Aug 01, 2010

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                                         Of Maids Men photo 1

Chocolate brown Tuxes for the guys, with crinkly gold vests and handmade (a la moi) linen ties.


                                                               Of Maids Men photo 2

                                                    Plum jersey knit gowns for the ladies.  Of Maids Men photo 3Of Maids Men photo 4Of Maids Men photo 5

                              I just picked up this cute creme colored dress for my flower girl, still

                                             needs some ebellishment, but not bad for $1.50!

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I was originally inspired by this dessert table in a M.Stewart magazine, in fact it was one of two pieces of inspiration I tried to really plan my wedding around. Just yesterday I was surfing around and found this attempt at a similar design... Eeeesh.

What NOT to do photo 1


The wrong way...

What NOT to do photo 2

What I've learned.

  • -Get a cake that matches, or at LEAST complements your decor.
  • DONT over clutter, less is more.
  • DONT serve some cranberry sauce looking mystery paste.
  • Take it easy on the woodchip servers, oh and vary the height a bit more.
  • Please god have food that look appetizing.
  • DONT overdo the hedgehogs....


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If anyone is looking to do something similar Tropicare of Oregon has AMAZING and affordable sheet moss rolls for this effect. LOVE IT!

Dessert Table Inspiration photo 1Dessert Table Inspiration photo 2

I'm planning on using some key pieces from my grandmothers wedding china collection, it goes back four generations!

Dessert Table Inspiration photo 3


I found these ADORABLE little cookie/chocolate mushrooms at blockbuster of all places the other day. They're going to grace the nooks and crannies of my dessert table. Arent they cute?

Dessert Table Inspiration photo 4Dessert Table Inspiration photo 5




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Last Night I was fiddling around with a few DIY projects. Initally I was thinking of doing paper cones for toss rice, but wondered about something a little more cost effective (Ive already spent a small fortune on cardstock & papers for other stuff) So I rooted around and found a coffee filter and started folding it different ways. Long story short, I coffee dyed it, stamped it, filled it with rice and sewed it shut. I think it turned out pretty well! (although it smells pretty strongly of coffee, lol)

The best part is that to make the 50 i'll need for my ceremony, it'll be pretty much cost free, coffee filters are like 2$, and everything else I already had!

DIY Rice Sachets photo 1

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I recently found some of these oblong frosted boxes at a thrift store. I wasn't sure how I was going to use them at the time, but it was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up. I wasn't even planning on favors, so thank goodness for my packrat instincts. Anyways, I was pondering how I was going to make my paper sack luminaries and IF they would even look good or not when It dawned on me, I have like 70 of these frosted plastic boxes i could totally use.

Don't mind the top edge of the box, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet (as you can see I was melting it, but it didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. Anyways, I just put about a half a cup of sand in the bottom and a tealight inside. It burnt for about 5 hours (plenty of time), the plastic got pretty darn warm, but I was still able to pick it up without any major discomfort ( or burnt fingers!)

Sorry the pics sideways!

DIY Frosted Lanterns photo 1

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  • Coffee Dye All White Table Covers, Chair Covers & Sashes YESSSS!
  • Re-paint Arch and Colored Lanterns
  • Rice Sachets
  • Ceremony Programs
  • Monogram Sign for Playhouse
  • Frosted Lanterns
  • Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
  • Groomsman Ties (one more to go!)
  • Bridesmaid Purses (one more to go!)
  • Seating Cards for Ceremony
  • Sweets Labels
  • Drink Menu
  • Cake Flavor Label
  • Birch Backdrop
  • Woodland Servingware
  • Stick Easels
  • Hand Dipped Chocolates
  • Birch Sapling Centerpieces
  • Directional Signs (one down two to go)
  • Restroom Sign
  • Embellish Flower Girl dress
  • Custom Hangars
  • Guest FlipFlops
  • Bathroom Baskets
  • Memory Candle