Jul 10, 2010

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We're getting married at Summerland Waterfront Resort Hotel.

Here are a few pics of the resort and hotel rooms:

Where photo 1Where photo 2Where photo 3Where photo 4

Where photo 5Where photo 6

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Will you marry me photo 1

Rob says, "Very Romantically"

Kimberly says, "We had planned a very low key New Year's this year. We wanted to try out a recommended restaurant, Provance Marinaside, and we decided to jazz it up a bit and book into a hotel. I had to work this day so Rob spent the day taking luggage to the hotel and buying stuff that he needed to do. We got all dressed up and went to the restaurant. I had the most amazing lobster and Rob had west-coast fish pot. It was the best food we've eaten in Vancouver. I remember telling Rob that it was the most amazing dinner of my life and I'll never forget it. Little did I know! We went back to the hotel and Rob asked me to wait in the hallway because he had a surprise for me. So I waited while he went into the hotel room. After a few minutes, Rob asked me to come in and he had spent the day decorating the room. He had chocolate, flowers, candles, champagne, ice wine, crystal champagne flutes and ice wine glasses. It was truly beautiful. Some people thought this was when the proposal happened, but it did not. We chatted, watched some Dick Clark on tv and then I wanted to put on the hotel robe. I LOVE hotel robes and slippers. So we changed into our robes and were hanging out drinking our champagne, it was wonderful. Around 10pm, Rob said that he would be right back and walked into the bathroom. Normally he does not announce his trips to the facilities but this time he did. When he came out, he proposed. It was very romantic as he says!"

Will you marry me photo 2Telling my parents we're engaged! (Note the hotel robe!!)

Will you marry me photo 3The morning after! All smiles!!!

Will you marry me photo 4


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About us photo 1


Kimberly and Rob met on New Year's Eve December 2006 at Rob's apartment in Calgary. Kimberly was in the city visiting one of her best friends, Heidi, and Heidi had planned the New Year's festivities that night. Firstly we would go to her co-worker's house party and then we would head to the AlbinoRhino Bar for the stroke of midnight. 

When arriving at Rob's apartment, Kimberly remembers the door opening and the brightest and most friendly blue eyes smiling back at her asking to take her jacket. Although this was a brief encounter, Kimberly was certainly intrigued. Rob was out to impress that night! He and his roommate had prepared a 3-course fondue meal, cheese, meat and chocolate. This was not any ordinary house party. 

Throughout the night Kimberly and Rob had minor chit-chats and were both involved in numerous conversations in a group setting. As the night wore on, Kimberly decided to open her bottle of cabernet-merlot wine, and for some reason unbeknownst to her, she asked Rob if he had a decanter for her wine because that would improve the taste. She knowingly did this and expected that he would say no and she would move on...BUT he didn't, he grabbed his decanter, poured her wine in and that was the beginning of wonderful conversation that continued all through the night....and the rest is history!


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Finally able to track down a picture of the earnings I bought a few months ago. Haute Bride style, unknown.

The Look photo 1

Here is my birdcage veil and I LOVE it. Purchased from Alice Hart in Vancouver. Click here for more information and her styles! [Sorry the pic is a bit small, but you can see more on the website!]

The Look photo 2

Shoes, shoes, shoes....

Well after months of agonizing and trying to determine if I wanted some funky shoe or something simple, I finally decided on these cute flats from Jeffery Campbell. They are pastel pink with white pearls.

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After long deliberation, I finally decided that I wanted a "pink wedding". But I don't want just one shade of pink, so I'm going with all types of pinks.

Here are some of the samples of pink that will be used in the wedding.

Our Wedding Colours photo 1Our Wedding Colours photo 2Our Wedding Colours photo 3Our Wedding Colours photo 4Our Wedding Colours photo 5

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This page will probably be updated as I go to make sure I keep all the reception decor together!

** Dance Floor Decal **

My first purchase is this Dance floor decal. I bought it from FirstStepPhoto on Etsy. Tamara was excellent at taking my inspriation photo and making it my own with my wedding color. I totally recommend using her as resource.

My actual dance floor decal:                                            Inspiration:

Reception Decor photo 1Reception Decor photo 2

** Cardbox **

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my cardbox that was designed for me by Etsy seller, Mara at DivineWeddingDecor. Mara did an excellent job on this cardbox, she is much more talented than I would ever be! Thanks to PW bride, SoonMrs.P for the inspiration!

Reception Decor photo 3Reception Decor photo 4