Nov 14, 2009

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I have mixed feelings about writing about my dress.  Whenever I thought about getting married, I always thought I'd choose something very simple.  As time went on I found that perhaps I did want something a bit more "wedding-y".  P.S. I LOVED dress shopping!

My big hang up was price--I actually had (okay still have) a lot of trouble imagining paying so much for a dress I'd only wear once.  But, c'est la vie--it's done!

The first time I tried on my dress--Angelina Faccenda, I loved it!  I walked all around the bridal salon, stared in the mirror, and did not want to take it off.  Then, a few weeks later, I ordered it from a store closer to home.  I decided I needed to see it again, so we trekked around to find another salon with it on the floor.  It felt great on!  My issue is now that I hate looking at the pictures of me in it.  I realize it was a sample (dirty, as it had been tried on many a time) and not the right size (a tad big so it bunched a bit), but I keep feeling as though I should have ordered something else...

Alas, it is done and lately I've been having great wedding dreams of me in this beautiful silk gown--hopefully I'll feel the same way when it arrives.

On the model:

My Dress photo 1 My Dress photo 2

Me (in the sample):

My Dress photo 3 My Dress photo 4 My Dress photo 5 My Dress photo 6

It's still simple, which is what I wanted, but has that extra "wedding-y" feeling!  I ordered a size smaller than the sample, so hopefully the only alterations I'll need are the hem, bustle (simple one point french under bustle, I think) and some extra cleavage;)

First Fitting

SOOOOooooooo happy that I ordered the smaller size--it fit perfectly (minus the hem--I'm only 5'3") I feel like I look a little squat in the one showing the pinned hem, so I'm wondering if she could just taper it a little around the thigh.  Too bad I'm not as tall to wear it as is!

My Dress photo 7My Dress photo 8

My Dress photo 9My Dress photo 10My Dress photo 11My Dress photo 12My Dress photo 13

Final fitting:

I finally love my dress--everything about it!  I am so happy...and relieved!  I can stop stalking dress sites and preownedweddingdresses.com (welll, I love looking at them, so maybe not ;)

My Dress photo 14 My Dress photo 15 My Dress photo 16 My Dress photo 17

Bolero ideas:


Though I'm not sure I'll need it, especially if it is as nice next weekend as it was today, I just bought this (but in ivory):

My Dress photo 18

The day of...my final look!

My Dress photo 19

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I love the combination of rustic charm and elegance.  From the moment we stepped into our venue, I loved it!  It was the only one we ever looked at.  The ceremony and reception are actually in two different refurbished barns.

The Venue photo 1 The Venue photo 2

Ceremony Room

The Venue photo 3

This picture is so small and distorts when I enlarge it.  But...there are beautiful slate floors, a gorgeous stone fireplace, tons of windows, and french doors open into the room.  For the ceremony, guests will sit in white, wooden folding chairs (like those for outdoor receptions).  It will be a civil ceremony, and I love the simplicity of the room, so not much decoration--though I'm going to ask them to remove the antlers from the mantle;)  We'll have two simple vases at the end of the aisle where we'll stand for our ceremony.

Something like this:

The Venue photo 4 


Reception Room

The Venue photo 5 The Venue photo 6 The Venue photo 7

Yikes, little weird pictures again!  This room is stunning!  There are windows all around, gorgeous hardwood floors, a beautiful bar, and another stone fireplace.  But, the added bonus is...

The Venue photo 8

...the lounge on the lower level!  We have use of the space as well!



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...after almost 12 years and the birth of our son...

It was a "regular" night.  The three of us were hanging out in our jammies before the little one's bedtime.  We'd read a bedtime story, then started the rest of the nighttime routine.  I was waiting to read a story on the couch, when the two of them came into the living room (sneaky looks on both their faces).  Side note: earlier that week our son had "mooned" one of his teachers!)  Something Daddy taught him to do. So....they approached me, hiding behind our bedtime story book, and our son asked, "Mommy, do you want to see some sparkly stars?"  Needless to say, because of the "incident" earlier in the week, I was a bit scared as to what they were going to do to me.  But instead, out came a ring box, which our son quickly grabbed and opened. He took out my ring a threw it on the couch cushion (at which time Daddy scrambled to pick it up) and sat beside me.  My husband, as I had called him since the birth of our son, then got down on one knee and proposed.  Of course, I said yes, there was never any question.  We then told our son that we were going to get married, and his first response was, "Why?"  Too cute!  It was perfect!

It was worth the wait photo 1