Nov 14, 2009

So Happi Together
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My (now) husband and I live on the East Coast, but our wedding was going to be in Southern California Orange County specifically. I started planning our wedding about 6 months before the actual date, which was a bit crazy. Good thing I found Nancy at So Happi Together!!! I emailed maybe 10 or so coordinators, but found that Nancy's email really stood out as the potential perfect coordinator/planner. After talking to her over the phone for a looooong time, I decided that she was the perfect person to work with, since she really knew how to communicate with me via email what with our time difference and really understood what I wanted out of our wedding. Looking back, we planned a whole wedding almost all over email, which is amazing!! But let me say that I do prefer email to phone calls. Whenever I did call Nancy, it was so great to hear such a smiling happy voice no matter the time of day or night, and she would always be so happy to hear from me. Nancy knew I wanted a candy bar at our wedding, so she went out of her way to go and buy beautiful red cloth and ribbon, but first making sure that the color matched my colors. I also wanted little tags for the candy, so Nancy again went out of her way to create such cute and fun tags better than I could have ever done myself! It was so beautiful, it looked like she specialized in candy bars!!! All the guests were so mesmerized by it that they were trying to mob the candy bar before the reception even started. I couldn't have asked for anyone to do a better job on a part that was so important to me. Before the wedding, Nancy was so on top of things and helped me finalize my timeline and then checked in with all my vendors beforehand and distributed my timeline so everyone was on the same page. Between taking detailed notes about my preferences and asking very astute questions that I hadn't even thought about to the vendors (the DJ and the hotel), I was amazed with delight. Furthermore, Nancy's demeanor in speaking to other vendors is so friendly and warm, that all the other people we were working with commented on what a pleasure she was just upon our initial meeting. She showed up promptly on the day of the wedding and with a big smile on her face and a big box of emergency stuff which we would continue to use all day. All day, we kept throwing things at Nancy like hairspraying my hair on 4 separate occasions to make it juuust the way I wanted it to be, to sewing my dress in a certain place since my girls thought it would look better, to wrangling my husbands relatives. My husband and I didn't see each other before the ceremony, but at the reception, we were already gushing to each other about how much we loved her. It was so helpful that Nancy speaks Korean since my in-laws are more comfortable speaking Korean than English. At one point in the night, we wanted our entrees, and Nancy, always looking at us, saw me motion her over and ran off to get our entrees served to us. I swear they came like 10 seconds after she ran off for us! Throughout the whole day, I never worried about a single thing, and when I came into each venue, everything was already set up the way we wanted it to be. She was so ahead of us and knew of everything that was going on before I even did. Nancy stayed until the end of the night, and made sure that every vendor had everything they needed and picked up everything they had brought. At the end of the night, she looked as fresh and happy as the beginning of the morning. Truly, she was born for wedding planning and coordination. Our wedding day couldn't have been more perfect, and we truly think that was the case because of Nancy. I never imagined that, not only would I not be stressed, but that our wedding day would go off so perfectly, without a hitch at all. She truly was a godsend and there wasn't anything at all that could have been better. We still can't stop gushing about her to each other and everyone else on how amazing she is. Thank you so much Nancy for making our wedding day beyond perfect!!!!!!
Services used: Wedding Planning

Irvine Marriott
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I looked at over 25 different venues before showing my husband my top choices, one of which was the Irvine Marriott. When I showed him the venue, we both knew it was the right place for us. Lisa, our sales manager, was absolutely delightful and was so fast in answering all our questions! When I started to ask her for adding this in the contract, changing that, she did each one without hesitation and with a big smile. Each time I said thank you, she genuinely said, it is my pleasure!. Lisa introduced me to Lou-Lou Vo, a wedding coordinator at the Irvine Marriott. Instantly I knew I had found my match in detail oriented neuroticness! Lou-Lou became more than the Marriott wedding coordinator, she became a dear friend to me and my wedding coordinator/planner. Day and night, I would email Lou-Lou about changes in hotel rooms for the suites, little lighting details, random questions about billing, food, and everything under the sun. Lou-Lou not only responded happily, she was so quick in responding! Lou-Lou was so detailed oriented, she never let one question I had slip through the cracks or one detail that I wanted go unaddressed. Many times, she reminded me of things I had brought up but then forgot. On the day of the wedding, my bridal party was downstairs enjoying the cocktail hour and they came up to let me know how beautiful the Tuscany ballroom and patio looked. In daylight, we loved the Tuscany ballroom because it is detached from the hotel and has its own little fireplace and water fountain. But at night, it became absolutely gorgeous!! Lou-Lou had food sent up to the bridal suite for us to enjoy all the yummy appetizers and had all the lighting and the details set exactly the way I wanted. Furthermore, so many guests came up and commented how delicious the food was!! We couldn't stop eating the lamb chops. Lou-Lou checked on me many times during the night, and even had special drinks sent to us when we were ready. At the end of the night at midnight, Lou-Lou was still working hard on finishing my wedding, and answering emails to other weddings and events. Thank you so much Lou-Lou and the Irvine Marriott for everything you did to make our special day absolutely perfect!!!!! And I can't express how happy I am to have made such a dear friend, who really knew and understood my wedding reception down to the smallest detail.
Services used: Wedding Venue

