Oct 27, 2007

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It all started in the late spring of 2005 when Matt learned of a girl named Linda. Figuring he should give it a chance, he contacted her and set up a blind date at BJ's Brewery. Their first date would probably last only 30 minutes, or so Linda thought. She told herself that she would just go in, meet this guy and continue on with her life. Cupid, however, had alternative plans. Linda didn't just stay 30 minutes, instead she and Matt chatted the night away and "30 minutes" turned into 3 hours. Each left feeling aglow with intrigue and excitement in their hearts and the definite awareness that they must see each other again, as soon as possible.

In the days following that first encounter, Linda and Matt got to know one another better, each realizing how much they had in common and how easily they made each other laugh. Time flew like a whirlwind and before they could catch their breaths, a year had passed and both Matt and Linda knew they had found THE ONE.

They continued to spend time together and let love work its way out and on
Christmas morning, 2006, Matt asked Linda to be his wife. She happily accepted without any reservations, elated with the realization that she was going to marry her best friend.