Aug 24, 2008

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The guys were so creative and fun when it came to taking their pics. Here are some of my fav!

The boys:

Bridal Party photo 1Bridal Party photo 2Bridal Party photo 3Bridal Party photo 4Bridal Party photo 5Bridal Party photo 6Bridal Party photo 7Bridal Party photo 8

Bridal Party photo 9

The girls:

Bridal Party photo 10Bridal Party photo 11Bridal Party photo 12Bridal Party photo 13Bridal Party photo 14



Bridal Party photo 15Bridal Party photo 16Bridal Party photo 17Bridal Party photo 18

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Photographers: www.boucherphotography.comMarissa & Weston Boucher are a husband and wife team located in San Diego, CA. They are not only a beautiful couple, but absolutely the sweetest people you'll ever meet! Check out their blog...they are so talented!! They've even shot stuff for Will & Jada Smith! We were SO happy with our wedding, engagement and my b-pics! They were incredible on the day of the wedding...they went above and beyond. I HIGHLY recommend them!

Videography: www.lorimerworks.comAnton Lorimer is an amazing videographer. I found him through Project Wedding (he shot a video for *wil)! Lots of us PW brides fell in love with him after seeing her video and just had to have him. My highlight video from him is posted here, in my bio. We just received our entire wedding video a month ago and it is incredible. Originally we did not budget for a videographer, but after seeing his stuff we made it happen. We will treasure the video forever. It is seriously amazing! I HIGHLY recommend him!!

DJ: www.britishelitedj.netMick Scrivner is AWESOME! He knows weddings inside and out. He's also from San Diego, CA. Even though my wedding was in Cypress, I knew I had to have him. He has so many great ideas for music and other elements in your wedding. He has a sample CD of music for different events in a wedding. Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Processional, Recessional, Dinner, Cocktails, etc. We had so much fun listening to it and envisioning our wedding day. Plus he was such a cool guy it totally worked out. After the wedding, he sent us CDs of all the music played from the Ceremony to cocktails to dinner to the last song of the night. It is such a treasure to have that as a memory! I HIGHLY recommend him!!

Wedding Coordinator: www.thebestweddingforyou.com Julie Scrivner is a very organized planner. She totally helped bring my day together. I got her month of plus coordination. It really helped during the last stressful month of my wedding. She got coordinated all the last minute stuff so I could really enjoy the final moments of my engagement. Once again, I did not budget for a coordinator. But...I am so glad we hired her, without her I would've been worrying about all the little things at the wedding, but instead I got to savor each moment of my day. I'm sure there were hiccups the day of, but to this day I don't know of a single one because she was AWESOME and there to keep everything on schedule and running smoothly!! You may recognize her name from my previous vendor Mick! They are husband and wife (an amazing team) and offer REALLY AFFORDABLE pakages. Plus, they are great at what they do.  I HIGHLY recommend her!!

Venue:Eaglesnest Clubouse. Cypress, CA I found this site through a friend and liked it for many reasons. I loved the ceremony site the just recently built. It had everything I wanted. Plus, it was half the price of most other country club/golf courses that hosted weddings. The food was really, really good and the package even came with a wedding cake, which turned out really pretty but looked better than it tasted! (I guess if that's my one hiccup I'll take it)! My only complaint was the way the coordinator (at the venue) handled certain things. I felt like we had to repeatedly tell her things, and then she would forget. THANK GOD for my coordinator Julie or something like this could have really affected my wedding. I think it's a great location, with good food, but the staff wasn't the friendliest. If you'd like more detailed info PM me. I would recommend it for price and location but would suggest having your own DOC.

Hair & Makeup: www.somethingbluestylists.comAndrea Martin is AWESOME! She knows her stuff and knows what will photograph well. She did my hair and makeup, as well as all my bridesmaids. I loved how my look turned out...it was exactly as I had imagined. She is awesome, and her prices are much lower than other Hair and MUA. I HIGHLY recommend her!!!!

Dress:I bought my dress from Jinny's Bridal in Huntington Beach, CA. I loved all the ladies there! They are all so sweet and very helpful, plus they had an amazing selection with great prices. I HIGHLY recommend them! My dress was the Victoriana by Maggie Sottero. I absolutely love Maggie dresses & I loved my Victoriana. :)

Flowers:I ordered my flowers through Grower's Direct in Tustin. I gave them an idea of what I wanted and they totally made my vision come alive. Best of all we paid 1/3 of what most florists were quoting me. I would HIGHLY recommend them to Brides on a Budget. Because we saved here, we were able to splurge on things like photography and videography.

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Adam and I wanted our wedding to be beautiful, classy and most importantly FUN! I really think we accomplished that by adding some unique touches (notice the footwear;)) and once again amazing vendors.

               The Groom!                                 The Mr & Mrs!                        The Bride!

The Mr Mrs photo 1The Mr Mrs photo 2The Mr Mrs photo 3

Here are some shots of the Bride & Groom:  

The Mr Mrs photo 4The Mr Mrs photo 5The Mr Mrs photo 6The Mr Mrs photo 7The Mr Mrs photo 8The Mr Mrs photo 9The Mr Mrs photo 10The Mr Mrs photo 11The Mr Mrs photo 12The Mr Mrs photo 13The Mr Mrs photo 14The Mr Mrs photo 15The Mr Mrs photo 16The Mr Mrs photo 17The Mr Mrs photo 18


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Adam and I were married August 24, 2008. It was the single most amazing day of our lives! Everything turned out just as we had imagined. With amazing vendors and help from our wonderful family and friends, we truly had our dream wedding!


The most amazing day of our lives photo 1


Check out this highlight video of our wedding: http://www.vimeo.com/2086625 Our video was noneother than the BRILLIANT Anton Lorimer (who I discovered from another bride on PW!). This is a highlight of the wedding and the video we received was incredible. :)

Here are some pics from our big day, our photographers were amazing! Weston and Marissa Boucher of Boucher Photography. We feel so blessed to have such amazing people to have documented one of the most important days of our lives! Check them out at www.boucherphotography.com!


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Our wedding is set for August 24, 2008! I'm so excited but nervous about all there is to do! All we've done is set the date and the place!!! Hopefully we can pull it off!!!!!

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Adam had been talking about wanting to go off roading in his jeep he rebuilt for a really long time. He set up a weekend for a group of us to go. Some friends "flaked out" and his best friend happened to get sick. (total set up) I tried to convince him to reschedule but he insisted on going. He drove up to Big Bear, CA we did a little off roading then he found a spot over looking Big Bear Lake set up a little area to have a pinic and proposed!I was so surprised...I had no idea!!! our engagement photo 1