Aug 01, 2010

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I'm definitely leaning towards having my hair ALL down, as opposed to half up.

Bridal Hair Trial photo 1Bridal Hair Trial photo 2

The Other Option

Bridal Hair Trial photo 3Bridal Hair Trial photo 4

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Many Thanks to my wonderful aunties and cousin! It was lovely!

Tea Party Bridal Shower photo 1Tea Party Bridal Shower photo 2

Tea Party Bridal Shower photo 3Tea Party Bridal Shower photo 4Tea Party Bridal Shower photo 5Tea Party Bridal Shower photo 6Tea Party Bridal Shower photo 7Tea Party Bridal Shower photo 8


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5:30-6:00- As Guests Arrive Beatles Playlist Plays In Reception Area (Therefore plays 

softly in ceremony area)


Cue For Track #1.... Everyones ready to go, final guests are seated.

6:00:50- Begin Death Cab For Cutie Track #7 (7:50) (prelude)


Cue For Track #2.... Track #1 Ends

6:07:50-Start Death Cab For Cutie Track #8 (3:41)


0:36 - Matt Steps To The Front

0:46 - Amos Steps To The Front

1:00 - Grandma is Seated, Escorted by Usher

1:43 - Amanda (MOH) & Justin (BM)

2:00 - Jannah (BM) & Greg (GM)

2:32 - Bride & Father




Cue For Track #3.... After ring ceremony matt says a prayer. Ends With "AMEN", begin track

immediately following. ***Fade In***

Track #3 The Beatles- And I Love Her, (instrumental)



Cue For Track #4.... Immediately after Sand Ceremony, when Matt says "I wish you all 

Happiness, but my wishes cannot give it" ***Fade In***


Track #4 Paul Simon - Dimonds on The Soles Of Her Shoes (recessional)

                 The Arcade Fire- Backseat

Recessional Song Choice Note: Paul Simon- Dimonds on The Soles Of Her Shoes (FH used to sing it to me all the time when we first started dating) and The Arcade Fire- Backseat


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6:45-7:15: As Guests Arrive For Reception
  Play list (10 Songs)

  • Have A Good Time- Paul Simon
  • Strange Magic- ELO
  • Down The Road- Emma Hill
  • Heaven- Rilo Kiley
  • Stay Awhile- Edie Brickelle
  • Guitars- Mars Volta
  • So Far Away- Dire Straights
  • Track #3- Coldplay

7:15: MC Script #1 Welcome

  • BG Michelle- The Beatles

“I’d like to welcome you all to the reception celebrating Amos and Candice’s wedding! I’m Matt, I’m a close friend of the couples, I just performed their ceremony and now I’ll be the voice guiding you through all the festivities tonight!

We’ve got a play list hand selected by Amos and Candice so I won’t be accepting and requests for music.Right now the couple of the hour are out shooting some photos, but we’re expecting them to rejoin us very soon.

Also, Throughout the evening we hope you get a chance to get over to the guestbook table. It’s A little unconventional, but Candice and Amos know there are some creative people out there. I’ll just let you wander over there and check it out for yourself.

Right now I’d like to invite you to help yourself to some sweets from that lovely dessert table and indulge in a drink, I’ll be back soon to introduce you to our couple for their first dance as man and wife!”

7:20 (Or Immediately After MC Script #1) Adult Med. Tempo Set (10 Songs)

  • Tequila Sunrise- The Eagles
  • Walking After Midnight- Patsy Cline
  • Cold Cold Heart- Norah Jones
  • Magic Man- Heart
  • Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love- Bad Company
  • Rock Steady- Bad Company
  • Stop Children- Buffalo Springfield
  • Wrong Side Of Town- Emma Hill

8:00: (Or When Couple Arrives) MC Script #2     

  • Begin Consequence (track #6)- The Notwist
    “Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. White, for their first dance as Man and Wife.”

AT 3 MIN. There is a lull in the song, please say the following during that time.
“ The couple would like to invite their guests to join in their first dance at this time. Don’t be shy ladies and gentlemen!
AT 3:33 The Music Resumes
4:58-5:10 END.
IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING please play Coldplay track #1 (beautiful world?)

