Aug 21, 2010

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We were married in Monterey CA on 8/21/10. It was a beautiful day!  The ceremony was at a place called Lover's Point, and the reception was in Cannery Row just a mile away. We chose to keep things pretty simple, but still managed to make it classy. We went with a theme of starfish/beach because of the location, plus we both love the beach. We were on a tight budget so we cut out a lot of details, but I personally didn't miss any of them!  Here are a few of the things we chose to do:



The BIG day photo 1

The BIG day photo 2


The BIG day photo 3


Guests took a shot of Lemonchello as they arrived, part of the Italian wedding tradition. We took photos of each guest with their shot as part of our Guest Book.

The BIG day photo 4


The centerpieces were filled with sand from my Grandmother's favorite beach in Carmel. We then added some shells and simple yellow flowers. The cost per centerpiece was about $9 and there were 3 on each table.

The BIG day photo 5


Got these Hershey bars for free and had a co-worker design the lables.

The BIG day photo 6

and beach mats

The BIG day photo 7

Instead of a guest book we did "wish cards", which I made with left over invite materials. We will add everyones shot photo to their wish card eventually.

The BIG day photo 8


It's hard to see in the photo, but the cake toppers were one of my favorite details ;)  Most peole got the joke ;)

The BIG day photo 9




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The DH and I are around the same age, but some say I am a cradle robber since I am a few years older. A bit unfair if you ask me!  I was born and raised in the bay area, but I lived on the east coast for a few of my "growing" years (early 20's). My time on the east coast made me into a Red Sox fan, introduced me to some amazing friends, and made me the person my husband would later fall in love with. He grew up in Kenya and moved to the US to go to school 10 years ago. We now both work and live in the Bay Area where we both have family and friends. Crazy how such different people can come together and find a common ground.

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Who says there is no such thing as fate?

The year was 2007, and we were both set to go out with friends one evening, not knowing our lives were about to change. Both of us were supposed to go to different places, but for reasons we can't explain, plans changed and both of our groups ended up at Element Lounge in San Francisco. Not long after the night began, I was walking back to my group of friends when I tripped and started to fall....right into Brian's arms. Being the gentleman that he is, he caught me, smiled brightly, and asked me to dance. The rest is history. We danced the night away, had a few laughs we will never forget, and ended the night of being in absolute awe of each other.

 We went on our first date 2 days later and have not been apart since.

I don't know about you, but I will never doubt fate again!!