Nov 07, 2009

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Just adding some pictures of us ;)

About Us photo 1

Waiting for a concert...


About Us photo 2

Looking for a venue ;)


About Us photo 3

FI... Isn't he cute? Jejeje...


About Us photo 4

At 2007 Champ Car (Did you notice we're BIG sunglasses fans? XD)

 About Us photo 5

I just LOVE this picture, we look pretty young... And FI face is... PRICELESS!! Jejeje!

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Ok... I'm HATING my wedding planner... Now she's telling us taht our original venue is NOT AVAILABLE for our wedding!! I mean... WHAT?? We booked it 2 months ago, and now she's telling us that they double booked, this is soooo BRIDE WARS, jeje. So now, we're gonna have to return to our second option, Nevado Garden. It's a beautiful place but I'm so disappointed :(

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I just wanted to tell you that if any of you need some information about a destination wedding here in Mexico, I will be very happy to help you! Just tell me what kind of information you need and I'll try to get it for you ;)

Ask for my help! Don't be shy :)

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Legal stuff:

Check where is a Registro Civil close to us

Meet the judge

Check the cost of the ceremony

Find out if we can do de Candle Ceremony

Ask what we need to do the ceremony in Pedregal Ferrer

Reserve the date

Send the STD (It was done, but now I have to do it again :[)

Print the Will you be my bridesmaid cards

Confirm the location

Pick the invitation design

Make the invitations

Make the wedding programs

Make a welcome poster

Make Candy Buffet signs

Send invitations

Finish our website

Confirm asistance

Choose ammm... Food vendor, XD

Choose the cake

Choose DJ



Uhmmm! It's a big list... I'll update it later

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Here are our old STD:

Our Save the Date photo 1

I made them adapting a design that I saw long time ago :) But now I've to change them 'cause of the new date!! I think I'm going to change the design as well... Stay tuned... XD

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Ahhhh! This is difficult too 'cause there are so many beatiful dresses...

The dress photo 1

I LOVE Kate Hudson's Vera Wang dress in Bride Wars ;)

The dress photo 2

And Portia de Rossi's dress is also GORGEOUS!