May 01, 2010

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o    Escort cards-16

o    3 mosiac frames for seating chart

o    Mantiza tree

o    Vase for tree

o    make Pomanders...aisle....centerpiece

o    Glue

o    flowers

o    12.. 5 inch Styro balls

o    Programs….have to print and cut and do one page

o    ribbon..purple ...silver

o    flutes and serving set

o    Guest Blurb Book

o    DIY flower pens

o    Bouquet, Corsages, Bouts

o    Flower Girl Basket

o    Ring Bearer Pillow

o    Flower Petals

o    Purple dye

o    CD for Church

o    Apply for Marriage Certificate

o    Crystal vase filler $2 at garden ridge

o   Garter

o   Menu…have to print and cut

o   Invites

o   Paper and more pocket folds

o   Std’s…have to buy magnets and print and cut…send them out

o   Birdcage garden ridge

  • Gel sheets for uplights
  • Headband for flower girl
  • Aisle runner
  • Diamond Confetti
  • 14 silver table runners
  • purple overlay for cake table
  • pack for honeymoon
  • make emergency kit


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To Do List

o    Wedding dress $780 w/out tax $865.19 w/taxand $ 1,110 with alterations (Allure 8677)…paid

o    Reception $6100 (150ppl) Orlando’s Banquet……half paid

o    Ceremony $450 Grace $300 for chapel $100 for pastor $50 for rental items

o    Cake Baker- Wedding Wonderland $350

o    Veil-ebay

o    Undergarments-

o    My Shoes $80 nina grape luster (zappos)

o    Something blue for shoe I DO

o    72 purple votives and candles

o    Cake Topper (Monogram C)—ordered from crafty eddy Just have to paint

o    I Do lettersOrdered from Crafty eddy Just have to paint

o    Crystal curtains-shop wild things

o    Diamond Confetti

o    2 purple taper candles and 4 white

o    6 taper candle holders….$1 tree

o    Aisle runner –ebay

o    Purple flower heads-save on crafts

o    Curly willow-save on crafts

o    Fabric markers…purple…black

o    7 short vases

o    Tissue for tears of joy

o    Small envelopes for tissue

o    Vase filler-garden ridge $2

o    Eric Ring

o    Bridesmaids jewelry and mine

o    Order Stickers for Candy bags


o    Double sided tape

o    White wire frame for candy sign

o    Candy Jars...I bought 3

o    Purple big purple round satin tablecloth 108 inch

o     purple uplights 6 $14 each






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I just received my wedding guest book through blurb!  I am so happy with it!  I upgraded to the premium paper and I can not wait to use it ")  Here is a little preview

Wedding Guest Book photo 1Wedding Guest Book photo 2

Wedding Guest Book photo 3Wedding Guest Book photo 4

Wedding Guest Book photo 5

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I received it in November and I love it, I may add some bling to the ribbon

Garter photo 1

Update:  I blinged out my garter set...

Garter photo 2

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I will put them on magnets!

My STD s photo 1

The Finished product!

My STD s photo 2My STD s photo 3My STD s photo 4My STD s photo 5

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DIY Cake truffles and Brownie pops photo 1DIY Cake truffles and Brownie pops photo 2

DIY Cake truffles and Brownie pops photo 3DIY Cake truffles and Brownie pops photo 4

ck out this website for the how to: