Jan 02, 2008

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Wow! I must say I'm absolutely shocked that this place received such rave reviews. I'd like to give my two cents now... I was a bridesmaid in my best friend's May 2006 wedding. She picked out a great dress from Nonchalance - a Watters and Watters strapless A-line, floor length gown. The price was excellent (under $300) and I was excited to order because it was a flattering dress. Now I'm by no means a petite woman - I'm 5 foot, 9 inches tall and at the time I was measured, I wore a misses' size 10 (an 8 on a good day). I have a large chest (36D), a tiny waist, and proportionate hips - an hourglass figure. Now, logic would tell you that with an A-line dress, the only measurements you need to concern yourself with are the bust and the waist since the dress will be cut plenty full at the hips. So I go into the store to get measured and am told by the very snotty saleswoman that I need to order a size 18 dress and pay extra for the extra material and the extra length. I was measured over a thick, baggy, wool sweater in the dead of winter, even though I asked to be measured in my underlying tank top. I informed the saleswoman that her measurements were not accurate and I did not need a size 18. I argued her down to a size 14 after she made me sign a waiver stating that I was ordering against the advice of the store, and, should the dress not fit, the store would not be held responsible. I was told that bridesmaid dresses ran at least 2 sizes smaller than normal sizes and I believed this since that was the case with my own wedding gown from Vera Wang. Of course, maybe I should have done more research because apparently Watters & Watters bridesmaid dresses run pretty true to size. I also refused to order the extra length because I doubted that I would need it. When the dress arrived, the only good thing about it was the regular length, which was perfect. I'm all legs and probably the only bridesmaid that didn't need the dress hemmed. However, the dress was SO huge that when it was zipped up, it fell down to my ankles - my LARGEST measurement (my bust) wouldn't even hold the dress up. It was that huge. Of course, the shop was snotty and tried to tell me I lost weight (I didn't) and it was my fault the dress was too big. Let's keep in mind that I needed to sign a frickin' waiver to order the dress 2 sizes smaller than they thought was appropriate! It took not 1, not 2, but 6 alteration appointments to make the dress look relatively decent and it never did because I have the waist measurement of a normal misses' size 6 and there was just way too much fabric at the waist. After the third set of alterations, they wanted to CHARGE me (hello, waiver form, *ssholes?). Of course, I pitched a fit and all alterations were free. But I had to leave work 6 times to make these alterations' appointments, so I would say this place sure isn't worth the hassle. In fact, I'd venture to say this is the worst bridesmaid experience I've ever had. Want to buy a tent of a bridesmaid's dress? Please let me know...
Services used: Dress & Attire