May 15, 2010

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Yay for summer fridays! I was finally able to get my 'while getting ready' hoodie completed. The whole project cost me about $25. I used about 250 different sized swarovski crystals and followed MrsWagner2b's instructions. Here is the result:


DIY Bridal Hoodie photo 1DIY Bridal Hoodie photo 2

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  • Bride's dress on the hanger or over a chair
  • Close-up of bride's shoes (full and bottom shots)
  • Close-up of bride's bouquet
  • Bride having makeup applied
  • Bride putting on garter
  • Close-up of dress details
  • Bride spending moment alone, thinking quietly, or looking out the window
  • Full-length shot of bride all dressed and ready to go
  • Groom getting ready
  • Groom looking into mirror
  • Groom waiting at altar
  • Bride walking down aisle (front & side)
  • The Kiss
  • Bride & Groom Hand and Ring Shots
  • Toast
  • Wedding Rings
  • Beach Shots
  • Romantic Dinner
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We had our first engagement photo shoot at Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO in Brooklyn, NY. The photos were taken by the very talented Jennifer Rozenbaum from Jenerations Photography. She was amazing to work with, and made us feel immediately at ease from the onset. We had an absolute blast taking these! Here are some of our favorite shots.

E Pics Session I photo 1E Pics Session I photo 2E Pics Session I photo 3

E Pics Session I photo 4E Pics Session I photo 5

E Pics Session I photo 6E Pics Session I photo 7

E Pics Session I photo 8E Pics Session I photo 9

E Pics Session I photo 10E Pics Session I photo 11E Pics Session I photo 12

E Pics Session I photo 13E Pics Session I photo 14E Pics Session I photo 15

E Pics Session I photo 16E Pics Session I photo 17E Pics Session I photo 18

 E Pics Session I photo 19E Pics Session I photo 20

E Pics Session I photo 21E Pics Session I photo 22

E Pics Session I photo 23E Pics Session I photo 24E Pics Session I photo 25

E Pics Session I photo 26E Pics Session I photo 27E Pics Session I photo 28

E Pics Session I photo 29E Pics Session I photo 30E Pics Session I photo 31

E Pics Session I photo 32E Pics Session I photo 33

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I have started a list if DIY projects that I want to do and I already have a few underway. I am so siked!!
Monogram Cake Topper
NY Yankees garter  
"Thank You" parasol  
Monogram Stickers
Unity Candle
Cupcake tower
"AMOR" letters for sweets table
Manzanita wish tree
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Our monograms were created by Nicole at Pink Design. She did a great job!

Monograms photo 1Monograms photo 2

Monograms photo 3



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So since it will be just the FI and I at our destination wedding, we decided to have a Wedding Celebration (AHR) for our friends and family when we get back. It will be a very casual affair. We will have a short, vow renewal and we'll BBQ lots of yummies at the reception. We will play our ceremony video & showcase our wedding photos so they will feel like they were a part of our special day! 


  • Wedding Theme: Rustic Romance
  • Wedding Motifs: Vintage chandelier, lanterns, candles, bamboo, birch, wood, moss, river rocks, cymbidium orchids, burlap.
  • Our colors: Chocolate Brown, Taupe, Ivory, and Chartreuse Green

  At Home Reception photo 1At Home Reception photo 2At Home Reception photo 3At Home Reception photo 4

Wedding & Reception Details


We will be making our own invites. I ordered some samples from and love the quality and colors of the pocketfolds. It will truly be a labor of love.

Ceremony and Reception

We will be having a short vow renewal ceremony and reception when we get back from our DW and honeymoon. It is being held at Maggiano's Little Italy. Can't stress enough how tasty the food is! We know our guests will leave with their bellies full and smiling faces.

At Home Reception photo 5


It will be mainly brown, chartreuse green, taupe and ivory elements. There will be hanging chandeliers and lanterns on the tables.

At Home Reception photo 6

At Home Reception photo 7


Tables and Centerpieces

I love the simplicity of these long banquet tables.

At Home Reception photo 8At Home Reception photo 9


This centerpiece is my inspiration for the banquet tables with the manzanitas, orchids, candles and birch vases but I think I am going to do this as the wish tree instead. For the centerpieces, we will have square vases filled with flowers.

To add to the romantic effect, we will have rustic, metal lanterns strewn throughout the banquet tables.

At Home Reception photo 10At Home Reception photo 11


Instead of a traditional cake, we will have cupcakes. I like the idea of placing it on tree rounds. Here are some inspirational photos.

At Home Reception photo 12At Home Reception photo 13


Manzanita Wedding Wish Tree Table

At this table, we'll set up vases with cymbidium orchids, river rocks, and floating candles in water. We are having a wedding wish tree instead of the typical guestbook. We will DIY manzanita trees and there'll be small bowls with tags for guests to write us a note, leave us a wish, or give us a word of advice. A few wish tree inspirations:

At Home Reception photo 14 At Home Reception photo 15


Bamboo Favors

Guests will be receiving a lucky bamboo as a gift. I love this idea!

At Home Reception photo 16

(photo by sarah parent photo)




Why an AHR? Are you worried that friends not attending your wedding will feel left out? Does not getting to celebrate with everyone you love make you feel sad? Then host a postwedding party back home a few weeks or months after you return from your honeymoon.

Why you'd want to do it: A party back home allows you to have it both ways -- you get your fantasy destination wedding without sacrificing the chance to let a broad circle of friends share in your joy. It keeps the crowd you didn't invite to your DW from feeling left out and takes the pressure off others to make the trip if they feel they can't afford the time or expense.

Be careful with the invitation wording so that it is clear the official wedding has already happened.

What it entails: You options are endless. If your destination wedding was a casual, barefoot-on-the-beach affair, you may want to use this later celebration as a chance to go swankier and do a sit-down dinner complete with all the fine linen and crystal you passed on earlier. You can also keep it simple and throw an elegant cocktail party, a buffet luncheon, or a backyard barbecue. A wedding cake is a nice symbolic touch but certainly not required.

What to wear: Any party attire is appropriate, but many brides do wear their wedding dress again. It helps the celebration feel like a wedding: Everyone always wants to see a girl in her gown, and you'll get more mileage out of your purchase. The groom can simply wear a suit unless, of course, the party is black tie!

A word on gifts: Don't expect them. Guests are only obligated to give you a gift if they were invited to the actual wedding. Many will want to, though, so it is still a good idea to register in advance of the event.

Show off the event: A digital slideshow of your wedding photos will help your guests feel more included in the big event. Leave a copy of your album out or play a video of the two of you exchanging vows. If your albums aren't ready, ask your photographer in advance to give you a second set of proofs to leave in little frames around the event.

Hire a photographer: Have a professional take pictures of you and friends at the event. Set up a digital photo booth and give each guest a snapshot of him - or herself as a takeaway.

How to get the word out: Once you've made the decision to have a second event, let people subtly know whenever they ask about your wedding plans (e.g., "We're having a small wedding in Jamaica in March but are planning a cocktail reception back home in April") or send out formal invitations. This will let people who aren't invited to the wedding know that they aren't being excluded. You need to be careful with the invitation wording so that it is clear the official wedding has already happened.