Aug 21, 2010

( 2.2 / 5.0 )
* 3 hours before the wedding was set to start I got an EMAIL from Coco saying she could not make the wedding and was sending someone else instead. I called her immediately after reading the message, but she did not answer so I left her a message. Within 10 minutes she returned my call. She said to me, "I knew you would freak out so I was hoping you wouldn't see it until Tim and John got there." I understand emergencies come up and things happen, but I felt this was handled extremely unprofessionally. Just to add something, I was a very relaxed bride throughout the entire planning process and with all communication with Coco. I work in the events industry and have a respect for my colleagues.

* Tim, who was sold as a second photographer, is not at a professional level - from the looks of the photos I received. I think Tim is a very nice person, but the photos he produced were no different than the photos our guests took. It makes me sad when I look at our photo book and the difference is unmistakable. You would never guess my husband had a professional with him.

* A list of the photos we wanted was provided to the photographers well in advance of the wedding. It seems apparent Coco did not send the list with the 'replacement' photographer, because NOT A SINGLE SHOT OF ME WITH MY MOM was taken. How do you not get a photo of the bride with her mother? When I asked her about it she said it was not on the timeline, but it is clearly written, "Bide with each parent." There are NO PHOTOS of the groom getting ready and no groomsmen photos - unless you count them standing in a line a good grooms shot. In total, 9 of the 30 shots listed as must haves were not taken.

* Communication was an issue after the wedding day. When emails weren't returned my husband called and left messages. Phone calls were NEVER returned, instead I would get an email answering a question a few days later. It felts as though we were being pushed aside once the final bill had been paid.

The interaction between myself and Coco was outstanding up to the actual wedding day. I had even referred paying business to them (a bride they worked with in May was thanks to me), but yet I was still given poor service. I could give many more examples of the unacceptable service I received. In short, they were very unprofessional, rude at times, and communication was difficult in the end. I am disappointed my experience with them was such a let down and different than everyone else.... I envy the brides that have such great things to say.
Services used: Photography