Aug 01, 2010

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I've been slowly hording decor for my wedding in my grams garage. I've got all sorts of thrifted and sale items, including about 1700 feet of lights (i THINK that'll be enough, maybe I'll pick up a few more boxed just in case?)

Pack Rat Decor photo 1Pack Rat Decor photo 2


Pack Rat Decor photo 3



I went ahead and put together my general table idea, just to see how it would look. I think it'll turn out quite well!

Pack Rat Decor photo 4Pack Rat Decor photo 5

Pack Rat Decor photo 6


************************************** UPDATE ********************************

So I finally went up to my aunts house today (shes into wedding coordinating) Anyways, she had offered to lend me anything she has that I might need. I did NOT realize how much stuff she has up there HOLY COW!


So today I scored: (edit: I'm using this as a pick up list, so the items I have already transported to my grams are crossed off)



  • 6 chocolate colored round tablecloths
  • About 200 wineglasses
  • 6 brown rectangular tablecloths
  • 20 oo so Votie holders ( all crystal )
  • 10 of so crystal vases
  • Hanging crystals
  • Jute Napkin Rings
  • Table cloth clips
  • trash cans
  • aprons
  • tablecloth weights
  • 9 runners (chocolate w/rust and chocolate w/gold) perfect color matches!
  • Brown satin
  • Green Oraganza
  • brown cotton panels 
  • 200 Brown linen napkins
  • crystal s&p shakers 
  • crock pots
  • bus tubs
  • these adorable shoulder quilts for those who get chilly
  • 4 pub tables for near the bar
  • a tubular frame for masking off eyesores ( or in my case the back of the bar)
  • a beautiful wooden ceremony arch thing
  • birch candle holder and planters in many sizes
  • 2 fire pits
  • 8 wooden arindock (sp?) chairs
  • Purple silk floral stuff (lots)
  • and a bunch of other odds and ends.

All to borrow for free! Only problem is, now theres a lot more going on as far as projects. I better get on it! YAY!

 I'll be adding pictures as I can on these items:

Pack Rat Decor photo 7 Shoulder Blankets

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I purchased seal'n'send invitations, because they fit my budget. I thought they weren't quite formal enough, so I decided to add an outer envelope with DIY address lables, along with DIY inserts really encouraging people to visit our wedding website.

                                            Invitations photo 1


                                   Invitations photo 2

                               I Even affixed color coordinated stamps to my RSVP cards!

                                   Invitations photo 3


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~INVITATION WORDING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I did two different invites, one for the Ceremony and one for the Reception. Since we invited a limited number of guests to the ceremony.


It Is With Joyful Hearts That We Request

The Honour Of Your Presence

At A Quiet Ceremony Joining



FH Amos

In The Sacred Bonds Of Marriage

On Saturday, The First Of August

Two Thousand And Nine

At Six O'Clock In The Evening

At The Home Of Our Grandmother

#### Farm Loop Road

Palmer, Alaska


Please Join Us For Champagne Dessert And Dancing

Immediately Following The Ceremony


Much More Information Avaliable At Our Website





It Is With Joyful Hearts That We Request

The Honour Of Your Presence

At A Champagne And Dessert Reception

Celebrating The Marriage Of



FH Amos


On Saturday, The First Of August

Two Thousand And Nine

At Seven O'Clock In The Evening

At The Home Of Our Grandmother

#### Farm Loop Road

Palmer, Alaska


Please Join Us For Champagne Dessert And Dancing


Much More Information Avaliable At Our Website


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My first inclination was to hand tie fresh flowers for my wedding, I mean geez, its only a few bouquets and some corsages and boutineers right? I mean, I'm not doing floral centerpieces or anything. Then I thought to myself, why would I want to have one more thing that needs to be done at the last minute? If I'm hand tying flowers the day before the wedding, I'm going to lose my mind! So I ordered silk flowers from save-on-crafts and hand tied everything WAY ahead of time.

one more DIY. I really loved the spiral fern fronds I've seen in bouquet photos, so i started looking around for them online. After A LOT of searching I found some from a hawaiian company, the cost? around 7$ PER STEM and that didn't even include shipping (which from this <and most> company HAD to be 2nd day since I'm in Alaska) So I decided I could make them myself! I bought some heavy floral wire (3$) Some white crayola model magic (the super light modeling clay stuff) (7$) one can of brown spray paint (3$) and one can of glossy clear coat (3$)

I rolled out a snake of the clay with a wire in the center, then I rolled out a snake of clay and made a spiral then attached it to the top of the straight piece with the wire then let it dry over night. Once it was dry I sanded the part where the pieces joined together to make it smooth, then I painted it brown, let it dry and then applied the clear coat. They turned out GREAT and for a fraction of the cost, I made around 30 stems, for under 20$!

DIY Silk Flowers photo 1                          DIY Silk Flowers photo 2

               Brides Bouquet                                     Toss Bouquet Left, Brides Bouquet Right (MOH center)

DIY Silk Flowers photo 3                    DIY Silk Flowers photo 4

               BM Bouquet                                                       Boutineers Left, Corasages Right


DIY Silk Flowers photo 5 

I also found this basket and added some moss to keep

my corsages and boutineers in as they're being handed out.

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I originally found my gown at a bridal store, It was the second or third gown I tried on, and I FELL IN LOVE! However, the price was outrageous. I had plenty of time, So I went home and did a search on EBay, I set it up to send me the search results on a daily basis, and finally after over six months of ABSOLUTELY ZERO hits on my gown, it came up. Good things come to those who wait!

                                   My Gown photo 1 My Gown photo 2                 

                                Maggie Sottero - Jasmina (purchase via The Weding Bell, on Ebay)

                         My Gown photo 3My Gown photo 4

My veil was a DIY, and was SO easy to make! I found a similar veil online for something like 900$, I put this one together for under 30 bucks! I decided on a four-point french bussel, since my gown will be busseled throughout the entire wedding.

                                           My Gown photo 5

I found these chocolate colored curfew heels at Fred Meyers on Clearance for only $12.00!

                                    My Gown photo 6  

My something borrowed, My grandmothers pearls, a gift from my grandfather not long

after they were married, they're over 60 years old and they match perfectly!

                                              My Gown photo 7

                                                         My Garter!

                            My Gown photo 8

My Earrings Bought Specifically for the occasion, I dont think my stainless circular barbells will match. ;)



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Taken on a trip to Coeur D'Alene Idaho. All Photos were done by Pennie of Coeur D'Alene Photo. She's Awesome! I really like that the area looks so much like alaska (where we live)

Our Engagement Photos photo 1Our Engagement Photos photo 2

Our Engagement Photos photo 3Our Engagement Photos photo 4

Our Engagement Photos photo 5Our Engagement Photos photo 6

Our Engagement Photos photo 7Our Engagement Photos photo 8