Jul 25, 2009

( 2.0 / 5.0 )
Great price, but things arrived looking VERY different from agreed-upon pictures. My bouquet, my bridesmaid bouquets, the groom's bout, and all of the short centerpieces arrived looking very different from our agreed upon pictures. I even gave them a sample picture of each item to go from, which they said was great. The groomsmen bouts, tall centerpieces, bathroom arrangements, cocktail table arrangements, and cake table petals were all gorgeous. Could be a great value, if you can get them to SWEAR to abide by your agreed-upon pictures!
Services used: Flowers

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Pros: GREAT, fast communication upfront and during the planning process. Excellent pricing. Tasting was delicious. Cons: The actual meal tasted nothing like the tasting meal; much worse quality. Most guests didn't even get hors d'oeuvres because the service was so slow and spotty (it was tray-passed). The service for dinner was SO slow and delayed it pushed our entire reception back 30-40 minutes and delayed the dancing/fun. People sat confused and hungry at their tables for the food to slooowly trickle out. It was inexcusable. Many times I had to try to hunt down the Personal Touch liason, but as he never introduced himself I didn't even know who to look for. I felt like the coordinator was avoiding me because of the delay in service, and I hated that I had to spend time out of my wedding day tracking someone down to ask about delays in service, raw meat, and lack of cake. I contacted the owner and received no offer of any sort of compensation or anything. It was so bad, I STILL think about how much I regret hiring them almost every day. I don't think my wedding could have been "ruined" by anyone/anything, but Personal Touch came as close to RUINING my wedding as possible. I would NOT recommend. Other places might cost a little more, but at this point I would have paid thousands more to avoid the train wreck that was my reception.
Services used: Catering

Rose Anderson Sews Bridal
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
Price is great, but she always seemed a little disoriented / frazzled. I would come back and have stuff we'd agreed upon not be done; I think she doesn't write things down in detail so she forgets. However, once everything was done, the dress fit beautifully. Unfortunately, the bustle did not make it through the reception - the main loop broke about 3 hours in which was annoying. My dress was due to be picked up on Friday morning, but wasn't ready (still being steamed) which meant I couldn't pick it up until Saturday morning (day of the wedding). This wouldn't have been so bad except it's a very far trip from my place to hers. Also, I hated my veil. It wasn't ready until Saturday, so I couldn't test it out before actually putting it on. It was way too poofy and looked very 80's. But, I didn't give her much notice which is why it was not ready until Saturday, so that is my fault.
Services used: Dress & Attire