Jun 26, 2010

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I know this has been a long time coming, but I finally have time to do my recap!

Basically I can say that our wedding day went off perfectly. First of all the weather was amazing! There were hardly any clouds in the sky, and for Washington, this makes for an awesome day! I had my hair and make-up artist come to my house to begin getting ready, and she arrived around 10:30am. At 1:30 we left for the church and the photographer was there to begin snapping pictures.

Wedding Recap photo 1      Wedding Recap photo 2

The ceremony was fairly simple. We had 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen, a flower girl, and a ringbearer. The flower girl got sidetracked going down the aisle and decided she wanted to pick up the rose petals instead of walking down the was super cute! We also decided to take communion instead of have a unity ceremony, so that is the table behind the arch.

First I'll show you some of the details:

Wedding Recap photo 3         Wedding Recap photo 4

Wedding Recap photo 5                Wedding Recap photo 6

Wedding Recap photo 7

Let the Ceremony Begin!

Wedding Recap photo 8     Wedding Recap photo 9

Wedding Recap photo 10     Wedding Recap photo 11    

Wedding Recap photo 12 The Kiss!

Let the Reception Begin!

Wedding Recap photo 13 Reception Layout

Wedding Recap photo 14 Centerpieces

Wedding Recap photo 15  Head Table Decorations

    Wedding Recap photo 16 Favor Boxes for the Candy Buffet

    Wedding Recap photo 17 Candy Buffet

Wedding Recap photo 18 Pomander Detail

Wedding Recap photo 19     Beverage Containers

Wedding Recap photo 20     Wedding Recap photo 21  Cake Table


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Venue: Fox Island United Church of Christ -

 - This venue features an absolutely stunning backdrop of the puget sound and olympic mountains. We had an outdoor wedding and a reception for about 140 people at this location. The chapel of the church served as our "plan B" for rain, however, a fall wedding in the chapel would be absolutely gorgeous with the stained glass cathedral like windows. This site is a work in progress. My family did much of the ground work before the wedding day, including putting in a beauty bark aisle and mowing the grass down. However, the church is working on improving their grounds to be ready for weddings. Just be prepared to do some of the work yourself.

DJ: Hansen Entertainment -

- Our DJ was Sean Denard, and he was absolutely amazing! He kept everyone dancing until the very end! I highly recommend him for your wedding day!

Photographer: Allen Koenig -

- I cannot say enough about Allen and his work. If it weren't for him the wedding would not have ran so smoothly. Our coordinator decided that her job ended after everyone made it down the aisle. Allen made sure everything was on time, and ran smoothly. He worked with all of the other vendors to ensure that everything was in place, and he would periodically hand me water to make sure I was hydrated throughout the reception. And that was just is coordination skills! His photography was amazing! He had one professional assistant and one young girl helping out and we got over 1700 pictures for under $1000 on 4 laser etched disks. Not a moment was missed, and every detail was captured! I honestly cannot speak highly enough of Allen! I will recommend him to anyone!

Caterer: Capriccio Catering -

- Daniell is the main owner of this company, and about all I can say about her food is WOW! The ingredient combinations she uses creates a burst of flavor in your mouth to where your taste buds begin to dance! Her corn salad and strawberry with mixed greens salads are to die for. She also made my wedding cake and cupcakes, and they were decadent: the flavors melted together perfectly. I can honestly say I cannot wait to have our cake top on our first anniversary!

Florist: Maria Frederick -

- When I first met Maria, I was blown away by her vision. She has an eye for flowers and does absolutely amazing work. I told her that I wanted to keep things simple with hydrangeas, and she took what I gave her for pictures and came up with a vision beyond my expectations and within a great price range as well. My favorite flower is an orchid, which tend to be expenzive, and she brought orchids into my wedding for hardly any increase in price from the use of hydrangeas! Maria takes her job seriously, but this is more her passion than anything else. She is not in this profession to make a living, but to make a brides day the day of her dreams!

Hair & Make-Up - Claire Peterson -

- Claire is a family friend, but she is amazing at what she does. She is absolutely amazing at her make-up skills, and can work wonders with hair! I absolutely love everything that she did!


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Their Dress (My MOH's dress is going to be hand made, but will look similar to this)

BM Attire photo 1 Ann Taylor



BM Attire photo 2made by Karen Garner on Etsy

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Wedding Day Jewelry photo 1

Earrings by EricaBapst on

Wedding Day Jewelry photo 2

Gilian Y-Necklace from Swarovski

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wedding web site

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Finally got all of the glasses for the candy buffet, there is one that is not pictured.

                                      Candy Buffet photo 1

Still Need To:

  • Figure out how much candy I need
  • Buy Candy
  • Make Sign for buffet
  • Put together bags for people to fill with candy
  • Make stickers with monogram to put on bags