Dec 16, 2015

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Having odd shaped window is not necessary a bad thing. In fact it adds to the beauty of the house and also affords you with a lot of ways of decorating and improving the house. The only challenge is that it will make it hard to find solutions of covering them. There are some windows that are either too small or too large. This makes them almost impossible to be covered appropriately. Architects are very creative and always create new designs for houses according to the direction of the owner; some of the windows are shaped in unique traditional styles that may deem not catered for by most of the modern solutions. Instead of covering these odd shaped windows using curtains there are ways in which you can dress them. It is possible to cover the odd shaped window and even transform them into attractive spots.

Here are a few tricks you can use when covering odd shaped windows

1. Using shutters

Using shutter is one of the ways you can cover odd shaped windows. They are suited for bay windows especially. This can be done using some types of s:craft plantation shutters that are always a great choice when you want to cover odd shaped windows. Plantation shutters that are used to split a window to the top and bottom parts, usually have louvres that are usually adjusted for light control. You can also use paper panels, solid panel shutters and screened shutters. The reason why you should use shutters is because they can be custom made to fit into the odd shaped window that you are dressing. They can also be stylized into the decorative shape that you need to add the ambience to the room.

2. Using blinds

Blinds can be a great way of how to dress odd shaped windows.  They are mainly suited for the windows that narrow and tall. Although they may not be best suited for geometrically irregular windows, they can be custom made into all kinds of styles and shapes. These can be styles like the venetian blinds and mini blinds. Blinds also are made to provide the privacy need and also add to the interior décor o the room. There are wooded and metal blinds that are usually suited for more conservative rooms. For plastic blinds they can be used in modern homes. You can also use fabric blinds for rooms that are for comfort to complete the cozy nature of the house. Blinds can be custom made and motorized. This is especially for the case of windows that are very tall and large and cannot be opened by the hands. These are usually fitted with remote controls that will enable you close and open or lower and raise the blinds.

3. Using draperies

Draperies will always work for the kind of odd shape that you want to dress. They can be used to cover spaces of any size, shape and style. Draperies are most suited because they are made of fabric which can be used to cover any kind of odd shaped window. They can actually be made into any shape and size depending on the nature of what you want to dress. You can also be able to get the draperies in all kinds of colors to match you interior design. The best kind of draperies to use for odd shaped windows can be the swags and the droops. These are beautiful draperies that can transform the way the window look and improve the aesthetic value of the room. You can also be able to manipulate it to get the right combination of style and color that will change the window from odd shaped to appealing.

4. Using shades

The traditional blinds were simply the kinds of pull downs and roll ups. Their main purpose was specifically filtering the excess sunlight during the day and also for privacy during the night. However currently this has changes and they are now versatile and have features hat have transformed their uses. They have been manipulated to have fresh designs they have transformed how to dress an odd shaped windows. There are many styles of shades like honey combs styles, light blocking and cellular styles. They can be custom made to be able to dress odd shaped styles.

5. Unique special shape shutters

These are mainly custom made shutters and usually are used to cover a wide range of odd shaped windows and doors. These include shapes like oval, arches, circular, half-circular, octagon, ellipse and many other shapes.  This means that there is a wide range of shapes that you can use to cover the spots that you deem to be oddly shaped. It is very likely that you will get an appropriate shaped that you can use. It is a convenient way of how to cover oddly shaped windows.

6. Bespoke shutters

Architects are usually more concerned about creating and designing great buildings. Their minds at times are not necessary concerned with the finer details like decoration and other application that are usually essential when it comes to organizing a house. This in the long run will limit the choices that the owner of the house has when it comes to dressing this window. Bespoke special shutter are usually custom made be manufacturer and retailer to fit into the spaces left.  They are also designs for large windows and they can also be made to be remote control by using a button. With the technological advancement you can also regulate this when you are not in your home by setting the window to open and close at specific times.  No matter how odd shaped your window is you are likely to get a solution for them.


Dressing odd shaped windows does not need to be a hassle with all these solutions.  Beside why hide the most beautiful parts of your home if you can dress them to accentuate them. At the same time they will also be keep out light and keeping the room cooler.  Most of the ways of how you can cover odd shaped windows are traditional and accommodative.