Putting on the dress. . .an emotional moment!  I cried the whole time!

Pro Pics Part I photo 9Pro Pics Part I photo 10

Pro Pics Part I photo 11Pro Pics Part I photo 12

Pro Pics Part I photo 13Pro Pics Part I photo 14Pro Pics Part I photo 15

Pro Pics Part I photo 16Pro Pics Part I photo 17


Pro Pics Part I photo 18Pro Pics Part I photo 19Pro Pics Part I photo 20

Some of my private music students performing at the ceremony

Pro Pics Part I photo 21Pro Pics Part I photo 22

Our gorgeous FG in a silk gown designed and made by hand (DIY project), and our RB not far behind with our rings on a rope and caribeaner.  

Pro Pics Part I photo 23Pro Pics Part I photo 24

Pro Pics Part I photo 25Pro Pics Part I photo 26

My three beautiful bridesmaids!  All in DIY gowns inspired by Watters Bridesmaids

Pro Pics Part I photo 27Pro Pics Part I photo 28Pro Pics Part I photo 29

Pro Pics Part I photo 30

The last moments as Ms. J!  

Pro Pics Part I photo 31Pro Pics Part I photo 32Pro Pics Part I photo 33

Enjoy the walk down the aisle, it goes by SO fast. . . .

Pro Pics Part I photo 34

Pro Pics Part I photo 35

Pro Pics Part I photo 36

   Pro Pics Part I photo 37Pro Pics Part I photo 38

Pro Pics Part I photo 39

Pro Pics Part I photo 40

Pro Pics Part I photo 41Pro Pics Part I photo 42

Pro Pics Part I photo 43Pro Pics Part I photo 44

Signing the license while our bridal party collected the large rocks our guest wrote on and held during the ceremony.

Pro Pics Part I photo 45

Pronouncing us 'Husband and Wife' as the FG/RB released doves that were a gift from a family friend.


Pro Pics Part I photo 46

Pro Pics Part I photo 47

Pro Pics Part I photo 48Pro Pics Part I photo 49


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