Palos Studio
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We absolutely adore Erin and Louis of Palos Studio!!! We originally booked them over the phone since I was planning our Southern California wedding from the east coast. I had the warm fuzzy feeling from speaking with Erin over the phone. In addition to seeing their amazing work on their website and blog, I knew they would be the right photographers to capture our special day! After my (now) husband saw their photos and talked to them on the phone, we were both sure we should book them immediately! Erin was awesome at keeping in touch with me over emails and phone calls and answered my million + 1 questions, no matter how many I threw at them. The first time we met them was at our engagement session and they were so sweet to come together. We had a blast at our engagement session and we loved every single photo they took!! They also promptly sent us our CD of our engagement photos for us to enjoy before our wedding. We received so many unsolicited compliments from friends and family about our engagement photos! On our wedding day, they arrived early (much to my delight) and all through the day we could see them hard at work! We also love their creativity and don't hesitate to stop us to take pictures at very unique places. Wrapping up the total package are their sweet personalities they are so easy to work with and awesome at giving us direction and coming up with such cool ideas!! For months, while waiting for my wedding, I would ooh and ahh at other people's wedding photos! Now, after an awesome experience with them on our wedding day, we are anxiously awaiting our own and can't wait to see them! ----- Very belated edit!! Our pictures came out absolutely beautiful and we got SOOOOOOO many of them!!!! We couldn't be happier with our pictures and just adore Palos Studio!! I've shown them to all my friends of course, and many have requested their contact information for their own wedding!! Thank you so much Erin and Louis!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!
Services used: Photography

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Elaine Chou does such amazing work, that my husband now wishes she could do my hair and makeup on a daily basis! I booked Elaine purely from phone calls and emails, but knew after I looked at her website and spoke to her, that she was the perfect person to make me beautiful on my wedding day. I normally don't wear makeup on a daily basis per my husband's request, so I wanted a more natural and young look. Elaine gave me exactly what I wanted, and then some more!!! I did a trial with Elaine and she was so meticulous in making sure I looked exactly how I wanted to look and my husband was blown away by her handiwork! Throughout the months before our wedding, Elaine was so prompt in responding to my many questions and changes. On our wedding day, a few relatives wanted to get their hair done and Elaine and her assistant made them gorgeous on the spot, without a second word! Elaine came early with her assistant and set up and kept all the many girls, including me, in line and on time. As soon as she had finished my makeup and hair, all my girls and family were awwwing over me. Everyone complimented me on how gorgeous I looked, all thanks to Elaine! When it came time to walk down the aisle, my husbands eyes misted over and he told me how beautiful I looked. I wish I could have her make me look like that every day! Thank you so much Elaine for making me so beautiful on our wedding day!!!!!
Services used: Beauty & Health

Floral Sense LLC
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Joanna of Floral Sense is absolutely amazing!! I'm really not a flower person, so I was going to make my own centerpieces and have silk flowers originally. However, since I was flying in for my wedding and had limited time, I decided to book a florist only 2 months beforehand. I am so happy that I booked Floral Sense for our wedding!! I knew I really wanted manzanita trees with orchids, but otherwise I was open to a more modern look. Joanna was amazing in pinpointing my taste, even though I didn't even know before we spoke what I wanted. Beyond a few specifications, I let her work her magic and be creative, since I had confidence from her prior work that she would give me the clean, modern, fresh look I wanted while incorporating orchids and my red wedding color. On the day of the wedding, Joanna showed up before us at the church and all the girls were raving and gushing over the flowers! The bridesmaids bouquets were better than I could have imagined and my own bouquet was something out of a beautiful dream! It was GINORMOUS and soooooooo beautiful!!! We also loved the guys boutonnieres, which were so unique and modern. The centerpieces in the ballroom were so gorgeous and exactly what I wanted, but made with an unsurpassed skill! We were beyond happy with Floral Sense LLC and the amazing work of Joanna!! Thank you so much Joanna for making our wedding beautiful!!!
Services used: Flowers

Sounds Like Fun
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Knowing that the DJ is one of the most important parts of the wedding, we really wanted to book someone with a lot of experience and knew how to work a party. Allen and Dean (our DJ) of Sounds Like Fun did an amazing job for us! Allen was so professional in making sure we were on top of things and Dean was such a pleasure to have as our DJ/MC for our wedding night! Upon meeting Dean, he was so funny and witty, we knew we had to have him as our DJ. He is so accomodating, he even made the hour and half drive down to the Irvine Marriott so he could meet with me and the hotel reception coordinator and my DOC coordinator. They all absolutely adored him too and I knew I'd have a great team on my wedding day. On the day of the wedding, I knew that Dean came in and set up early, made sure everything was in place and that our slideshow worked without a hitch. When the reception started, he really threw a huge party! Furthermore, Dean also kept us on track on our schedule and kept a wonderful flow of events. We had many guests that told us that the events flowed so well and they were never bored, since there was also something going on. We also have to say, we love his British accent! Dean made sure that we knew timing when we were off an about in our own wedded bliss greeting guests in such a nice and helpful manner. More importantly, he played the type of music I really wanted and took instant guest requests. As our wedding wound down, many of our guests wanted to kind of karaoke, and Dean was so helpful and awesome in making the rest of the night an intimate party of all our closest friends. We couldn't have asked for anyone better, and we really felt like he was a major part in making our wedding such a perfect night!!! We all danced the night away to the perfect music for us and we couldn't have been happier with having Dean as our DJ.
Services used: DJ