May 01, 2010

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                       The Gateway to Our Love photo 1Saint Louis, MO

I met my future hubby through my cousin(she is my maid of honor).  My babe and my cousin used to work together and one day she said " I think there is somebody at my job that you will like."  First I looked over his myspace page to see what I can learn about him ahead of meeting him.  I met him for the first time at a surprise birthday party for my mom and my aunt September 21, 2007.  I will never forget it!

After that first meeting, we have been inseperable!  Seriously!  Almost everyday we spent together!  All of our friends were like "When are you guys getting married."  It was so premature back then, but now I can officially say.................::::~MAY 1, 2010!~::::  I am soooooo excited!  You can see the happiness in my eyes because we only have......

The Gateway to Our Love photo 2YAY ")

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I know I look like a youngsta to some, but I am 31