Aug 01, 2010

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We will be married at my grandmothers house, here in Palmer, Alaska. The whole valley has beautiful mountian views, this is a shot of me overlooking the Matanuska River in Palmer.

Our Venue photo 1

I wanted to include the former photo because the only shots I have so far from my grandmas are very brown and dull. But I'll share anyways, hey, it's for posterity.

Our Venue photo 2

The orange boxes in the foreground represent our tents, each side will consist of two 20x20ft tents. The DJ will be set up on the deck, which will be the area for dancing. The orange lines swagging up to the corner of the house represent decklights that will be strung from the corner to the edge of the tent to form a canopy of light over the dancefloor and to pull together the tents and the deck. It also serves the purpose of distracing the eye from the top of the house (which as most of you know, clashes with my colors.) The purple swags along the side of the deck represent swags that will cover that big blue (clashy) line.

I will be using a lot of greenery to mask as much of the mismatched house as possible.



I just took some more pics of my grams yard, and I'm feeling MUCH better about it now that it's getting nice and green!

Our Venue photo 3

This is where we will be doing the ceremony, ive added a rouch representation of how I want the chairs and such set up.

Our Venue photo 4

Our guests will walk up the edge of the yard to get to the path through the woods to the ceremony area. It will be lines with lights and the yard outside of the path area will be left to grow extra long, with the path shorn quite short, i think it'll work out well.

Our Venue photo 5

Heres a nice green photo, with some beautiful mountains in the BG. I'm thinking of dolling up the playhouse (isnt it adorable?) and making it the gift table area!

Our Venue photo 6

This is a view of the side garden and the front of the house, I'm *hoping* to get some nice stuff going in the flower beds there.



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We've chosen to only serve Beer & Wine, it will be avaliable from our server at our own personal bar. I picked this baby up from a local thrift shop for only 17$, it only needed the armrest reupholstered, which I did myself at a cost of under 5$! I love it, and I can't wait for it to get some great use at our wedding!

The Bar photo 1

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I purchased these white reusable table covers & Chair covers from

However, I DONT want any white in the wedding decor. I liked the idea of tea dying, but it seemed VERY labor intensive and also seemed like it would come out much too light for my taste. So, whats better than tea? COFFEE! My initial experiment turned out VERY well, so now I'm in the process of dying all my "linens".

DIY The great coffee dye experiment photo 1 

In this photo the original white cover is underneath,

and the dyed sash is on top, much better, dont ya think


I also got some Beautiful Clothesline shots of them drying the the sun!

                  DIY The great coffee dye experiment photo 2


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one of these would be it!

IF I had a cake photo 1   

I'm kinda leaning towards this one (below) I think it fits the theme better KWIM? I still love the wood base on in the top photo. I would be more than happy with the fern things being frosting instead of sculpted fondant (which it seems to be, they dont need to stick up like they do, although its lovely like that), and I have some adorable little mushroom candy things we could use instead of the sculpted ones. I dont really mind not having the other elements (such as the leaves and acorns). I DO like the color.

IF I had a cake photo 2


IF I had a cake photo 3IF I had a cake photo 4

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Engagement Photos- Coeur D'Alene Photography, Pennie (

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Sound & DJ- Endless Karaeoke, Matt (

B-Pics & Wedding Photography- Forget-Me-Not Photo, Elena (

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Honeymoon- Sandals Resorts ( & Cheap Tickets (

Bakery- Verda's Cakes and Things (

Registry- Target (

Brides Maids Gowns - Rowan Bridal (

"I was a little uncertain about this company, but they seem to have come through, they have GREAT prices!"

Groom & Groomsmens Tuxedos- Dooleys Tuxedo and Costume (

Mosscloth for decor- Tropicare of Oregon (

Table covers, Chair covers & Catering Suppplies- Catering (

"Great customer service, but their shipping policy is more than confusing. They charge separately for each package shipped, so it's kind of hard to keep track of. But they split cases and the prices simply can't be beat!"

Invitation Envelopes- Action Envelope (

Invitations - (

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Portable Toilets - Alpine Septic ( "The best price around, and awesome customer service"


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Opening Words

Love consists of this, that two solitudes protect and touch and grett one another.

What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined together to strenghten each other in all labour, to minister to each other in all sorrow, to share with each other in all gladness, and to be one with each other in the silent, unspoken memories?

We are gathered here to join Amos and Candice in marriage. It is fitting that you, their families and friends, are here to witness and to participate in their wedding, for the ideals, the understanding, and the mutual respect which they bring to their marriage have roots in the love, friendship, and guidance you have given them. Marriage makes us aware of the changes wrought by time, but this relationship will continue to draw much of its beauty and meaning from the intimate associations of the past.

Who presents this woman to be married to this man?



Amos and Candice, have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourselves to each other in marriage?


A marriage is, above all, an intimate relationship between two persons. But it also has it's wider ramifications into the lives of relatives and friends, and intothe community at large. Do you who are here assembled pledge your support to Amos and Candice in the committment that they celebrate today?

Congregation Answers: "We Do!"

