Jul 25, 2009

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Wedding weekend July 25 - 26, 2009

We're married!

I'll post professional photos soon, but I just want to say I'm actually relieved all the planning is over with, and I can just be happily married now. I am less the planner and more the live-by-the-moment girl, so to be a new wifie is one of the best things that has ever happened for me! I think I over use the word "husband" right now, but I'm sure I'll get over it. :-)

There are some photos below from friends' and family cameras.

This whole wedding process began when Mark proposed last June 28, 2008 in front of both our parents at my dad's restaurant. At first we were planning a wedding in Thailand, but as the months passed and planning was well underway the economy was not so much in our favor. Our families had a hard time financing such a trip, so we made a huge decision just this past March to change our venue from Thailand to Berkeley, CA. This totally sucked because we lost a lot of our deposits and such in Thailand, but it's been a huge blessing because so many of our friends and family can attend our wedding now!

So anyway, we celebrated our engagement by going to Peru. Well, sorta. I was already going for a volunteer trip, and Mark decided to come along last-minute so we like to call it our engagement honeymoon. :-) Peru was rough, but it totally solidified our committment to each other and made us realize we can definitely be partners for life and make it through anything.

Connie and Mark photo 1

Connie and Mark photo 2


And then just a few months later we traveled to Thailand to plan our (now-canceled) wedding! It was such an awesome time! I met Mark's extended family for the first time, and absolutely fell in love with the country. I can't wait to come back and celebrate with them next year!

Connie and Mark photo 3 Our wedding was going to be at the Navy Base with a view of the Grand Palace. Sigh... so hard to let it go.

Connie and Mark photo 4 Hong photoshopping, folks! It was this beautiful

Connie and Mark photo 5 and this is us enjoying it.



We almost have everything set for the wedding...almost. Planning for Thailand then canceling and planning from scratch for the Berkeley wedding is quite a tumultuous task. We are keeping things much simpler now as our budget shrunk from losing quite a bit of it in Thailand. But who cares! We're getting MARRRRIED, and we couldn't be more excited!

We're getting married at the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park, Berkeley.

Connie and Mark photo 6


I will add more details as I figure out what they are. :-) In the mean time I'll be browsing PJ for ideas!


Some photos from the bridal shower in Orange County:

Connie and Mark photo 7

Connie and Mark photo 8


Bachelorette party in Vegas! It was soooo tame that I wonder if I should redeem ourselves and have a #2? hehehe

Connie and Mark photo 9

Connie and Mark photo 10

Connie and Mark photo 11



I'm not sure how we're going to pull this off, but we bought some vases from Michaels and are going to use all our books as props for the center pieces and decor. I realized we've read quite a bit after I uncovered all our stored books and the ones sitting on all our bookshelves and realized I don't need to BUY any books for decor!

This is a simple way of adding detail to our wedding without breakin' the bank! Here are our inspirations photosConnie and Mark photo 12

Connie and Mark photo 13


Wedding favors:

My older sister is so awesome! She offered to design and set up a candy buffet for our wedding, so we're going to go with the uber trendy candy buffet as our wedding favors. She's the type of person where if one thing is out of place it'll drive her nuts, and she'll have to fix it right away. Neurotic? Yes. Do I love it? Hell ya! Here are some ideas I gave her:

Connie and Mark photo 14Connie and Mark photo 15


Dress (ordeal):

Why didn't anyone tell me it was so hard to find ONE dress?! I'm a girl who loves dressing up, so having to pick ONE DRESS to wear on one of the biggest days of my life is so much more difficult than I thought it would be. Just for that, I'm going to wear a gorgeous gown when I have my baby so I can satisfy my desire for more than one gorgeous gown in my lifetime. pwahahaha

First gown I bought was a Monique Lhuillier. I had to sell it because it was out of our price range. After thinking long and hard about it, it just didn't make sense to spend that much on a dress when we didn't have a big budget. Sadness, but I got over it.

Connie and Mark photo 16Connie and Mark photo 17

So I told my dream dress and realized I have a few more thousand dollars to spend on the wedding itself. Awesome! I ended up getting my gown at David's Bridal for only $700, and I'm really happy with it! I'm adding a sash and some flowers to spice it up a little. :-) I guess my lesson learned was to not get so caught up in the high end gowns because as long as I'm confident and happy I can rock pretty much any dress on my wedding day!

Connie and Mark photo 18Connie and Mark photo 19

Here she is! I had to snap these mirror shots because no one was around to take the photos. Like how my pup's head in in the bottom? He was quite amused with the whole dress debaucle.

I thought the turquoise jewelry would fly, but boy was I wrong! It's just too much; I don't want to look like an accessory shop on my wedding day, so I think I'll just try to find a pair of dainty gold earrings and a bracelet to complete my ensemble.

Still lookin' for the champagne sash (the gray one is just some ribbon I had laying around). I'll probably just go to a fabric store to buy wide ribbon and pull it off as a "sash." Per recession we've got to be creative. :-)

Bridesmaid dresses:

I LOVE yellow, and at first my BMs didn't. They thought on their skin it would look weird, but I tried the dress on at J crew and thought it looked great! We got them for a steal of a deal: $50! The dress is very simple and summery. Me likey. I told my sister I'd buy hers so I can keep it after the wedding! Me, genius. = P

Connie and Mark photo 20 Like creepy Mark in the background? <3 him!


Ring Bearer:

We're not having a flower girl because we don't have any little girls close enough to ask, but with a ring bearer this adorable who needs a flower girl?! Meet Fox Austin Piper,

Connie and Mark photo 21


July 25 and 26, 2009

Connie and Mark photo 22

Connie and Mark photo 23

Connie and Mark photo 24

Connie and Mark photo 25

Connie and Mark photo 26

Here I am serenading my groom - I couldn't eat all day because I was sooo nervous! I don't sing in public EVER, so this was quite the challenge I was willing to take to show him I would do anything for him. He was pleasantly and emotionaly surprised. :-)

Connie and Mark photo 27

Connie and Mark photo 28