Sep 12, 2009

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How we Met:

While working in the Pharmacy at Value Drug Mart, I was often in charge of doing the daily deposit at the bank...which just happened to be where Jeff was working. After a few weeks of seeing him almost every day, I noticed that he seemed to spend a lot of time at the wicket while I was doing the deposit...making small talk and doing his best to charm me. Soon he was over at the drug store almost every afternoon, Bugging me in the pharmacy or moving products on the shelves when I was trying to face them! Even though he drove me crazy at times, I thought he was cute, and quite charming, and soon I just couldn't wait to see him. 

Our story really began at the annual Rodeo dance.  Jeff was the first person I saw that night.  I couldn't wait to actually get to know him away from work and I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could.  So I devised a plan to always have him "hold my drink" while I danced with the girls, that way I always had to come back to him! Awe, sweet right? He walked me home that night, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and I knew...

I moved up to Edmonton with Jeff 6 months after our first date and we bought a condo.  Though our lawyer said we were more legally bound by the mortgage then a marriage certificate, we still wanted to make it official! A little over a year later we were engaged!


Our Engagement Story:

 It was a Wednesday evening, July 16 2008 a day like any other, I had worked 11-7 and had called Jeff on my way home to let him know when to expect me.

I opened the door to our condo and was surprised to see a beautiful candlelit table complete with a beautiful bouquet of roses and petels all around it.   Jeff was standing at the door waiting for me to come in.  I thought he was being so sweet with the roses and dinner, and since I had given him the gears a few weeks earlier about not buying me flowers in a while, I just thought he was trying to be more romantic.

Since I was still in my scrubs I told him I would change quickly...romantic dinner in ugly scrubs is not quite the look I was going for! lol I started walking towards the bedroom and was even more surprised to see rose petals all over our nicely made bed! I turned around and Jeff was right behind me. I am sure I gave him a "what the heck is going on look" but he just smiled and replied "dinner is ready babe"   I quickly changed and met him at the table.  He had made filet mignon and asparagus, which was one of the first meals he ever made for me.  (It was a candlelit dinner that night too!)

We finished eating, and I was just about to get up and start clearing the table, When I heard "just one more thing Ayz" I turned to look at him...he had his hand in his pocket and was getting up, only to get down on one knee and ask me to marry him! All I remember saying was "REALLY, REALLY, REALLY" each time the octive getting higher and higher!  I kissed him, and hugged him, and of course said Yes!  He slipped the beautiful ring on my finger and we hugged and laughed.  I was so excited I was literally jumping around the condo! He gave me the phone and told me he'd clean up while I called my parents...although he said "they already know"  I think it was at that moment that it sank in what a wonderful man I was going to marry, and the tears started! 

Our plans so far:

Jeff and I really wanted to have a timeless wedding, but keep it really modern as well.  Jeff had always liked the look of a black and white wedding and I had always wanted to go with pink! so we decided to use all three! I opted for a "manly pink" and went with Fuschia.

We have our Church (Robertson-Wesley united)

Reception location (The Matrix Hotel)

Flowers: Orchid centerpiece (Best Buds)

Story of Ayslinn and Jeff photo 1

Wedding dress: (Justin Alexander)

Shoes: Are they not the most beautiful shoes you have ever seen!

Story of Ayslinn and Jeff photo 2

Bridesmaid dresses: Impressions the dress we ordered is in Black

 Story of Ayslinn and Jeff photo 3

Groomsmen tux's:

 4 button suit, groomsmen