Aug 01, 2010

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Amos, I knew I was in love with you the moment you kissed my tears away.

Because of You, I see the world as a fun place with millions of open doors of opportunity. I know your outgoing personality will always put me at ease. I look forward to traveling, laughing and enjoying life as we explore the world together.

I promise to Love & Respect you, and be patient with you because you are my love.

Our relationship is like an unexplored frontier, because we continue to learn new things about it every day.

To me, marriage is like a bond, and with you, I submit to it effortlessly.

I know our marriage will require tending, and I vow to never give up on you.

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It's not as beautiful as the ones I've seen on here, but I love it!

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How We Met photo 1

This is a photo of us on one of our first dates, early in August 2007. We were engaged by late October!


I visited a friend to supply them wih the opportunity to engage in an illegal transaction.

He made some joke about strippers.

I pretended to take offense.

He mentioned his wish to participate in karaeoke locally,

and I obliged.

I was never the little girl planning her dream wedding, I would have been completely content to live the life of a spinster cat lady. Amos made me change my mind, and here I am. I'm in lub.

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Still not sure which I'm going with!

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I just made my Program mock-up. I'm not graphic designer and adobe illustrator is NOT my friend. (I used microsoft digital image editor lol) Damn you PW, last week I was of the mind that I didn't even need programs. You guys get me in DIY mode!

I think I mayyyyyy add a wine colored matt behind it.

DIY Programs photo 1

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