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Jul 12, 2009

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Chris Sharber Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
*Feel free to click on my username for several photos done by Chris and Julie Sharber at our wedding*

Chris and Julie are an amazing husband and wife team - having that dynamic I feel makes all the difference in how they work together to create their images, especially at weddings where the event is all about a newly wed couple.

My husband and I were ready to book them after our first meeting, which had followed a series of meetings with other photographers we didn't really 'click' with. They invited us into their beautiful home studio, answered all of our questions, and allowed us to look at more photos, prints, and slideshows than we could possibly remember. We were drawn in by their ability to capture both romantic images, and what I call 'the bigger picture'. Chris really knows how to walk far away from a scene and still tell a story, and we loved the prospect of having photos like that of our day.

Needless to say, our meeting with Chris and Julie inspired us to double our budget for photography!

They are very fun to work with, and have a passion for what they do. Our engagement shoot resulted in several beautiful images. One thing that sets the Sharbers apart is that they do have a very special and unique perspective; they don't simply copy what every other wedding photographer in the industry is doing. Their images are stunning and special - which is a testament to their skills as photographers.

On our wedding day they were professional and unobtrusive, working hard in the face of a difficult situation regarding weather (rain) and time (we were running behind). From looking at the photos they captured in the bridal suite, you would never know how stressful that final hour before the ceremony was.

In addition to all of the other beautiful images from our day, they captured a shot that we could not have even asked for - us standing in the meadow underneath a large view of the stormy sky and beautiful July flowers and green trees. That image alone was worth hiring Chris and Julie Sharber for.

After the wedding they invited us back to their home to see a slideshow of the best images, and after reminiscing about the wedding day my new husband and I spent the rest of the evening going through 100's of other beautiful, candid shots they got for us of our day.

Julie patiently and helpfully walked us through designing our album, a gorgeous and professional flush-mount leather bound work of art that sums up everything about our wedding day: we could not have asked for a more gorgeous addition to our home.

We can't thank them enough for all that they have done: if you are looking for unique, gorgeous, artistic wedding photography from one of the most welcoming couples you will ever meet, then I highly recommend that you consider Chris and Julie Sharber.
Services used: Photography

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Colorado Rose Cake Company
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
As with most of my vendors, I cannot say ENOUGH amazing things about Marci and the Colorado Rose Cake Company!

(feel free to click on my username for photos of our cake)

Not only was the cake fresh and delicious (many guests said it was the best cake they ever had at a wedding, I have to agree) but they are experts at working with butter cream.

I have guests and other vendors still asking how they got the icing so smooth and perfect. Our cake was a true work of art! We chose a very simple, 3 tier cake with brown ribbons, to which they added their own unique touch. She really picked up on our personal style and wedding decor, and made the cake fit in seamlessly with our vision.

Not to mention, she did this on the most inexpensive cake we could get for our guest count: that is a testament to a passionate and dedicated vendor; even the budget brides get 100% attention to detail.
Services used: Wedding Cake

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Shane Co.
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Love love LOVE Shane Company. Both locations in Colorado have fantastic service. My husband went there for our engagement ring after a friend of his recommended them; their warranty cannot be beat. Our friend lost their diamond - and Shane Co. replaced it for them no questions asked.

They spent a long time with my husband, walking him through the process of choosing a band and taught him all about diamonds. After the proposal, we bought both of our wedding bands there as well and have been incredibly impressed with their level of commitment and customer service to us. We spent a long time at two other stores trying to find a band that would work with my engagement ring, walked into Shane Company and the sales rep said 'oh, I have the PERFECT band for that. She was dead on - and didn't try to sell us on anything over our budget.

Every 6 months they do a cleaning and inspection of my rings, and re-plating and re-sizing are also included free of charge as part of the warranty.

Every time you go in, they plot your diamond, and allow you to look at it as well with the loupe to make sure that your diamond is the one in your ring - I completely trust them and won't take my rings for service anywhere else. They don't ship or outsource their repairs. . .everything is done in house and always within a few days (not a few weeks!).

I highly recommend checking them out if nothing else! ! !
Services used: Jewelry