Sep 25, 2010

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YAYAYAYA we are Married!!




Hello Everyone my name is Dana and my FI name is Michael. Here's our story.....

 We both grow up in South Philly, we lived not to far away from each other and knew alot of the same people but for some reason our paths never crossed. Until i became friends with a mutal friend of his... we meet a few times here and there but we were alway in other relationships. Long Story short my friend (his mutal Friend) ask me to go to a wedding with him (just as friends) so i said sure.... Michael and i were sitting at the same table, he asked another girl at the table to dance and for some reason i was mad that he didn't ask me..... Well a few hours later we started talking and i did get my dance :) Afterward we all went out to a local bar, and that's were we had our first kiss... And what a kiss it was!!! The rest as they say is history! We have been togther for 7 1/2 years and we are getting married next September. He has made me the happest women in the world, i couldn't have asked for a better man. He is not only my lover and my rock but is also my best friend.


Bridesmaid Dresses                                  JB & FB Dresses

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My Dress!!

About Us photo 4About Us photo 5About Us photo 6I love this dress!!!

My Flowers

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My E Ring and wedding band :) He really did a great job picking out my E-Ring, I LOVE it!!!! About Us photo 10

Sorry for the bad cell pic...


Save the Dates.....This is the sample for the website :)

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Our Rehearsal Is booked!! We are having it at the Moshulu in Philadelphia.. Here are some pic of the place:

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And here's what i'm wearing :) I love this dress FI bought it for me for Christmas!!! He is the BEST!

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 Our Venue The Merion

About Us photo 17Erica and Todd's Wedding by rights_reserved.Erica and Todd's Wedding by rights_reserved.Malinda Colella to Mike DecrescioThis Is a pic of whats in the lobby area before you get into the cocktail hour of our reception!! and there is a 600 gallon fish tank too!! ( Our room has it's own lobby :))


Our Limo :) We needed a 26 passanger limo.... That's just crazy!!! LOL

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Our Cake :) we made a few changes.. no bow on top, and the bows on the pipping and the dots will be red :) and the cake is chocolate chip... ummmmm

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MY DIY Table Numbers!!! I love them!

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My Semi DIY Invitations!!!

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