Aug 22, 2009

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So, we are getting married on August 22 2009 at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford CT. There is a beautiful rose garden there with amazing archways full of blooming roses- in June. Not so much in august. The roses are still out, just not as spectacular as in June. The other garden is the Perrenial garden which is also quite nice, just not as dramatic as the archways of roses. The reception is also in Elizabeth park at the Pond House Cafe. I was looking for a low key reception place  that was pretty, but not overdone. I actually wanted to do an outdoor tented affair, but it turned out to be way more expensive to rent everything. I do like the Pond house though, one end of it has floor to ceiling windows overlooking a garden and pond, and there is a nice walkway outside of it with small cocktail tables for people to roam about. 

We are trying to NOT do the insert bride and groom here type of wedding where there is a formula and you just go with it. I worked at weddings for about 9 years and Im just over it. I can tell you almost to the minute what and when things are going to happen. I dont' want to be doing that during my own wedding. So his good friend will be the officiant for a 5-10 min ceremony. We are doing our own music via computer (he has very music savvy  people  and one of his friends is in a band so we are borroewing equiptment) No introductions (If people don't know who we are, then they shouldn't be there) and no 1st dances. We will pick a song to dance to 1st but we aren't telling people and don't want a fuss made. I told my dad to pick a song that we will dance to, again not annoucing it. he is shy and wouldn't want to be the center of attention.  FH isn't dancing with his mom- they don't get along to well and she already told him she is glad just to be invited. 

If anyone has been to Elizabeth park in latee august- let me know which garden looks better - the Rose Garden or the Perrenial Garden.