May 15, 2010

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Pronovias - La Sposa Madeira

I don't know how I got to this point, but I will add myself to the 2-dress bride list! LOL! After going in for my first fitting for my Maggie dress (below), I realized it was a bit heavy for the beach. :( I swore that I wouldn't be a 2-dress bride but I can now see how we brides can get easily carried away! I still love my Maggie but I saw this other dress in a bridal magazine and fell in love at first sight. *Sigh!* I didn't want to spend more $$ on a 2nd dress, but I realized it may be the best solution. It is a Pronovias dress. La Sposa Madeira. I tried her on at the flagship store and fell in love all over again, but I couldn't fathom spending that much on a 2nd dress!! I searched high and low on the internet to see if another bride was selling hers and had no luck for a few weeks, until the sun shined down on me last week! A bride on craigslist was reluctantly willing to part ways with this gem of a dress. We negotiated and she became all mine for $300 and she threw in a free veil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently, she needed the money more than the dress - post wedding bills were calling! I still can't believe my luck, but I can only guess it was meant to be. I highly suggest searching on craigslist or ebay or for highly discounted designer dresses! I've heard lots of success stories from brides that have gone this route.

I won't be wearing a veil, so I'll probably be putting that up for sale. I am beyond ecstatic - hopefully I'll be posting pics of me in it soon. So the plan is to wear my Madeira for my beach wedding and the Maggie for the vow renewals at our AHR. For now, here is the dress on a model (who rocks it, btw) and close-ups of the lace. Mine will be ivory in color. :)

Wedding Dress photo 1Wedding Dress photo 2

Wedding Dress photo 3Wedding Dress photo 4Wedding Dress photo 5

(Photos taken from vancouver - 24 hours website)




Sottero & Midgley - RSM 1038

I'm going to be a Maggie bride!!! My dress is a Sottero & Midgley masterpiece. After trying on about 3 dresses, I tried this one blew me away. The ones I tried on after, just didn't compare. It has everything I wanted in a dress: romantic, whimsical, simple and stunning.

Front and back of dress:

Wedding Dress photo 6Wedding Dress photo 7

Close-up of front bodice:

Wedding Dress photo 8

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I won't be wearing a veil; instead I want to wear a flower in my hair.

I finally got my hair flower!!!!

Hair Flower photo 1


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So, I got my bouquet and FI's bout. from Etsy seller ardesign. I designed what I wanted and she created the masterpiece. They are a mix of chocolate brown hydrangeas, ivory roses, chartreuse cymbidium orchids, taupe hydrangea blooms, & brown feather accents. FI and I are both so happy with the end result. Opinions are welcome...


Bouquet and Bout photo 1Bouquet and Bout photo 2


Bouquet and Bout photo 3


Here is a pic of my bouquet, as it all comes together. The bouquet jewelry (initials and starfish) and starfish brooch were added, and this is what I will be carrying with me down the aisle to say my "I Do's"....I'm very happy with the end result.

Bouquet and Bout photo 4Bouquet and Bout photo 5



Bouquet and Bout photo 6





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So, I finally received my shoes and ME LIKE! :) I like them so much better than the first pair I bought and they match my bouquet perfectly! Yayyyy!

Feel free to give me your opinions...*drumroll please*


My Shoes i 3 shoes photo 1My Shoes i 3 shoes photo 2

My Shoes i 3 shoes photo 3








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The exchange of wedding rings dates back to ancient civilizations around the globe. The never-ending circle represented eternity and came to symbolize eternal love. Wedding bands are traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand because it was believed that a vein in this finger linked directly to the heart.



Engagement Ring

Our Rings photo 1



Wedding Band


Our Rings photo 2




His Wedding Band


Our Rings photo 3


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I bought my bracelet and earrings from Etsy Seller Penellibelle - she was amazing to work with, and she created exactly what I envisioned. Pictures do not do it justice!

Jewelry photo 1

Jewelry photo 2

Jewelry photo 3

I found this ring at a local jewelry shop for $15!!

Jewelry photo 4