Mar 13, 2010

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I don't know where to start really but to intro myself and say that Iam truly bless to have a man like my FI in my life. From the first time that I saw him, it was nothing but a mutual group outting. We were actually working at the same company, and i was supposly the new girl there that they were trying to run game on..LOL but i had no intensions of looking for love or had any interest in all that gossiping anyways. :-)

Well along the line, I stopped working there and suddenly the FI at the time was interest in me in like I said i had no intensions or interest. I kept my cool and went about my business and life daily.. The guys would usually call me up to meet them up for lunch since i was than unemployed and slowly the group was getting smaller and smaller and it led to only the FI and myself. I didn't mind eatting lunch with him because to me it was just another friend i was hanging out with except the friend i was hanging out with ended up being my future hubby. Without realizing it and rarely giving him the time and day to spare with me, I slowly found myself having some feelings for him and in time he just grew on me. Long story short we're now in love and getting hitch in March. about us photo 1

The Proposal:

This was more of a reality check for me from him. The wedding has been planned and everything was pretty much done and taken care of, the only thing that was really missing was the proposal and ring. Yes we did everything backwards. But hey, he was doing his reseacrh in finding the right stone and etc.. and boy did he surprise me. He told me that he was only keeping it real and let me pick out my own band and so fourth. Even if i wanted it all to be a surprise he told me the reason why is that he was afraid that if he picked out a certain style band for me that i might not like it so he let me choose my own and he'll handle the rest from there. We went to Minh Tri and found the diamond and band all at once. So therefore this was the time that i knew eventually it was going to happen soon but i just wasn't sure when and where. I kept insisting that it had to happen before December, because that was when we were going to San JOse to meet up with our Photographer Thai Mai for our e-session. and for the whole week and a half i kept telling him how and when he'll propose at the same time it kind of took the excitment out of me because i knew it was eventually coming in California that is, until 2 days prior to us leaving and with me thinking that the proposal will happen at anytime or moment in Cali, it lead to that Dec. 8th night while laying in bed. as midnight was about to come the FI said that he needed to go to the restroom and when he came back all the lights were off and he suddenly layed back down in bed and rolled on top of me..

I kept telling him to get off of me because he was getting heavy and its to late to be playing around.. He gave me a kiss and peks on the cheeks and suddenly he stopped, he start making weird noises with his mouth, and to my mind, i really just thought he had hair stuck in his mouth or something. I asked him what he was doing and is everything ok and he didnt reply back. So as i was about to speak and ask him if he had a piece of hair stuck in his mouth , he came back at me with a kiss and slipped the ring into my mouth. Luckily i didn't swallow it and i was holding down on the diamond part with my teeth and kept saying, "what is this, whats going on?" i finally took the ring out of my mouth and still repeating what i said and i looked at him in the dark and said, "go turn on the light please, i cant see your reaction, i need to see the look on your face" while giggling... and still holding onto the ring not even saying yes yet, I got up and turned on the light and sat on top of him and gave the ring back to him and asked him all over again what this is and so fourth, and told him to ask me again .. As he was telling me how much he loved me and etc.. he asked me to marry him and be his wife and of course i said yes.. and this was the start to our new journey together Finally. We're now engage for 2 months only and the wedding is in March.

The Ring:

about us photo 2 about us photo 3

This is my ring without my band. Its a little over 2 carats total. we took that picture the same night he asked.


and this is my band, bought seperately from Gordons Jewlery, only because i wanted a different style band when i where it by itself.

about us photo 4so all in all my ring comes out to be a little over 3 carats total.

I cant find a picture of the FI band because its custom ordered, but as soon as we get a pix of it i'll post it up.


The Wedding Details:

Our wedding is in March which is pretty much Spring, so I thought of doing a coral orange/pink/peachy color, Because its different and majority of the colors are limited now days if your trying for something new.

Our colors are brown, coral orange/pink/peach and white. Here are some pictures of it.

about us photo 5 

this is the exact dress that my MOH and BM will be wearing from Jim Hjelm, and this is the color we will be using. a mixture of the 3 colors i was talking about.

Dress 1: Maggie Sottero (Paigely)

about us photo 6about us photo 7about us photo 8about us photo 9 this is my MAIN wedding dress by Maggie Sottero ( Paigely style) and i love everything about it. It's so elegant and just lovely. I fell in love with it before i even tried it on and i still havent even seen it in person yet, but i know it will look amazing once i get it in. I did try other dresses before pickign this one out, but every dress i tried on, i kept going back to this one that was stuck in my head so thats how i knew this was the one for me without even seeing it in person.. i guess when a bride knows, she knows.

Dress 2:

 about us photo 10 exactly how you see it is what i will be wearing for the morning Tea Ceremony.

Dress 3:

about us photo 11 This is from Davids Bridal, I might have to add a color ribbon to it to not make it look so plan. But i think i will be wearing this towards the end of the night or maybe for the first dance.. We'll see but i will be wearing it though lol...

Dress 4:

 about us photo 12

Not sure if you can see it, but that is also another dress I picked out last minute for our e-session, and i think i might also wear it too. I got this dress from Davids Bridal as well.


about us photo 13 still searching but this is one of many so far..


about us photo 14sample centerpiece

about us photo 15about us photo 16about us photo 17about us photo 18


about us photo 19 about us photo 20about us photo 21about us photo 22

These are some sample cakes of how we would like ours to be 5 tier and square.

Well by far this is pretty much what i have in store and set for us.. Ill update some more once we're done with the wedding, but i hope what ever i posted will help some of you brides to be out there...

Ok Im back, and this time with some more pictures of our ES. Hope you all enjoy!

about us photo 23about us photo 24about us photo 25about us photo 26about us photo 27about us photo 28

FINALLY!! The big day had arrived.. and let me tell you how fast it went by.. all those months of planning and planning and worries and stress, and next thing you know its your wedding day and than the next minute it was over.. My best advice for you brides out there.. Prepared to at least take a moment out of your day and take a deep breath and capture the beauty of your ceremony it was worth mines.. Overall here are the pictures and follow ups.. Enjoy!

Morning Tea Ceremony:

about us photo 29about us photo 30about us photo 31about us photo 32about us photo 33about us photo 34

The Rings:

about us photo 35

Getting Ready:

about us photo 36about us photo 37about us photo 38about us photo 39about us photo 40


about us photo 41about us photo 42about us photo 43about us photo 44about us photo 45about us photo 46

The End...

Photographer: ThaiMaiPhotography.com

Hair & Make Up: Giao Nguyen ( you can find her on Thai Mai page)

Flowers and Decorations: Kelly @ Elegance Flowers - Houston, Tx

Cake: Ms. LanAnh ( she works from home)

Restaurant: Kim Son Bellaire - Houston, Tx