May 15, 2010

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So, we took lovely PWer JDWeddingDay up on her offer to book a FREE photo session with her sister, Jacquie. She was so sweet, very accomodating, and she has such great attention to detail. We jumped at the chance to take more photos especially because we wanted to have mementos of one of our favorite places, Yankee Stadium!!!

E Pics Session IV photo 1

E Pics Session IV photo 2

E Pics Session IV photo 3

E Pics Session IV photo 4

E Pics Session IV photo 5

E Pics Session IV photo 6

E Pics Session IV photo 7

E Pics Session IV photo 8

E Pics Session IV photo 9


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This was our third engagement session and it was absolutely spectacular. Our photographer Megan Duffy whom I found on cragslist, knew exactly what we were looking for; we both loved her great vision and style. Best of all it was FREE! This shoot was very urban New York City and so US. We walked around LES, SoHo, and the East Village and she took random shoots. All of these sessions were so helpful. Not only did we get comfortable taking pictures with each other, but we also got comfortable in front of the camera. These have definitely helped us in preparing for our wedding photos.

E Pics Session III photo 1E Pics Session III photo 2

E Pics Session III photo 3

E Pics Session III photo 4E Pics Session III photo 5

E Pics Session III photo 6

E Pics Session III photo 7

E Pics Session III photo 8

E Pics Session III photo 9

E Pics Session III photo 10

E Pics Session III photo 11


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Here's our little Tuxedo baby...he's a true Yankee fan, just like mommy and daddy!

Our Baby Spot photo 1Our Baby Spot photo 2Our Baby Spot photo 3


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*6 months - 1 year before

Decide on a wedding budget

Find your wedding style

Announce your engagement 

Choose a wedding date

Choose a wedding location. You might also want to read about beach wedding tips and how to have a perfect outdoor wedding

Research the location

Look into local marriage license requirements, and confirm them with the local tourist board or resort

Find a local wedding coordinator resorts often have someone on staff or you may be able to find someone through the tourist bureau

Start researching wedding dresses and decide on one

Start considering the groom's attire

Consider your Bridal Beauty

*4 - 6 months before

Find a hairstylist, makeup artist, and/or nail salon for AHR

Finalize location for wedding ceremony, reception, cake & arrange for signed contracts to be sent to me (AHR)

Buy wedding rings. Consider having your wedding rings engraved

Buy plane tickets for DW

Caterer: Discuss and choose menu for AHR. Select other services to be provided

Start wedding registry and distribute

Create and distribute a wedding website or newsletter to share wedding information

Finalize the groom's attire

Choose & finalize location for AHR

Put together guest list for AHR

*2 - 4 months before

Begin choosing or writing your wedding vows

Shop for shoes and other accessories (jewelry, wedding undegarments, hair flower)

Reserve accommodations for out-of-town attendants and guests for AHR

Make an appointment with hairdresser and makeup artist for AHR

Complete your guest list for AHR

Start work on favors (bamboo)

Finalize details with florist, photographer, videographer, musicians and baker (DW and AHR)

Obtain necessary legal documents, including, if necessary, passports, divorce certificates, visas, identification, birth certificates, notarized declarations of never having been married

Fiance's gift - B-PICS BOOK *APPT SET*

Ask both mothers to coordinate and select their dresses

Set the date and time for ceremony (rehearsal?) with the officiant (AHR)

Purchase cake topper for wedding cake

*1 - 2 months before

Have your final dress fitting

Select song list (processional, recessional, photo slideshow)

Shop for vacation wear

Confirm travel arrangements with resort/airline

Engage a calligrapher to address invitations, envelopes and write place cards

Select baker and order wedding cupcakes/cake and groom's cake, if applicable

Send out invites for AHR

Mail thank-you notes for shower gifts

Finish all DIY projects (wedding and AHR)

Purchase toasting flutes, wish bowl, manzanita trees

*2 weeks before

Confirm all details with hotel, chef or caterer, florist, photographer, officiant, musicians and/or DJ, and others involved in the wedding

Pick up wedding gown (AHR)

*1 week before

Check in with vendors as needed (AHR)

Confirm seating plan and give caterer final guest count for AHR

Finish writing seating and place cards for AHR

Assign wedding-day duties to your attendants and helpers (AHR)

Create a checklist of all items you will be bringing to the ceremony and reception for AHR

*Upon Arrival at DW

Meet with your wedding coordinator

Meet with your officiant

Visit the ceremony site

Go over last minute details

Relax and enjoy the beach! (Doesn't hurt to work on your tan for the wedding)

If time allows, have a couples massage

*Wedding Day

Do your best to relax, enjoy yourselves, focus on each other, and have fun!

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I had so much fun with this little project I did to decorate the bottoms of my gorgeous shoes (sorry for the dark pics) - I encrusted mine and future hubby's initials in hand-appliqued rhinestones on the soles. It's all in the details.

This is my inspiration:

DIY Shoe Rhinestones photo 1 


Materials used:

-10ss Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones (Crystal)

-E6000 adhesive glue




Here's the result:

DIY Shoe Rhinestones photo 2

DIY Shoe Rhinestones photo 3

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These were taken in Central Park. Once again, our photographer was amazing! Here are some of our faves.


E Pics Session II photo 1E Pics Session II photo 2E Pics Session II photo 3

E Pics Session II photo 4

E Pics Session II photo 5E Pics Session II photo 6E Pics Session II photo 7

E Pics Session II photo 8

E Pics Session II photo 9E Pics Session II photo 10E Pics Session II photo 11

E Pics Session II photo 12