8:10 Adult Med. Dance Set (20 min)

  • I Feel Fine- The Beatles
  • Track #2, Coldplay
  • The Way, Fastball
  • I Want You- Bob Dylan
  • Stranded In A Limosine- Paul Simon

8:30 Adult Dance Set (15 Min) (4 songs)

  • You Won't See Me- The Beatles
  • You Never Can Tell- Chuck Berry
  • Every Little Thing She Does- The Police
  • I Know What I Know- Paul Simon

8:45 MC Script #3
         "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Father Daughter Dance."        

  • Billy Joel- Vienna

8:50 Adult Medium Dance Set (10 Min.) (3 songs)

  • Sister Golderhair- America
  • Band On The Run- Wings
  • No Sugar Tonight- The Guess Who
  • Single Handed Sailor- Dire Straights

9:00 Adult Slow Set (10 min.) (3 songs)

  • Don't Let Me Down- Bad Company
  • Something In The Way- The Beatles
  • Big Log- Robert Plant

9:15 Planned Toasts

  • News- Dire Straights

9:30 MC Script #4
     "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to direct your attention to the dessert table, where in just a moment, the happy couple will be cutting the cake." 

  • Our House- Phantom Planet (2:30)
  • Bear Necessities- The Jungle Book

9:40 (Or as soon as "Bear Necessities" ends) While cake is being serves, Oldies Set (20 Min) (8 songs)

  • Yackity Yack- The Coasters
  • Chantilly Lace- The Big Bopper
  • All Shook Up- Elvis Presley
  • Runaway-
  • Why Do Fools Fall In Love-
  • Wouldn't It Be Nice- The Beach Boys
  • Get Rhythm- Johnny Cash
  • Twist And Shout- The Beatles

10:00 MC Script #5 POI DANCERS
      "Ladies and Gentlemen, Im excited to call your attention to the yard area behind the tents here. The Couple have arranged for some interesting entertainment for you all on this special occasion."


10:10 Planned Toasts

  • Anji (instrumental)- Simon and Garfunkle

10:15 MC Script #6 Garter/ Bouquet Dance
      "Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, the couple has chosen an alternative to the traditional Garter and Bouquet Toss, so what I need right now is EVERY MARRIED COUPLE OUT THERE to get up here on the dance floor. <begin Wonderful Tonight-Eric Clapton> At About 20 seconds: "Alright now, All Couples married less than 4 hours, please go sit down, your out of the game." At intervals, dismiss those married less than a year, less than five years, etc etc. Until only one couple is left standing we'll then present them with the toss bouquet and garter. We'll also congradulate them and ask them for their best marriage advice. Once thats done, please invite everyone back up to the dancefloor.

10:20 Young Slow Songs (10 min.) (2 songs)

  • Autumn Shade- The Vines
  • Fade Into You- Mazzy Star

10:30 Younger Medium Dance Set (15 min.) (4 songs)

  • Hail- Rilo Kiley
  • We Will Become Silhouettes- The Postal Service
  • Is This Love- Bob Marley
  • Could You Be Loved- Bob Marley

10:45 Younger Dance Set (30 Min) (8 songs)

  • Just Like Heaven- The Cure
  • What Would You Say- Dave Matthews Band
  • Track #5- The Notwist
  • One With The Freaks- The Notwist
  • Track #1- Jack Johnson Mix
  • Spiderwebs- The Cure
  • Love Song- 311
  • Love You Madly- Cake

11:15 Left Over Dance Mix-Up (4 songs)

  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .

11:30 End Of Nights (8 songs)

  • One Headlight - The Wallflowers
  • Your Latest Trick- Dire Straights
  • In My Life- The Beatles
  • The Way You Look Tonight- Billie Holiday
  • Music To F*** To- Portishead
  • Outta My Head- Fastball
  • Morning Glow- Incubus
  • When I'm 64- The Beatles


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And I was voted Most Non-Traditional Bride on PW!

YAY! So if your looking for the crowd faves of PW check out the following link for some awesome Bios!


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I made this quite simply by stenciling the design onto packing wrapping paper, painting it in, then "wrapping" it over a ridged piece of posterboard.

DIY Directional Signs photo 1