Nov 21, 2009

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After being on back-order for months, they're in!!!  So, I finally got to order my fabulous shoes today...with 4 3/4" of heel!  Yay!!!  :D

Chinese Laundry Baldwin in Ivory

shoes photo 1shoes photo 2

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Here's the jewelry I would LOVE, but cannot afford.  So, I guess it'll be another DIY project!  :D

Etsy BelleNouvelleDesigns, Sabrina bracelet $79.50           Etsy BridalBling, Kayla earrings $44accessories photo 1accessories photo 2

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I love these dresses!  They look SO much better in person than they do in this picture!  According to my sis, they are SUPER comfy which is always a plus.  And the best part of this has pockets :)

After Six, style 6553 in burgundy

BM dresses photo 1BM dresses photo 2

In bridal boutiques, we were quoted $300-350 each + tax + S/H

We ended up paying $122.82 + $15.36 S/H for a grand total of $138.18 each at (a huge bridal salon in FL that has the best prices I've seen...and they're the real deal, i.e. not imitations)

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We both love the outdoors and really wanted to have an outdoor venue.  I browsed numerous magazines and called every $ and $$ location in so-cal and still couldn't find a place we could afford that didn't look cheap.  We even called numerous public parks and's amazing how much they charge!  We ended up going with the University of Redlands, which has some significance for us b/c my wonderful sister and BIL got married there.  It will cost us $1200 for both the ceremony and reception (8 hours)...and, the catering (which is what we found to make or break our budget) is significantly cheaper than most places...and incredibly yummy!  :P

Here's a pic of the ceremony area:

venue photo 1

One of the many lovely buildings on campus...should make for some nice photos :)

venue photo 2

Reception area (that's my waving shadow!):

venue photo 3


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We both love the fall and winter seasons...with the crisp autumn air and colored leaves leading up to the holiday season, there's just no other time of year that is quite as magical.  We originally wanted to get married on our anniversary in December.  Nic's favorite color is red, so we definitely wanted to incorporate red without the colors being too holiday-y.  We decided that crimson red and chocolate brown with gold and ivory accents would give us the rich, elegant feel we were looking for.  We'll also be using pearls, feathers, and lace to add to the theme.  Unfortunately, our December date ended up falling through, but thankfully our color scheme still works for our November wedding.  The way we look at it, we get to be married 2 weeks longer :D

Here are a few color swatches:

colors style photo 1

And some lovely collages...I apologize ahead of time that I do not have the credits for these pictures.  If they belong to you or you know who they belong to, please let me know as I would love to give them proper credit.  TIA!

colors style photo 2  colors style photo 3


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Nic and I both LOVE pocketfold invitations, but they're way too expensive for our budget so we've decided to DIY them...I'll update this section as we go  :)



12x12 Mars stardream 105# cover paper (to make A6 pocketfold) - Anchor Paper ($34.50/75 sheets + S/H

8.5x11 Bronze stardream 81# text (invitation backing) - Anchor Paper $10/50 sheets + S/H

8.5x11 Quartz stardream 105# cover paper (invitation & inserts) - Envelope Mall ( $21.95/100 sheets + S/H

A6 Quartz stardream envelopes - Envelope Mall $14.95/100 + S/H


Invitation & insert dimensions

A6 envelope: 4 3/4" x 6 1/2"

pocketfold: 4 1/2" x 6 1/4" (we decided to go w/ smaller dimensions to cut down on weight & postage)

invitation matting: 4 1/4" x 6"

invitation: 4" x 5 3/4"

map & directions insert: 4" x 6"

R.S.V.P. insert: 4" x 5" (NOTE: USPS requires postcards to have the following dimensions: height 3 1/2 - 4 1/4", width 5-6")

details insert: 4" x 4"


Invitation & insert template

We made our invitation and all of the inserts so they could be printed on one 8.5x11 sheet (cheaper printing!).

image: (see our DIY STD section for more information)

fonts: snell roundhand (cursive) & perpetua titling (print)

programs: corel (to make map) & photoshop (layout)

DIY invitations photo 1 

A larger image can be found under "photos."  Go to page 3, click on picture, then click "view original."