Aug 22, 2010

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We had our engagement party and official announcement of the bridal party at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, Los Toros.  It was so much fun and everyone was able to make it except for my sister who lives out of state.



                 Engagement Party photo 1

Engagement Party photo 2 Engagement Party photo 3 Engagement Party photo 4

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In keeping with our travel theme, we decided to name each table after a city we've visited together. 

Our sweetheart table was named Santorini, where we got engaged.


Table Names photo 1 Table Names photo 2 Table Names photo 3 Table Names photo 4 

Table Names photo 5 Table Names photo 6 Table Names photo 7 Table Names photo 8 Table Names photo 9




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This is an example of the cake that Il Cielo provides with the wedding package.  Mine will be decorated with white roses to match my wedding.

After Note: I loved the cake! It was beautiful, simple, and classic. Hubby and I never got a bite, so our frozen cake topper will be extra special on our one year anniversary. I heard it was fabulour though!


 The Cake photo 2

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I found the perfect dress for me! It is model number 1406 by Mikaella which is a line of Paloma Blanca's. I love it! The material is amazing and it definitely works well with my body type.

The Dress photo 1

The Dress photo 2


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My fiancé Walter and I share a passion for both travel and history.  We had been planning a amazing vacation to Greece for months, and in honor of our upcoming trip, we brushed up on some Greek mythology to really get into the spirit. 

During our vacation we spent a day in New York en route to Greece. While we were there in the Big Apple, I found a beautiful apple ornament that I thought would make a great memento of our trip.  Somehow Walter was able to cleverly draw my attention away from the apple until I forgot about the ornament…at least for a little while.

A couple of days later in Greece we were exploring the amazing streets on the Isle of Santorini.  We had taken so many stunning pictures, but wanted to get one more of us together with the famous white buildings and blue domes in the background.  We found a gentleman walking by and asked him to take a photo of us.  As we stood posed ready to take the picture, Walter quietly got down on one knee.  I was so overjoyed that I cried. Then, just when I thought the moment couldn’t be any more special, from behind his back he pulled out the apple ornament I had loved so much in New York…and dangling from the stem was my beautiful engagement ring.

It was then that I remembered the significance of the apple in one of the Greek myths we had loved so much in the weeks prior to the vacation.  The myth states that as a wedding gift, Gaia, the earth mother, gave Zeus and Hera golden apples as a wedding present, which Hera planted in her garden.  Apples became a symbol of fertility and marriage to the ancient Greeks, thus began the ancient Greek practice of proposing marriage with an apple.

I was thrilled that Walter created such a unique and romantic way to combine our passion for history and travel into a perfect proposal.  But the best part of the whole moment, was that it is all captured on camera for us to cherish forever.

                            The Proposal photo 1 

             The Proposal photo 2 The Proposal photo 3 The Proposal photo 4                            


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I want to wear my hair half up and very lightly curled, similar to this style.