Special Reading By My Grandmother

Awed by the many meanings of this hour and overjoyed by it's promises, we hope that the spirit of trust, understanding, and love may be with Amos and Candice through all the years that lie ahead. Whatever the trials and testings that may come, may they trust each other wholly, for, without such faith, marriage is a mockery; may they understand each other, for without understanding, there is neither acceptance nor forgiveness' and may they truly love each other, for without love, marriage is an empty shell.

As they build a new life and a new home, may that home be bright with the laughter of family and many friends; may it be a haven from the tensions of our time, and a wellspring of strength; and, in all the world, may it be the one place they most want to be.

So may this shining hour be an open door through which Amos & Candice will go forth to build a happy, harmonious marriage. May the years deal gently with them; walking together, may they find far more in life than either would have found alone; and may they come to know their love for one another even more fully.

Introduction to the Vows

In the quiet of this very special moment, we pause to give thanks for all he rich experiences of life tha have brought Amos and Candice to this significant point in their lives. We are grateful for the values which have flowed into them from those who have loved them, nurtured them, and poined them along life's way. We are grateful that within them is the dream of a great love adn the resources to use that love in creating a home that will endure. We are grateful for the values which they have found by their own strivings.

And now, as they make their promises to each other, may they make them with the deepest insigh into their meaning and with their fullest sincerity. May this be but the beginning of a relationship that will grown and mature with each passing year, so hat later days become even mroe wonderful than the early ones.

Amos and Candice have prepared a few words to exchange before they take their traditional vows.



*Amos reads his vows*

*Candice reads her vows*

Amos please repeat after me.

-I Amos Simon White take you Candice Susan Renee Frisby

-To be no other than yourself.

-Loving what I know of you and trusting what I do not yet know

-with respect for your integrity and faith in your abiding love for me

-through all our years, and in all that life may bring us

-I accept you as my WIFE 

Candice please repeat after me.

-I Candice Susan Renee Frisby take you Amos Simon White

-To be no other than yourself.

-Loving what I know of you and trusting what I do not yet know

-with respect for your integrity and faith in your abiding love for me

-through all our years, and in all that life may bring us

-I accept you as my HUSBAND

Introduction to the Ring Vows

May your ring always be the symbol of the unbroken circle of love. Love freely given has no beginning and no end. Love freely given has no giver and no receiver. You are each the giver and each the receiver. May your gin always call to mind the freedom and power of this love.

*Justin hands Amos HER ring*

Amos please place Candice's ring on her finger as you repeat after me.

-With this ring, I marry you and pledge to you my faithful love.

*Amos places ring on Candice's Finger*

Candice please place Amos' ring on his finger as you repeat after me.

-With this ring, I marry you and pledge to you my faithful love.

*Candice places ring on Amos' finger*

In giving and receiving rings, Amos and Candice have taken unto themselves symbols of all that this marriage means to them, and in wearing these rings, they are joining those meanings with a public statement that they are married. Each of us knows the values of love and devotion, companionship and trust, honour and caring which come in any intimate relationship. Le us take this time to think on these things and share our hopes for Amos and Candice. Amen.


Today, Amos and Candice have chosen to commemorate their marriage through the celebration of the sand ceremony.  This ceremony symbolizes the inseparable union of Amos and Candice into a new and eternal marital relationship.  Each grain of sand in their separate containers represents a unique and separate moment, decision, feeling or event that helped shape Amos and Candice into the separate and unique individuals that they are today.  

Before you are two separate vessels of sand.  One representing you, Amos, and all that you were, all that you are and all that you will be. And one representing you, Candice, and all that you were, all that you are, and all that you will be.

Both vessels before you hold unique beauty, strength, and character.  They can each stand on their own and be whole, without need of anything else.  However, when you blend the two together they create an entirely new and extraordinarily more intricate entity.  Each grain of sand brings to the mixture a lasting beauty that forever enriches the union.  

As you each hold your sand, the separate containers of sand represent your lives up to this moment: individual and unique.  Amos and Candice, as you pour your vessels of sand together and the grains of sand become inseparable the individual containers of sand will cease to exist and will be joined together as one.  Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into individual containers, so will your marriage be. 

Spoken Prayer

I wish you all happiness; bu my wishes annot give it, nor can it come from outward circumstances. It can only come from yourselves, from the spirit within you. You cannot choose that changes and chances are to befall you in he coming years, but you can choose the spirit with which you will meet them. Let it be the spirit of the noble vows in which you have just made you pledges. each to the other. If you take these vows not as a form, but as a bond of honour which you will keep with unswerving loyalty, then, whatever may come, you will have inward happiness, which no pleasures of themselves can give, no sorrows take away. Then he whole of life which awaits you will be an abiding security to yourselves, and a welcome example to others.


Amos and Candice, the two of you were married long before you came here today. Today is merely the sharing  of your wishes and hopes with these close friends and relatives who have gathered here his evening. We all want you to know that our best wishes are with you at this time. We thank you for sharing this very personal moment with us.

I now pronounce you Husband and Wife! You may kiss the bride!

Friends, it is my joy to present to you for the first time, Mr. & Mrs. White!