Feb 20, 2010

Bella Blooms
( 4.8 / 5.0 )
I was married in February 2010. I met with Leanna in January and immediatly liked her. She was so helpful and really listened to what I wanted. She emailed a price quote the next day and I wasn't sure I wanted to spend so much money on flowers. I asked her to make some changes to make the price go down a little and she did. She emailed me right away with a new price quote. I was still very wishy washy about how much I wanted to spend and what I wanted - Leanna continued to work with me and make changes. I ended up going with the original plan and price quote - Leanna never got irritated once with me!!!!

My flowers arrived on time, looking amazing, labeled, and just beyond perfect!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH LEANNA!!!!!!!
Services used: Flowers

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My husband and I were married in February 2010. We loved our photographer, Jason. At first I was a little nervous because he was so young, but he did an amazing job on our engagement photos and our wedding photos!! We could not be more please and we would highly reccomend Harvard!

I actually booked them from out of the country and they were always super nice via email and over the phone. I had a million questions and the girls were always willing to help me out and answer all of my annoying questions. Nicest and most professional group I have ever worked with!
Services used: Photography

( 4.4 / 5.0 )
We LOVED LOVED LOVED our February 2010 wedding at Tivoli Terrace!! It was as close to perfect as you can get. As with all venues there are pluses and minuses, but there were way more pluses at Tivoli!!

Things we LOVED: Bobby - aaahhhmazing coordinator (as were most of the other staff members!), quick response via email and phone calls, gorgeous setting, DOCs know what they are doing and make the day run so smoothly, cozy and not stuffy feel, the tables are set up beautifully, yummmy yummy carrot wedding cake (and looks great too!!), pretty ceremony site, and everything is pretty much done for you - we just picked the food and the linens. AND the food is PHENOMENAL - we got ssoo many compliments on the food - it was better than the food we had tasted at their open house. The salad is also plated beautifully and tasted great too! The champagne iss ome of the best I've eever had. And did I mention that the site is just gorgeous!!?

Cons - parking is across the street, the stairs up to the ceremony site are a bit hard for the older follks to navigate, their time limits are very restrictive and I felt overpriced to pay for more time, they do not have a standard seating chart so you sort of have to create your own and hope that they can make it a reality (which they did for me!), one staff member was a little rude (and took smoke breaks during our wedding - yuck!). I wish that they had a place for the bride to get ready (if no other weddings are scheduled) and that they allowed a little more time for each wedding time period - especially during the slower winter months.

I was also really impressed with how much they helped me out - I literally did nothing on my wedding day! It was great. They even packed my car with all the gifts and helped to clean up and gather all the extra stuff that I brought.

I can not thank Tivoli enough for making our wedding day perfect and the planning process as painless as possible!!! I would get married here again in a second!!!
Services used: Wedding Venue

In Stitches with Reene
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My dress was HUGE on me - Reene totally came through and the alterations were PERFECT! She hemmed my dress, added a 3 point French bustle, took it in prefectly, re-beaded everything expertly, added this little piece of elastic to pull my dress back and give me a slimmer siloutte, put in cups, and was SUPER nice! She seems a bit ditsy, but does an excellent job.
Services used: Dress & Attire